The ultimate beer and pretzels game, where you can literally play with beer and pretzels.

A tabletop wargame, with the twist that the units are candy and you get to eat your spoils.

This is still very much a work in progress, and a lot of stuff in the initial thread hasn't been added yet. Feel free to do so.



  • Weight, calorie, and fat count determine stats and point cost.
  • If you kill a unit, you get to decide who eats it. It can be you, your opponent, (for the nasty-tasting ones) the referee, or the audience. (In case both players are too full.)
    • Alternatively, if a player can't eat any more he forfeits the game.
  • Hijack Brikwars rules?
  • Keep core rules simple, with various optional stuff to spice things up. (Literally? Cinnamon could be a game-changer.)
  • Unit cost is determined by price, not calorie count?

Main battle rulesEdit

Each model has a # of dice equal to their mass in grams/5 (Round down).

If you have models that weigh less than 5g, group the minimum # together needed to equal 5g. They must remain grouped within 3" of each other for the rest of the game, and count as a single model for game purposes.

If you have >100g in mass (Superheavy units like gummit megaworms, santa titans, or fruit motherpieships), subdivide the unit into sections of 100 g each, with a leftover bit of the remaining grams. Each section acts as a separate unit for shooting/melee (Each can pick different targets, be targeted separately, roll their own dice, etc), but they all move together.

Overall army can only be made of X grams total.

Every full 25g in weight a single model is, it costs another 5g (So a 130g model adds 5*5g, for a final value of 155g). Note that this does not apply to squads (See below) of 25g+, as long as the models in the squad are not 25g or more.


Squads can be made of identical snack models, up to 50g total in weight. All the members of the squad must remain within 1' of each other. This is useful as some bonuses give + dice per model (and each model in a squad counts separately), but can also be a hindrance as some penalties apply a - dice per model.

Turns go move-shoot-assault. Each unit may move, move and shoot, or charge and assault in their turn.


Each unit can move 3". If they don't shoot, they can move another 3" but may not use this to move into/out of/over terrain. If a unit that is not in the same terrain attacks one that is, they suffer -1 die (Min 1) to their attacks if they move into that terrain or over any other terrain. A unit can charge another unit that is within 6", locking them in melee.

Terrain is fast food, such as burger hills, fry fences, hash brown swamps, McDonald pancake lakes, etc.


Your models perform their melee attacks as described below. If all the enemy units in the squad are not destroyed, the enemy unit may then attack back in a similar method and stay locked in combat for next turn, or they may choose to flee. If they flee, they may immediately move 12 inches away but your unit may make another round of attacks against them.

Attacking for MeleeEdit

When attacking, roll a # of dice equal to your dice. Melee is against enemies <3" away.

The enemy player rolls defense dice equal to their model's remaining dice/health.

Compare each die to an enemy die, highest to highest. For each attacking die that is greater than the enemy defense die, they take 1 damage. Per damage they've taken, they roll 1 less die when attacking or defending. If a model ever hits 0 dice, they die and are removed (See below). Damage is resolved against the whole squad of identical models. For every 5 dice over the enemy defense dice you roll (Such as 10 attack dice vs 5 or less defense dice), you deal 1 automatic damage (Overkill). For damage, you must apply damage to an already-damaged model in the squad if possible.

Billy attacks in melee with his 10g Gummi squad (5 Bears) against Johnny's 5g Chocolate Kiss squad (5 Kisses).
Billy rolls 1d6 per g of his squad, so he rolls a 1,2,2,3,4,5,5,5,6,6.
Johnny rolls a 6,6,6,5,4.
Comparing them highest to highest, 6-6, 6-6, 5-6 (Defender is higher, so ignore attack), 5-5, 5-4 (Attacker is higher, deal 1  
Billy successfully deals 1 damage from the die rolls, and 1 damage for Overkill, reducing the Kiss squad to 3 dice.

Attacking for Shooting/RangedEdit

Any unit can perform ranged attacks. You may not perform a ranged attack against an enemy in melee combat. Ranged attacks means you can hit an enemy 3" further away with a -1 die penalty per 3". In addition, if none of your models can draw a straight line to all of the members of an enemy squad, or at least half of the base of a single model, then the model is in cover (-2 dice per 3" away, not -1). Otherwise damage is resolved the same was as for melee.

Billy attacks at 24" of range with his 50g Gummi cannon squad (2 Cannons) against Johnny's 5g Chocolate Kiss squad (now with 3 dice 
   left), firing through cover.
Billy rolls 1d6 per g of his squad. Each model (25 dice) gets -8 dice for the range, doubled to -16 for cover, so he rolls 9 dice  
   per cannon, getting a 1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5,5,6,6.
Johnny rolls a 6,6,6.
Comparing them highest to highest, 6-6, 6-6, 5-6 (Defender is higher, so ignore attack).
Billy deals no damage from the die rolls, but 5 damage for Overkill (3+5+5+5=18), destroying the Kiss squad!

Removing ModelsEdit


Either you or your opponent (Your choice) eats a model you destroy. If neither players can eat the model (Legitimately too full, dietary restrictions, fell into a urinal, etc), shanghai an audience member or friend to eat it. Remember, there are starving wargamers in Africa.


Vehicles can be made from multiple appropriate pieces. Simply keep track of each piece, and they essentially act as a squad. Note that some weapons on the vehicle may have different special rules from the others.

Special RulesEdit

Examples of models for the different factions and their appropriate special rules are stated later. Other than that, use your imagination.


This model has Hover. This model can be placed anywhere on the playing field at the start of your first turn. At the start of your next turn, remove it from the field. At the start of the following turn, put it anywhere on the field, repeating this cycle for the rest of the game. However, for each die of damage taken, the squad loses +1 die (This is cumulative with Hover)


This unit can transport up to half it's weight in grams of other models. Carried units cannot be assaulted, and cannot shoot out or be shot at. A unit may enter the carrier or exit the carrier during the movement phase. If they charge out of the carrier, they only charge 6 inches.

Dreaded DustEdit

Enemies attacking them in melee get -1 die (Min 1)


If this unit is destroyed in melee, each enemy in melee with it suffers a single die attack vs their defense.


This unit ignores penalties for moving over terrain. However, for each die of damage taken, the squad loses +1 die.


This model has Carrier. Carried units can shoot out but can also be shot at. If the carrier is destroyed, all carried models suffer a single dice attack (Roll vs Def as normal)


This model has Dreaded Dust. This model may reroll 1 of it's dice in melee combat.


The entire group of models in the unit can be stacked vertically. If the stack charges an enemy unit, half of all the models in the stack may attack

Faction rulesEdit

Gummy EmpireEdit


(All models) Any unit can either gain reroll of 1 die in melee but -1 die in shooting (Can bring them to 0 shooting dice) or reroll 1 die in shooting, but -1 die in melee (Can bring them to 0 melee dice).

Defensive LineEdit

This model may not attack, move, or be attacked. It is folded into a V and set up on the battlefield. This model counts as terrain.


If this model takes damage but is not removed, you may split it in half into 2 models. Each one has half of the parent unit's original dice (Rounded up). Halved worms may not be halved again.

Confection ConfederationEdit

(non-chocolate/gummy sweets)


(All models) If a model elects to use this rule at the start of the game, they can reroll 1 Defense die but get -1 shooting die.


A unit in melee with this unit cannot elect to make an Escape move.


This model has Taffy. Any enemies within 6" cannot move.

Chip Canyon MercenariesEdit

Puffed BravadoEdit

(All models) This unit may give up use of 1 of it's dice in order to ignore terrain for this turn. It may not use it for melee or shooting, but may use it for defense as normal.

Fun don't StopEdit

For every 2 of these models removed in a single turn, place a new one of these models in contact with your table edge. However, for each die of damage taken, the squad loses +1 die


This unit may reroll 1 def die per turn, but cannot Run.

Chocolate KingdomsEdit


(All models) If the unit suffers damage, it may reduce the damage by 1 but forfeits the ability to move next turn.


If this model takes damage but is not removed, you may split it into a number of models equal to it's sections. Each new model has half of the parent unit's original dice (Rounded up). Sectioned models may not be sectioned again.


This unit ignores 1 damage per turn, but gets 1 less Defense die (min 1).

Island of CookiesEdit


(All models) This model gets -1 defense die (min 1), but ignores 1 damage from any successful attack

Chemical CompositionEdit

This unit has "Fruit"-filled. The Fruit-Filled ability applies to all enemies within 6" when the model is destroyed, not just those in melee.

Chocolate CoatingEdit

This unit ignores the first point of damage each turn.

Dietary RebellionEdit


(All models) Any model may double their gram-based dice values at the start and for the rest of the game, but cost double the value in grams as well.


This unit ignores 1 damage per turn and gets 1 more Defense die, but suffers -1 shooting and melee dice (Min 1).


This unit may roll 2x it's normal number of dice for attacks or shooting, but suffers 1 damage at the end of the turn (Cannot use if only 1 die remaining)

Alcohol AllianceEdit

Models are measured in ml instead of grams (1ml=1g). All models must be contained within shot glasses or an appropriate sized container. IF you're not of legal drinking age, do soda or something.

Party TimeEdit

(All models) For each damage this model takes, it may roll 1 additional die for melee and shooting


This model doesn't suffer penalties for shooting into cover (-1 die per 3" instead of -2)


This model gains +1 defensive die while in terrain

Faction Model ExamplesEdit

Gummy EmpireEdit

Gummy Bear: No special rules. The first. The original. The Trooper. Gummy Worm: Worm. Possibly Sour or Hover (Burrow). Gummy Megaworm: Worm, Carrier. Possibly Hover (Burrow). Gummy Frog: Swarm. Gummiburst: Fruit-filled.

Unique Gummi Faction: Haribo DynastyEdit

All models must be manufactured by Haribo. All models gain Might of the Fatherland: If this squad contains at less than half of it's original dice, reduce all incoming damage by 1.

Confection ConfederationEdit

Jawbreaker, Lollipop, Peppermint: No special rules. Boston baked beans, Tictacs: Swarm. Saltwater taffy, LaffyTaffy: Taffy. Caramel, Caramel apple: Caramel.

Unique Confection Faction: Wonka BanditsEdit

All models must be manufactured by "Wonka". All models gain Listen to Me: If this model does nothing for its entire turn, it regains 1 lost die

Chip Canyon MercenariesEdit

Doritos, tortilla chips: No special rules. Pringles: Fun Don't Stop, Stack. Cheetos: Deadly Dust. Pretzels, Pretzel sticks: Pretzel.

Unique Chip Faction: Pirates of RuffelEdit

All models must be manufactured by Ruffles. All models gain Ridged: If this squad is in cover, enemy shooting is reduced by -3 dice per 3" instead of -2.

Chocolate KingdomsEdit

Chocolate coin, Advent calendar chocolate: No special rules. Chocolate Cherry: Fruit-Filled Chocolate Santa or Chocolate rabbit or Egg: Possibly Hollow Hershey Bar: Sectioned, Carrier. Whitman sampler: ??????

Unique Chocolate Faction: Hershey ConscriptsEdit

All models must be manufactured by Hershey. All models gain Aztec Origins: If this squad deals any damage to an enemy squad in melee, they deal an additional damage.

Island of CookiesEdit

Oreo, Nilla Wafer, Chocolate Chip: No special rules. Chocolate-coated Oreo: Chocolate Coating. Pie (Full-sized): Fruit Filled, carrier. Poptart: Fruit-filled. Pie (Snack-size): Fruit-filled, Chemical composition.

Unique Cookie Faction: Scouting LegionsEdit

All models must be manufactured by the Girl Scouts. All models gain Amazonian: If this squad deals any damage to an enemy squad from shooting, they deal an additional damage.

Dietary RebellionEdit

Baby Carrot: No special rules. Tofu Block: Tofu (Duh). Energy Bar: Energy-filled, Carrier.

Unique Dietary Faction: Sugarfree UndergroundEdit

All models must be sugarfree gum. All models gain Traitors: This squad has Flexible and may choose to have Defensive Line.

Alcohol AllianceEdit

Straight vodka, whiskey, tequila: No special rules. Screwdriver: Fruit-filled, Cocktail Bloody Mary: Cocktail Tequila Shooter: Sour IPA: Malted.

Unique Alcohol Faction: Bud's DomainEdit

All models must be manufactured by Budweiser. All models gain Hail to the King: If an enemy fails to deal any damage to this squad from a shooting or melee attack, they suffer 1 damage.

Skirmish/Lite rulesEdit

Serving size=squad size. You get a 10% discount if you purchase a whole serving for your army. All other values are divided by # of appropriate gummys or individual pieces per serving. Round these individual values up.

Weight (in g) = unit hp.
Calories = Unit Cost

Total Fat (in g) = max range of spells (in inches). Default range is self.
Sat Fat (in g) = dice rolled to dispel spell. Default is 1.
Trans Fat (in g) = dice rolled to cast spell. Default is 1.

Total Carbs (in g) = max range of combat attacks (in inches). Default is 0.
Dietary Fiber )in g) = # dice rolled to defend vs combat attacks
Sugar (in g) = # dice rolled in combat. Default is 1.

Sodium (in mg) = inches moved when given a move order
Cholesterol (in mg) = bonus to spell roll (cast and dispel)
Protein (in g) = bonus to dice rolled in combat

Lite SpellsEdit

Roll d6s equal to trans fat, and attempt to roll under the % daily. Any targeted enemies and enemies within their Total Fat range of the caster roll d6s equal to their sat fat, and cancels each success with a 6. Any % > 5 means auto-success on anything but a 6.

Vitamin A: +1 to shooting die rolls per success
Vitamin C: Heal 1 hp per success.
Calcium: +1 to dispel rolls
Iron: +1 to defense rolls in combat
Vitamin D: -1 to enemy defense die per success
Vitamin E: Heal 1 hp per success
Vitamin K : End an ongoing affect per success
Thiamin: Target enemy makes a single combat attack against an enemy within their range, with 1d6 per success.
Riboflavin: Ignore terrain for 1 inch per success
Niacin: Reroll one defense die in combat per success
Vitamin B6: +1 inch movement per success
Folate: +1 to defense rolls in combat per success
Vitamin B12: Reroll 1 die in combat per success
Biotin: +1 to defense die in combat per success
Pantothenic acid: -1 to enemy attack roll in combat per success
Phosphorus: 1d6 damage hit on enemy per success.
Iodine: If enemy is damaged, increase that damage by 1 per success.
Magnesium: 2d6 damage hit on adjacent enemy per success
Zinc: Can create a new gummy adjacent to this one, with a calorie value of up to twice the # of successes
Selenium: 1d6 damage on target enemy. If they take damage, repeat this against two enemies still within range of this caster. Repeat until no more damage has been done, all the enemies in range have been damaged once, or you've split a number of times equal to your successes.
Copper: Can create a new gummy within your spell range, with a calorie value of up to the # of successes.
Manganese: +1 to any allied spells within range per success.
Chromium: +1 to any allied combat attacks within range per success
Molybdenum: Enemy within range must reroll one combat die per success.
Chloride: Enemy within range must reroll once defense die per success.