Warhammer Wednesday

Pic so related it hurts.

In the grim and dark days before /tg/, there was only /b/, in the throes of a furry invasion. Though the /b/tards fought bravely, the furries managed to claim Friday as their own, and sought to branch out to other days of the week, and eventually convert the whole board. The furries were on the verge of claiming Wednesday when suddenly, help arrived from a most unexpected quarter.

The God-Emperor of Mankind and his legions (with every other warhammer race) descended from the heavens and drove back the furry horde.

Even /b/ could not fail to recognize the sheer awesomeness of His deeds, and so the Wednesday slot so coveted by the furfags was given to 40k. Although Warhammer Wednesday no longer graces /b/, /tg/ was formed, giving Warhammer fans satisfaction every day.

Never forget.

See that pic of Living Saint Suiseiseki Suigintou that's clearly Suiseiseki you retard purging furries? Here is a good theme while watching it. And how is that there is no Rozen Maiden model conversion?

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Much of the overwhelming success of Warhammer Wednesday can probably be attributed to this drawfag, B&hammer. eh's a pretty cool guy, he draws pictures and doesn't afraid of anything.