Warhammer Forge

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Warhammer Forge is a series of books and models produced by Forge World to extend Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battle wargame, with a particular focus on large monsters and models (similar to their Imperial Armour line for Warhammer 40,000). It has since flatlined as natural selection has favored the Horus Heresy.

Tamurkhan - The Throne of ChaosEdit

Tamurkhan, a Kurgan Chaos warlord pledged to Nurgle, decides to invade the Empire and get to the Throne of Chaos, and attain awesome power. He goes the long way around, first through Ogre territory, then some Orcs, and then into the realm of the Chaos Dwarfs. After some fighting, he strikes a deal with one of their lords to bring some of their heavy forces along in exchange for a share of the spoils. They fight their way through the relatively undefended side of the Empire, all the way to the city of Nuln (center of innovation and holy place, not to mention the location of the Throne of Chaos), before the final attack falters and breaks at the walls.

This volume contains an army list for the long-neglected Chaos Dwarfs. And Nurgle worshiping Russo-Mongol Chaos Warriors. If you wanted a bit of variation from Khorne worshiping Vikings as the Warriors of Chaos books usually depict.

Monstrous ArcanumEdit

Lots of monsters as Bound Monsters, for playing in Storm of Magic games. Also contains rules to use them in regular games of Fantasy.

Sadly, as the completed models weren't selling, most staff have apparently been moved from Warhammer Forge to 40k and the Horus Heresy, their best-sellers, leaving many units without models. Works in progress of the Chaos Dwarfs' K'daai Destroyer and Lizardmen's Dread Saurian were seen at Games Day 2013. This last model was released in 2014 and is to date the newest model released in the line.

Battle of Black Fire PassEdit

This was the third planned book from Warhammer Forge whose mock up was shown at Forge World Open Day 2012. It was to feature units for Dwarves, Empire, and Orcs, including a Dwarven airship. Sadly, it seems to have been canceled due to the low sales of the Warhammer Forge line.