Wazbom Blastajet

Behold! The craziest looking contraption to ever birth out of the Ork Army Codex!

By far one of the craziest and more fucktastically awesome looking Ork aircraft. The Wazbom Blastajet masters all three aspects of going fast, having lots of Dakka, and screaming Waaagh! really loudly, these improvised flying machines are covered in improbable weaponry and piloted by the craziest Mekboyz. Wazbom Blastajets fly in tight mob formations, competing to see who can blow stuff up in the most hilarious manner. The more hapless enemies dissolved by searing energies, teleported into oblivion, or hurled through the skies to their messy demise the better, and every kill means more scrap for the Mekboyz to gather up and nail to their Blastajet squadrons.

To give you an idea of how crazy-awesomely it is armed, the Wazbom Blastajet typically sports exotic Mekboy weaponry, including twin Kustom Mega-Kannons, a Tellyporta Mega Blasta, a Smasha Gun, a Stikkbomb launcher, and/or a Big Shoota turret. For defense, it often utilizes a Kustom Force Field. So yes, not only does this thing rape vehicles and infantry alike, but it also possess the same shielding as that of Stompas and Gargants as well.

Unfortunately the only downside is the overall short range and unreliability with some of the weapons for a flyer and the fact that this is one expensive piece of flying bricks. Seriously with all the added upgrades from the different weapon slots that by that point you've probably already sunk 300+ points into the damned things (the fully decked out Blastajet is almost 200 points by itself) only to have their crummy AV10 cause them to fall out of the air anyway due to it being a giant neon "Shoot Me!" target for every anti-air weapon on the map.

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