Xenos of the Hektor Heresy

Slaugth lord.png This article describes a Xenos species in the /tg/ Heresy project, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40k universe.


the Tyranids are still on the way, but they will arive any day now.



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Orks are the most numerous and savage species in the galaxy and, unlike many of the other struggling races that inhabit the vast cosmos, thrive in its harsh conditions. The Orks are a hardy, green-skinned species who love combat more than anything else, having been engineered long ago to that purpose, organizing into in enormous quasi-religious genocidal campaigns called WAAAGHs at the behest of powerful Warbosses. Your average Ork is a foot taller than a human, and the largest of their number are as big as a Space Marine Dreadnaught. The species grows bigger and stronger through constant combat, and some are naturally equipped with knowledge on various subjects such as how machines or bodies work. Orks are spread throughout nearly every corner of the Galaxy, were it not for their natural disorganization they could have overtaken the other species long ago.


Early in M30, the once great and powerful Eldar Empire was swallowed in an instant by the birth-screams of the dark god of excess they had created, Slaanesh. Though the largest portion of the Eldar civilization was sucked into what is now known as the Eye of Terror, some survive and even thrive in the post-Fall galaxy. Those who had first seen the decline of their empire, many of whom were somber traditionalists or even zealous reactionaries, fled long before the fall to live simply and tend the land, these became known as Exodite Eldar. Others fled later on planet-sized ships called Craftworlds, though many were caught in the backlash of the shock-wave of Slaanesh's birth scream. The most ruthless or wayward of the Eldar survived as well, hidden deep within the webway, still practicing the old ways that led to the fall. Many more Eldar survived alone and adrift in the void, some carving out small bits of power for themselves as Corsair bands while others grew to carve out even more powerful stations for themselves.

Craftworld EldarEdit

Many of the immense world-ships of the Eldar race known as craftworlds were destroyed by the birth screams of the dark god Slaanesh at the fall of their once great empire, but some survived far from the disaster and have challenged their fate. Each craftworld is a distinct culture, but they have certain important elements that link them. These Eldar each follow a rigorous philosophy of self-discipline known as The Path, which seeks to control their naturally more extreme mental states through the Eldar's total commitment to one study over many years. The mighty sorcerers of their Seer path, fearsome Aspect Warriors of the many Khainite Disciplines, and the ingenious Autarchs which oversee them in battle as well as a myriad of advanced technology prove the bane of those who challenge the former masters of the galaxy. The Eldar of the craftworlds have been known to the Imperium of Man since the dawn of the Great Crusade, and they have often proven to be a duplicitous and enigmatic foe.

Harakien Eldar EmpireEdit

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The Harakien Empire is an expansionist faction led by Ku'Motsk, the Void King. Based both within the webway and in Segmentum Pacificus, these nationalistic eldar consider warfare to be the ultimate art form and seek to regain the glory of the past through conquest. The harakiens shun the noble system, considering all eldar blood to be royal by its very nature, instead favoring one based on experience and ability. Many of their kind have turned to the outright worship of the god Khaine as time has gone on, and it is rumored the Khainie Priesthood of the Incubi have several avatars under their command. The Harakien Empire will deal with any member of the Eldar race fairly, and have earned the respect of craftworlds, exodites, and kabals alike in their long history.

Webway Lords and Dark EldarEdit

Early in the 30th Millennium, the Eldar Empire was torn asunder by the birth of the Pleasure God, and while many died, in the webway, those escaped by hiding, in a million hidden paths over a thousand independent realms ruled by those who wish to carry out deeds seemed irredeemable by many of their brethren. To these shadowy satellite cities and pleasure palaces lie the Old houses of the Eldar, each owning their own pocket of the Webway, while vying to increase their own power and eliminate their enemies. Amidst the constant scheming and backstabbing, one thing is constant; no matter what, the Dark kin will find a way to endure, and stave off She Who Thirsts.


They're coming.

This ancient race slept fitfully through the Great Crusade. But they'll be back...

Xenos Compact of Free Galactic InterchangeEdit

Of all the Xenos in the path of the Emperor's Great Crusade, the Compact is one of the most unorthodox. A Trade Alliance of five races, the Compact of Free Galactic Interchange is a well established force in the Segmentum Ultima that, as their name suggests, has come to power through bartering and sales rather than conquest. Having learned of Humanity and it's waves of conquest, this frugal faction is torn between hindering or avoiding them; such an important decision could very well spell life or death for these Xenos.


Status at the end of the Great Crusade Plotting against both their foes and allies
Role in the Hektor Heresy Passive
Area of influence Eastern Fringe

Repulsive on the outside as well as on the inside, the inscrutable Slaugth are uninvited guests from the dark times that are better left forgotten. Arrogant to the point of a severe egomania, they consider themselves to be the true heirs to the Old Ones and the Galaxy their lawful inheritance, squatted by savage races and infested by vermin during their unwilling absence. Consequently, they see themselves as the only creatures worthy of free will and intellectual work, viewing every other race as either potential slaves or an obstacle on their way to absolute power. A crushing defeat at the hands of the Imperium of Man during the early stages of the Great Crusade forced them to form the Compact of Free Galactic Interchange with four other races that they otherwise wouldn't consider worthy of kissing the ground they slither on, but few within its ruling council have any doubts that the Slaugth will betray their allies as soon as the right time comes. And may the Emperor be with us when it does.




Other Dangerous AliensEdit


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The Cyfecti were a once proud and powerful race of xenos hailing from the outer reaches of Segmentum Obscurus. Little is known to the Imperium of their history, but the Cyfecti are believed to have risen to power in the wake of the Old Ones and their War in Heaven. They are incredibly powerful and creative psykers whose empire had long since fallen after they had been corrupted by the Ruinous Powers. But their influence remains still, and was instrumental in the start of the Heresy.


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A Reptilian Race with a complex social Hierachy, the Lazarites would have been unremarkable were it not for the fact that the Primarch of the XVI Legion, Aubrey The Grey would land on their world and be adopted into their culture. Through him the Lazarites would fight alongside his Legion as their Auxilia for several decades, but the sins of the Primarch would lead to the destruction of the Lazarites homeworld and the eventual extinction of the Lazarites.


A race of humanoid slavers based in the Al-Sherar Sector in the Galactic South-East. Though they had substantial dissimilarities to humans, some have theorised that the Amatteir are the result of genetic tinkering on human stock. Their society is divided into two castes; the more numerous and brutish soldiers, and an epicurean leadership whose search of pleasure often dulls their intellect. They came into conflict with the Imperium during the Pacification of the Chwiorydd Hardd and were effectively exterminated during the Al-Sherar Sector War.


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The frightening and vicious appearance of the Anatik may seem at first glance to portray a savage race, but these arachnoid beings are actually quite civilized. Their complex system utilizes a sliding scale type of democracy, giving more votes to social classes who are more directly affected by the matters being voted on, and advancement is determined solely by merit. The creatures are famous for their cryonic weaponry and other cryotechnology

The StrixorosEdit

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The Strixoros were once simply the primitive apex predators of a small planet near the Eye of Terror, but their curiosity lead them to searching the stars. They found a patron who appreciated such curiosity, the chaos god Tzeentch, and were taught his mysterious ways. Though they now tend to utilize the power of the warp in combat, the race retains their physical terror from the days of predation so long past, with some even further enhanced by their dark benefactor.

The YaotlEdit

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The Yaotl are a particularly disturbing species, true monsters that only evolution run amok could produce. Mostly encountered in the Tempestus and Pacificus segmentums, these xenos are best known for their freakish biologies, far from human psychologies and violent raids on Imperial space.


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Status at the end of the Great Crusade Fortifying
Area of influence Eastern Fringe

Reclusive and ominous xenos from the Eastern Fringe, whose hosts of fearless and grotesque bio-warriors ride between stars in massive spire-vessels, falling from the skies like shooting stars to reach the planetary surface. What little is known about them at this point, is both their brutality and willingness to sacrifice much matches the Imperium's own in respect to other species, and that their armor menaces with jagged surfaces of ebony.


The Ohghajj are a race of humanoid creatures who dwell mostly just beyond the far northern fringe of the Imperium. Their skin is a deep crimson, and they stand about 7 ft tall as adults. They are slightly clumsy in their youth, but this improves with age, and some older Oghajj can be skilled close quarters fighters. As a race, the Oghajj have a fascination with fire (flamers were the first weapons they developed) and many fight with metal poles with chambers filled with burning oil, or the flame grenades that are distinctive of their race. They are led by warleaders who are defined by their weak mastery of pyrotechnic psychics. There are always 16 of these, each one heading a seperate tribe, and each thirty or so years (Ohghajj grasp of mathematics is notoriously poor)they meet and fight for the honour of leading all the tribes on a great campaign into the wider imperium, weeding out the weak before the great breeding season that always immediately follows these campaigns.For generations the Eldar empire would deal with this by simply deflecting the rampaging aliens into other species. In their few encounters during the great crusade, meanwhile,the imperium simply dedicated a medium sized battlefleet to blunt the advance of the crude Ohghajj ships. However, the latest of these Great Warleaders to be elected, Jhyphajj (the double j is an honorific added to the name of each great warleader) is considerably more cunning than the rest of his crude kin...


Status at the end of the Great Crusade Extinct
Role in the Hektor Heresy Dead
Area of influence Formerly in the Nightkill Sector north of Al-Sherar

A feudal empire of insectoid hive-minds in Segmentum Pacificus. The Markian Corps all but exterminated them after they attempted to seize Imperial territory.


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An antisocial race of immortals.

Ruavu GrunEdit

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In the wake of the Rebellion which nearly destroyed the Imperium, it is hard to remember that halfway through the Great Crusade the Imperium was menaced by a different threat, one that emerged from the outer dark and swept through Segmentum Tempestus like an unstoppable wave, laying waste to vast swathes of the Imperium.

Once the name ‘Ruavu Grun’ symbolized a dark tide of destruction which threatened to reverse the entire tide of the Great Crusade, and which took great sacrifices from the Astartes and the Mechanicum to contain and eventually eradicate.