Wyvern Suppression Tank

"Watch out, horde armies, we're going in dry."

The Wyvern Suppression Tank is the latest addition to the Imperial Guard (Or Astra Militarum) and their long line up of vehicles. Its battlefield role is to chew up enemy forces with the help of its Stormshard Mortars and provide suppression fire for the advance of the Guardsmen, hence why it's called a suppression tank. Unlike most IG artillery, the Wyvern is designed for close-quarters warfare rather than bombardment from afar.

On the TabletopEdit

When it was introduced in 7th Edition, this thing fired four twin-linked 48" ranged S4 AP6 3" blast templates with the Shred USR. For what it brought, footslogging Orks, Daemons in general (especially Nurglites who will weep when they see how fast plague bearers and Nurglites die without shrouded), Kroot, Guard blobs, Cultists spam lists, L&TD flesh walls and Skyblight swarm spamming Tyranids can kiss their asses goodbye and people who think they're being funny with Typhus Zombie spam lists will stop grinning in short order. A good strategy is that this thing runs in support of long range tank busting and finishing off dismounted infantry. Another thing to consider is the Shred special rule. It rerolls failed wounds. This is powerful not only against Orks, Kroot, GEQs, and Tyranids, but MEQs will have to roll real well to not lose half their squad to one barrage from this tank. Even if it quickly decreases in effectiveness against higher armor saves. The only downside was that it was notorious for slowing games down to a grinding halt like no other unit in the game could.

8th EditionEdit

This thing is a strong contender for the most cost effective infantry shredder in the game. It's agreeably cheap and it comes with indirect fire and 4d6 shots with reroll to wound (even against tanks). Add in a master of ordnance to re-roll those pesky 1s to hit (or throw the Aerial Spotter stratagem on one to re-roll all misses), and your opponents will groan every time they come out of the case. It is unfortunately more fragile than the stock chimera as a legacy of coming open topped, but that can be fairly easily solved by hiding your batteries (you bought at least 3 didn't you) out of line of sight like a good boy.

An upside of the rules changes is that it doesn't take forever and a half to resolve its shots anymore due to the removal of template and barrage rules. And whereas most small blast weapons were changed to d3 shots, it managed to get away with the d6 shots per gun usually seen with former large blast weapons and thus retains far more of its firepower than many other blast spam weapons did. Basically, it's now like having a mob of Ork shootas in one tank with indirect fire rules, more random amounts of shots, but more accuracy and more reliable wounding. With 8e being an edition largely dominated by horde armies like the Imperial Guard, Death Guard zombie lists, and the Tyranids; the Wyvern Suppression Tank is basically a must have to quickly clip your enemies' tar pits down to size.

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