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In Team YankeeEdit

Boem = ho.

The PRAT is a modified YPR-765 IFV, losing the turret for a hammerhead launcher that fires AT21 I-tow missiles while retaining concealment when firing at enemy tanks. At 2 vehicles for 3 points or 3 vehicles for 4 points, this unit is one of the worst choices you can take in a Dutch list: outside of a tech choice for infantry commanders building for low point games.

Like many other ATGM tank hunters in the game, the PRAT competes with the main battle tanks of their respective nations for the anti-armor role. Dutch lists traditionally rely on their mechanized infantry to carry the day, with Leopard 2s serving as tank killers while the IFVs and infantry engage soft-skinned units. As their own entry suggests, the Leopard 2 might be insanely costed but a platoon of three can easily destroy many more tanks than their points: at worst, they can assault infantry with impunity or force your opponent into a defensive position.

What the PRAT fails in is versatility. The real life versions were cheap enough for battalion level distribution but Team Yankee has given them a high point cost for balance purposes. With superior anti-armor options for the Dutch, you would find better luck with Tornados or Leopard 2s. In fact, lists needing dedicated missile carriers are usually those with severe deficiencies in their anti-armor department, like the Iraqis and Iranians.