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Zealot Miniatures is a company that produces aftermarket conversion parts, sci-fi and fantasy models, as well as scenery. They stock other companies miniature ranges too, as a distributor. These include companies like Runecast Miniatures, Tabletop World, Kabuki Miniatures, MiniMonsters, TUB, Anarchy Models and more.

In addition to their Terrain, Conversion parts and "Not-Warhammer" range, they stock a number of Steve Buddle sculpts, from the old Spyglass Miniatures range. There is a number of models they produce that with the correct paint job are exactly like a character from popular culture you may want to own a miniature of to add to your model harem to use when you want to let people know "Yes, I am playing Major Kusinagi in Shadowrun, come at me bro".

Their initial boom of business came from aftermarket parts, especially when Tau gained an explosion of popularity with the release of their 6th Edition Codex, and the Farsight Enclave was added. Zealot produced "Kadesh" models, which appear as a mottled skin aliens with an indentation on their forehead...the Zealot Miniatures alternate heads and torsos not only offered much more expressive faces than the stock Games Workshop fare, but also had female options so you could field a female army.

Newer Zealot products offer more diverse customization options, from Gothic-looking Warhammers that seem to be in the scale of giant men, to treasure chests, to the beginnings of a 25-30mm scale set of dungeon customization models.

After successfully Kickstarting a range of Fantasy Dungeon scenery, with the release of their new webstore, Zealot is due to move into producing more scenery products.

Zealot casts are in resin using high vacuum, and tend towards higher quality than the typical Games Workshop Finecast which in comparison is mass produced spincast resin.




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