In the grim darkness of the far future, a four-wheeler is still a four-wheeler.

Sitting somewhere between a Ridgerunner and a motorcycle, the Wolfquad is a hard-hitting and fast unit for the Genestealer Cults. It mainly serves as a heavy weapon platform for Atalan Jackal bike squads.


The Wolfquad is an Imperial four-wheeled Atalan-class exploratory machine that is commonly used by many organizations throughout human space. As such, they are often acquired through illicit means by renegade elements such as Genestealer Cults' Atalan Jackals.

These rugged machines have a robust frame, a durable shock-absorbing suspension array, and the engine can run on a variety of fuel types while hauling comparatively heavy loads. Because it is a larger and more stable platform than a regular bike, a Wolfquad is able to carry a larger power supply while also mounting whatever heavy weapons the cultists are able to scavenge. Such weapons include options like the Mining Laser, the Seismic Cannon, and the Atalan Incinerator (the latter of which is essentially a Heavy Flamer). Like the Lasgun these vehicles are cheap and easy to manufacture, and because of their versatility they are highly valued when captured by Genestealer Cults. For example, a group of Wolfquads operating out in the open on a mining world is unlikely to raise suspicion, for they would appear at first and probably even second glance to be normal survey units scouting for new resources. This perfectly aligns with the Cults' modus operandi. Of course, while the Wolfquad is somewhat more durable than the bikes it's working with, and it also benefits from the parent Jackal squad's -1 to hit bonus, a few hits from anti-personnel weaponry will take one apart regardless. Therefore you should limit your Jackals' exposure to enemy fire if you want them to survive.

With their high mobility and useful array of weaponry, the Wolfquad is an essential component of Atalan Jackal scout elements.

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