Founding Ultima Founding
Successors of Space Wolves
Primarch Leman Russ
Homeworld 108/Beta-Kalapus-9.2
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Light grey torso and helm, dark grey pauldrons, arms and legs.

"Who by the ice jotun are the Wolfspear?"

– Sergeant Bjarni, previously of the Greyshields, upon induction to the Wolfspear

The Wolfspear is the first successor chapter the Space Wolves have had since the ill-fated Wolf Brothers. They seem to have serious daddy issues, as they are Primaris Marines, rather than standard space marines, and are worried about their acceptance by their fellow Sons of Russ (despite the fact that the very same book they originate in acknowledges that the actual Space Wolves themselves have taken on Primaris Marines to improve their numbers...Ah, but no Chapter can refuse them because the Emperor approves and the Custodes flat out said that any Chapter that refuses the Primaris will be exterminated by the Custodes themselves). Owing to the alleged 0% mutation rate of the Primaris Marines, they presumably do not have any Wulfen.

They fear that the Space Wolves will see them as not 'true Sons of Russ' and reject them. To further this issue, Gulliman saw fit to toss them on guard duty, guarding the Pit of Raukos, a back door that Chaos has been using to fuck over the Imperium. As a result, the Wolfspears fear that being kept off the front lines alongside their Primaris status will always keep them from getting the approval of their progenitors.

Hopefully the Space Wolves see their assignment as a point of pride - that only Sons of Leman Russ could be trusted with guarding the Imperium's exposed back. And man-up and realize they don’t need anyone’s approval but the Emperor’s, which they have. Enjoy the approval of others, desire it, but do not bend over for it unless you know you are in the wrong.

On the TabletopEdit

The Wolfspear are the "official" Space Wolves NuMarines chapter, and as such combine the shiny new True-Scale marines with the newer aesthetic with the themes of the Space Wolves chapter. They are, distinctly, also the only Space Wolves successor chapter; making them the first official viable alternative color choice for Space Wolves armies.

Next to nothing was known about these guys out of universe as well, having been surprisingly omitted from the Space Wolves' new codex. This was the case until Guy Haley, the author that introduced the Chapter to begin with, answered a few questions on Twitter, which gave us not only their colors, but a group was allowed to then design their chapter symbol.

Colors and HeraldryEdit

According to Haley, the chapter has a light grey torso and helm, with dark grey everything else. Their Aquila is colored gold, while their visors are a light blue. They bear their chapter symbol on the right pauldron while the marking of the Space Wolves adorns their left.

They bear the traditional trappings of the rest of the Space Wolves; such as fur, gems, and rune markings.

Chapter BadgeEdit

The original image. One for freehand painters everywhere.

Their chapter symbol was created by a fan group, the Blades of Greymane, as evidenced by this twitter chain [1], which made their chapter symbol into a light grey-white symbol of two wolves, crested by a diamond with a spear within it. If the original intentions remain true, the two wolves in universe symbolize their status as the "Second Successful Space Wolves" chapter. It was designed by group members Berenal and Khloros, adapted from another member's design for the group's overall logo, Lithiaris.

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