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Zivilyn Symbol.jpg
Aliases Tree of Life, Wise One, World Tree
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Intermediate Deity
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Balance)
Portfolio Wisdom, Foresight, Prophecy
Domains 3E: Insight, Knowledge, Meditation
5E: Arcana, Knowledge
Home Plane 2E: Zhar, the Grand Forest Beyond the World (Beastlands)
3E: The Hidden Vale
Worshippers Philosophers, Mediators
Favoured Weapon Enlightenment Cane (Quarterstaff)

A Dungeons & Dragons God of Wisdom, Zivilyn is the wisest of the Krynnish gods and acts as a supporter to Gilean, balancing out the God of Knowledge's aloofness and coldness with his own compassion and understanding.

Calm, confident and certain of himself, Zivilyn teaches that wisdom transcends both good and evil, acting as a force unto itself. A true believer in the adage that wisdom and age are synonymous, Zivilyn's church is a gerontocracy, were age equates to theological senority. His faithful serve as counselors, mediators, philosophers and diplomats; in places lacking clerics of Paladine, they also serve as legal officials and advisors during trials, a role they're growing increasingly present in since Paladine's sacrifice of his divinity.

Whilst Zivilyn opposes both the consuming hatred shown by the dark gods Takhisis and Sargonnas and the martial ambition of Kiri-Jolith, he has no personal enmity amongst the pantheon. He is closest to his wife, Chislev.


Wisdom is timeless. Act after you have studied all courses of action. Be mindful of your place in the universe. Be free of material influence. Seek understanding, not facts, for knowledge is fallible whereas wisdom is not. Choose no side in war or conflict. Be an advisor to those who seek peace. All wisdom comes from within and moves without. Wisdom cannot be learned or borrowed and knows only balance. Time and space are all one in balance. Be at peace with nature, for it is the cradle of wisdom, and be at peace with yourself, for you are the vessel of wisdom.

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