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Zombicide is a cooperative board game with miniatures for 1 to 6 players, age 14 and up. Choose your revengeful survivor of a zombie apocalypse! The game is great fun to play and really simple to learn. There are loads of expansions and sets to augment the base game. The game has been released in 3 waves of Core Game. Season one's starter set is Zombicide, Season 2's starter set is Prison Outbreak and season 3's starter set is Rue Morgue. Each starter set has its own expansions relating to the game however all three seasons and their expansions can be all be combined to make a mega city with so many different styles of zombies.

The GameEdit

The game board is modular so can be set up for the various missions from the rules books. The play order is the players take their turn then zombies take actions and then spawn new zombies from the cards.