The YPR series of vehicles were birthed from Dutch developments on the AIFV variant of M113s since 1965. By 1975, the design was in use with the Dutch Army and competing with other designs for the US Army's search for a new IFV, losing out to the M2 Bradley.


YPR-765 Infantry Fighting VehicleEdit

Tall? Check. Big gun? Check. Boxy looking feet? Check.

In Team YankeeEdit

The YPR-765 is the strongest IFV available to NATO, with the armour of an M113 and the firepower of a Marder.

Equipped with a 25mm Oerlikon KBA, the YPR will auto-penetrate most non-tank vehicles from the front, or score 5 penetrations for every 6 hits beyond 16 inches. It comes with anti-helicopter and while you'll still need to take dedicated AA, 4 shots with 5+ firepower up to 28" can threaten a helicopter or two. Notably, most other IFVs like the BMP-2 and the AMX-10P have a 20" range on their weapons meaning that you WILL have a range advantage in a head-on fight, excluding terrain.

Adding on to that is the cost of the pantserinfanterie platoon. While you do pay 2 points more than your NATO counterparts for armoured infantry, the Dutch version does not compromise on the size of the infantrymen. For example, the West German Marder-grenadier platoon at maximum size costs 7 points and gets you 3 Marders, 2 Milan teams and 3 rifle teams. A 7 point pantserinfanterie platoon swaps out the 2 Milans for 2 Gustavs and 2 M47 Dragons: comparable to the French armoured infantry.

9 points gets you 4 rifle teams, 3 Gustavs, 2 M47s and 4 YPR IFVs. Your infantry may not excel in firefights, but your IFVs are the best that NATO has to offer in firepower and cost-efficiency.

In Real LifeEdit

YPR-765 Observation PostEdit

Essentially a copy-paste of the Dutch M113 Transport, but with a different skin.

In Team YankeeEdit

In Real LifeEdit

Dutch Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard 1 - Leopard 2
Transports: YPR-765 IFV - M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Troops: M113 Tirailleur Peleton/YPR 765 Pantserinfanterie Peloton
Artillery: 107mm/120mm Mortier Peloton - M109 Veldartillerie Batterij
Anti-Aircraft: PRTL - Stinger Peloton
Tank Hunters: YPR-765 PRAT
Recon: M113 C&V Ploeg - YPR-765 OP
WG Support: Roland Flak Batterie - Raketenwerfer Batterie - BO-105P - Tornado