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Basically, the Tyrant's Legion are the Astral Claws before Lugft Huron got half his body shot off and then turned to Chaos. His army can be played using a normal Space Marines list, but he was a bit of a naughty boy even back then, and totally ignored the Codex Astartes; a third of his soldiers were hidden among Badab's Planetary Defense Force as "advisors" and support units.

The list itself is practically a combination of the Codex: Vanilla Space Marines and Codex: Imperial Guard, but without what most would consider the best bits of either. But to make up for it it does have its own twist on certain units and adds in some unique ways to play on its own.

The army list was originally found in Imperial Armour Volume 9 if you're trying to find it and don't mind forking out a fortune on Forge World books and units, but Forgeworld also released it for free in December 2013.

The update mostly fixed it for 6th edition, and gave the army access to rarer codex gear (like Grav-Guns) but mucked around with special rules and made some units (the Corpse Taker) practically useless, but introduced other things to make the army a bit more useful in the 6th edition environment.

Its 30k equivalent would be the "Army of Dark Compliance", which is Legiones Astartes with Imperial Militia units.


Why Play with Tyrant's Legion?Edit

Army-Wide Special RulesEdit

Tyrants Due: The stupid humans jump in the way of gunfire to protect their superhuman masters. Any shooting attacks at marine units through human auxilia units essentially gives those Marines a boosted cover save, but causes that auxilia unit to take a handful of hits too. Do note that these wounds have AP-, so it's actually a rather good tactic to throw auxilia in front of plasma and Lascannon fire. Their armour save sucks...but they do have access to it.

Chapter Tactics (Astral Claws): Just like in Codex: Space Marines, all of the Space Marine units CAN combat squad (In groups of 5, getting up to 4 Combat squad out of a maxed out Cohort), and all have new Chapter Tactics (Astral Claws) thanks to a recent clean-up from Forgeworld online. The book even goes so far as to have a handy little sidebar to indicate which units are space marines and which units are human auxilia (as if it wasn't completely obvious) so there's no arguing with your opponent about which units in the list should actually be able to benefit from Chapter tactics.


  • All Space Marine units gain a version of Stubborn, in that they can never choose to fail a morale check.
    • This has it's ups and downs in a Tyrant's Legion, so they're less likely to run away, which is good...but will ultimately get tar pitted by things they can't hurt.
  • All Bikes get Skilled Rider, which FINALLY turns those Iron Hunters into a decent (if still expensive) unit - see below
    • You also get the ability to give fast skimmers the "Scout" special rule. This applies for any Chapter Support units you take, since IA2:2nd allowed Forgeworld Land Speeders to be taken in a Tyrant's Legion.

Angel of Death

  • A sucky cop-out for 'And They Shall Know No Fear', this is what happens when superhumans try to lead squads of puny regular people. Contrary to the Astartes, your auxilia units DO know fear, and even though they use their attached Space Marine officer Ld, if they fail to regroup they run away, abandoning him (He regroups and holds the damn line on his own). The benefit? When caught by a Sweeping Advance the unit isn't destroyed and the SM officer remains part of the unit. Kinda what usually happens in joint SM-IG operations.

Army EquipmentEdit

  • Breacher charge: A One-use melee weapon that places a S8 AP2 Blast over your opponent's unlucky models if it hits, and scatters around if you miss, which can potentially kill your own dudes. It really comes on its own against buildings, where it add +1 to the Damage table.
  • Lascutter: Try swinging around an industrial blowtorch. S9 AP2 melee weapon. The catch? It's Unwieldy and it drops your model WS to 1, and he can only do 1 attack per phase. Yes, even on the charge. Because not everyone can buy Meltabombs, but at least it's not One-use only.
  • Void Hardened Armour: Retaliators and Centurion Carnac both get Void Hardened armour, which lets them re-roll failed armour saves against Blasts and Template weapons. They also get special benefits in Zone Mortalis missions, if you ever play those.
  • Sub-flak Armor: Confers a 6+ save. And you thought cardboard armor sucked.

Warlord TraitsEdit

You get two separate WT tables in the Legion: one for Centurions, the other one for Auxilia commanders...which you won't get to use unless you play low point games. Each has a combination of 1 very good option, a normal one and one that sucks badly. Only 3 options per table means the Tyrant's legion is not only limited in army options, but in WTs too! You can instead roll from the WH40k 7E rulebook (which you probably should do), but you lack access to SM or IG traits.

Centurion Traits

Auxilia Traits

  • 1-2: Born Survivor: Any unit within 12" that goes to ground gets +2 to cover, or 5+ in the open. Makes going to ground a sensible proposition, since Auxilia units will be invariable inside cover due to their horrible armor saves.
  • 3-4: Legacy of Valour: When outside his deployment zone he gets counter attack. This applies to the rest of his unit but if you've got the Auxilia in the enemy deployment zone, it's about to die.
  • 5-6: Scion of a Wealthy House: One unit of Auxilia gets expensive armour... and therefore may reroll armour saves of 1. You might as well make this the command unit itself, especially if it has Carapace armour, since you're unlikely to get saves at all with most Auxilia units sub-flak.

Unit AnalysisEdit

HQ UnitsEdit

The HQ choices available to the Tyrants legion are SEVERELY limited; you only get two in the list and two special characters - Armenneus and Sumatris don't spend their time amongst puny humans. Thankfully though, unless you go for Huron your options are quite CHEAP, so you can save points for larger Troop squads or Heavy support options. Tyrant's Legions armies are not really for Hero-hammer or deathstar units, they're meant to be PDF armies herded by SM officers. Even taking Huron is a tactical option, since he brings more to the army than just a Terminator Chapter Master.

  • Legion Centurion: In games of 1500pts or more this is your compulsory commander. He's basically a Veteran Space Marine Sergeant with the same options but with two wounds. Their title is an irony, since pre-Heresy Centurions are WS/BS5...while being cheaper than these guys! While generally crap and won't be winning you many combats or doing anything awesome with your army, he is one of the cheapest HQ units available to ANYONE, so you can take him naked and still have lots of points left over for the rest of your army. If you're looking to make something stronger you might as well take the special character, who still fills your compulsory slot.
  • Auxilia Command Detachment: This is the equivalent of an Imperial Guard PLATOON command squad, but with NO ability to issue orders, No medi-pack and No standard bearer. What it does get you is a Leadership bubble (Ld 8? ...woo...also made redundant if you have Huron in your army). The naked unit does come in cheaper than the Centurion, and can be customised to a much better degree. They can ADD (not replace) a heavy weapons team, which is a nice way of adding guns. You can also upgrade the officer to +1WS and +1 wound for 20 pts. Never do it - for a little more you could buy yet another Command Detachment, and 5 extra dudes are better than making just one man more surivivable in CC, which would mean you're using the unit wrong. So spend the same points to give everyone carapace armour and lets them not immediately fall over when anything shoots at them.
  • Lugft Huron: The man himself, before his heart turned black. He is a bit of a special guy who is so far above everything else that he seems out of place. He costs a boatload but considering how cheap many of the units are you might justify paying for him. His special rules are handy: EVERY UNIT in the army shares Ld10 which is awesome for this army, as it makes Auxilia much more likely to stay on the tabletop. Furthermore his Chapter Master Ordnance bombardment is two-shot and finally all friendly units get Counter-Strike the turn they arrive from reserves. His equipment loadout means he won't mesh well with the army. He's the only thing with a 2+ save and is a melee character in a gunline army, and NOTHING else can deep-strike along with him. Though new Ghost Razors being AP2 means he can go toe to toe with most other characters at initiative order, re-rolling to wound and forcing re-rolled invulnerable saves means he may likely come out on top.
    • His rules no longer mention extra access to Elite units or an Honour Guard... boo.. an email from Forgeworld confirms this is indeed the case.
    • Doesn't the Badab characters 6th ed update rules pdf released for free in FW downloads state that Lugft Huron can take an honor guard and can be taken in a tyrants legion list? And I quote: A single Honour Guard squad may be included in an army that includes Lugft Huron – this unit does not count against the army’s HQ allowance. That's the character update, the actual army update which came after the character update makes no mention of Elite squads or Honour Guard in a Tyrant's legion army, email query to forgeworld confirms the most recent rule takes precedence, the reason for this being Astral Claws discriminate against normal humans, and so Honour Guards are considered "unworthy" of fighting alongside unaugmented human forces.

He does NOT count as a centurion for the purposes of the rule.

  • Arch-Centurion Carnac Commodus: Your other special character, who is probably the go-to guy. He's probably cheaper than any other space marine special character by a mile, has a statline better than a chaplain but not a captain but still gets an Iron Halo and a chainsword with S5 RENDING. His warlord trait gives re-rolls to Sweeping advances to ANY FRIENDLY UNIT in the same combat as him now, which isn't a problem unless you've also taken Huron. They also gave him the Crusader USR so he gets to add D3 to Sweeping advances anyway, so they're even LESS likely to get away from you. Though if he's the warlord (no Huron) he also turns one unit of Retaliators into Troops, and Objective Securing units are always good. Finally, he still fills up your compulsory Centurion requirement, so don't complain, just take him.


Your weakest section, you only get three choices and in some conditions one of them can be moved to Troops. Retaliators fill the "close combat" role normally associated with the Elite role, but they're not fantastic. Basically your Elites are filler units that are intended to plug the gaps in your army-build either with good weapon options or neat tricks; Renegades are particularly good at this. You should really come to the Elites section at the end of choosing your list and see what is missing.

  • Corpse Taker: A fluffy unit. A single Apothecary in a unit of servitors (not even GOOD servitors, chainswords only), meant to secure gene seed, yours or from badly-wounded (i.e. still living) enemies, ilustrated by his 'Dark Harvest' rule: +1 VP if any SM infantry is wiped out near the Corpse Taker unit. This unit is disappointing as his double kill point bubble only extends out to 6" now, and ONLY works on a D6 roll of 6+. So he has to linger around in the threat zone to do this and he's fragile as fuck. To add insult to injury he doesn't grant FnP to the units that need it, only to his servitors! On the plus side, it also applies in games that do not use kill points for scoring, so can get you an extra point if you're lucky. While the servitors can spread the area of this bubble outwards, they're really just ablative wounds here, and if you lose the apothecary (has only 1 wound, 3+ save) you might as well remove the unit as it won't be doing anything else useful for the game. In fact...only take if you've got nothing else to spend points on, since you cannot reliably form strategies around this guy anymore.
    • The unit can also take a rhino or razorback, which if you take no other upgrades, becomes a slightly more survivable and faster moving 6" double bubble if you just never let them leave the vehicle.
    • Interestingly, the Apothecary can take hellfire rounds for his bolter, which could be handy in sniping monstrous creatures like greater Daemons and Wraithlords...but then you're not fighting against Space Marines and gaining double KP are you?
  • Retaliator Squad: Kinda like an Assault Squad for indoors, with Combat shields instead of jump packs and Void Hardened armour, so if you're playing boarding missions or Zone Mortalis it might be a justifiable unit. On top of whatever the sergeant gets, the unit can only get one special weapon, and that's by swapping either the sword or the Combat shield. Either buy a Meltagun, Grav gun or just take a flamer for free. They can also take Meltabombs at a fixed price, regardless of squad size, so play them like Melta Vets that can do good in melee.
    • Also, with Centurion Commodus as the warlord (No Huron then...) ONE unit of Retaliators will become Troops, which can therefore "Secure" an objective. This is unnecessary since you've got big squads of Troops for that, you really want these guys running around mopping up minor targets that your artillery can't be bothered with. But it's a nice unit for Commodus to be with.
    • We now have the Horus Heresy Breacher squad models to form the basis for these squads which is strongly recommended. They even have the gravgun options already there.
  • Renegade Marauders: Now this is your unique modelling opportunities unit. Perhaps the melee mirror of Imperial Guard Veterans: They even get doctrines for FREE! What's better is they can add in pseudo-feral ogryns with no weapon other than rending fists. (or big mutants or combat servitors, depending on whatever you decide the unit looks like) One of the MAJOR downers of this squad is that it's only in it for the money i.e: once they break, they're broken for good. They're all WS4, and they can swap their usual Lasgun for Shotguns (Assault weapon) or Laspistols (+1 attack, so 4 on the charge) for free. Two have access to special weapons, and their sergeant has lots of options, being able to buy even a Refractor field.
    • One way of dealing with the leadership problem is to attach a basic centurion to the unit. Not only will it boost their Ld value, it will also make the unit stubborn and considering that this unit may be one of your few melee units in the army, attaching a centurion isn't a total waste. Also, having Huron in the army makes them Ld10, so further reduces the chances of them running away.
    • The unit can take a Chimera as a transport OR an Arvus Lighter, which in 6th edition is less of an insulting option.
    • The doctrine you take also will likely dictate what loadout you give to the squad as it will change how you use them.
      • Murder Cultists turns them into Crusading, Furious Assaulters. Take power weapons or flamers since they'll be up close.
      • Stalkers turns them into Stealthy bastards who Outflank then Move through cover; take sniper rifles or heavy stubbers.
      • Hereteks gives them carapace armour and krak grenades, and is the balanced option; take whatever you like.


You are required to take at least one unit of Auxilia, but from there it's your own choice what you do. You can end up with numbers to rival Imperial Guard/Nid/Ork players and they're cheap too, but don't expect them to be as useful overall. Even your marine squads don't have access to the most expensive options so it just encourages you to take more. There's nothing special here that really jumps out at you, other than the fact that you get to play big squads Space Marines alongside bigger squads of humans and watch as your opponent scratches their head as you fill up your entire deployment zone with bodies at the start of the battle.

  • Legion Auxilia: 1+ COMPULSORY: 20-40 models. On the face of it, these guys suck ass. They have the statline of conscripts but with a 6+ save instead. But if you look deeper they aren't so bad. You weren't getting a flak armour save against boltguns anyway. They have a Ld7 unit champion who lets them attempt to regroup even below half strength and can take flamers or frag (and krak) grenade launchers which don't rely on ballistic skill to hit anything. All in all, better than your actual conscripts.
    • You can go cheap with these guys; 70pts gets you a lot of bodies to sit on objectives and hopefully get a lucky shot off and kill something while your other units strike ahead in vehicles.
    • Or go more expensive (I say expensive... even 40 guys costs less than 10 marines!) and cover huge areas with models to deny deep strike, contest multiple objectives, REALLY claim that one objective and be a nasty overwatch threat with flamers, not to mention bubble-wrap your marines against nasty stuff, like plasma.
      • Just don't overdo it, it's not really worth spending points upgrading the champion, if you're in combat you're likely to lose - in fact, better swap his laspistol for a shotgun. Also don't buy heavy stubbers, they're overcosted and you're not likely to kill anything with a poor-mans storm bolter.
  • Space Marine Cohort: A 10-20 man space marine squad that can take one special/heavy per 5 men. No plasma cannons or multi-meltas but don't worry, big guns are generally covered by heavy support in this army. And you can still put out the hurt with a lot of missile / heavy bolter / plasma gun firepower here, with plenty of spare dudes with bolters. An alternative is to, instead of taking special weapons, take power axes to get a melee-ish squad that can't have the weapons picked off in challengees. In addition, for every Cohort you take you are allowed to take one Chapter Support unit, which is either a Heavy support choice from Codex: Space Marines or whatever the other IA books present you. They can Combat Squad, but only when the squad numbers multiples of 5. You can stick them in a Rhino, but only if you take the basic 10 men.
    • You could be a real douchebag and take a Spartan Assault Tank as your Heavy Support option. It's an absolute monster at only 40 or so points more than a Land raider, and it's one of the few vehicles that can actually accommodate the unit sizes found in the Tyrant's Legion list.
    • You can do some real shenanigans with this squad. Want to get devastators without eating a heavy support slot? Grab a squad of 20 cohorts and combat squad out the Heavy bolters. Alternatively combat squad out 2 squads of 5 and leave your totally-not-devastators as a 10 man squad. Add some padding in the form of your Auxilia in front of them and now you have a dev squad that just won't die.
  • Auxilia Armsmen Cadre: Better than IG infantry squads, to compensate this list's lack of Veterans. They don't get Combined squads, but doesn't matter since they can number up to 20 strong, and can buy Carapace armor at a fixed point cost per squad. Furthermore, if they don't move their 'Weapons Drill' allows them to re-roll 1s to hit, but they can't charge afterwards. They can swap their lasguns for shotguns, which can be combined with their option to buy Krak grenades (again at a fixed cost per squad) to perform rather decent assaults; 20 kraks are sure to wreck light vehicles, freeing up your big guns, and can give Dreadnoughts a run for their points. But if you want to keep the squad shooty, you can get a Heavy Weapons team for each 10 men, and one normal armsman can take a flamer, GL, meltagun or Heavy stubber. Also, they get access to Chimeras, with are hands down better than Rhinos. Overall they are your economical alternative to space marines for objective claiming. The catch? Ld7 only, even their Prefect, but he is WS/BS4, for what that's worth.
    • Fun/Fluffy tactic: Get max squad size, give them Carapace armor and use them to bubble-wrap marines units, most notably SM Tanks. Why not do that with the meatbags Legion Auxilia? Because, RAW, the unit suffers D3 wounds with no AP, which means they aren't necesarily losing models by acting as cover. And your tanks end up getting something akin to a 4+ save.

Dedicated TransportsEdit

  • Rhinos: Very cheap and good transport since space marines are KNOWN TO HIDE IN MEHTAL BAWKSES, DA KOWARDZ! TEH FEWLZ! There's not much to say about it beyond "use it!" Seriously, don't footslog your Marines. A walking Marine is a dead Marine, and dead men hold no objectives. The only upgrades recommended are the Dozer Blade and maybe Hunter-Killer Missiles (if you have a lot of HK's in your army already). Once the guys are out of it, you can basically throw it away in petty dick moves like preventing charges, blocking line of sight, and tank shocking people into tight formations to be hit with flamers, more useful for shielding your own guys as it's side armour is 11, as opposed to the 10 most transports have (*cough* Chimera *cough*) so S4 weapons (standard infantry power) can't glance it. You can also use its speed to dick around with Necrons if you feel like trolling them and don't really care about winning.
    • NOTE: Look on the entry for the Rhino in your codex and you will notice a rule that no-one ever uses, which is a shame because it totally rocks: opt out of shooting for a 1/6 chance of repairing an immobilized result. Your opponent cries when he thinks he's immobilised your transport and then it starts moving again. I mean, what else are you going to do in that phase? You're not Chaos, you don't get decent guns on your Rhinos.
    • Exploit 6th edition rules: Now you can flat-out Rhinos in shooting phase. This means your tacticals, sternguards and devastators could dakka on enemy and THEN you flat-out nearby Rhino in front of them, basically negating fire back. Its all fair and legal. Guard and Tau could do the same, but their transports aren't as cheap as yours and actually have some good guns, so they can not skip shooting as easy as you.
  • Razorback: A Rhino that has exchanged transport space for better guns, including anti-tank weapons. Of course, it's more expensive than the standard Metal box, so it's not that expendable, losing its best trait. Unfortunately only two units in the list actually get access to it; Retaliators and Corpse Takers so they certainly won't be widespread. You should definitely upgrade the Heavy Bolter, since all weapon options have their uses. Just keep in mind its mission - carrying only 6 dudes means you aren't as tactically flexible:
    • Anti-infantry: The standard Heavy Bolter does a good job if you want to keep your distance, otherwise take a Heavy Flamer for free.
    • Anti-heavy infantry: Take the Assault cannon (more shots, Strenght and Rending) or the Lascannon + TL Plasma gun, which is quite nice against Terminators, killing up to 3 on a single turn, TL means this virtally will never Gets Hot, unless a gipsy cursed you or something.
    • Anti-tank: TL Lascannon or single Multi-melta. Ah yes, Multi-melta, you read that right...but the last option would mean this counts as your Chapter Support Choice, as stated in IA2 2nd E, p. 187. But it's actually cheaper!.
  • Chimera: This is the gem of the MEHTAL BAWKS world. Heavy Bolter Snap firing with Multi Laser? This has become the hate machine it was supposed to be. But nothing stops you from Snap Firing Multi Laser with Flamethrower. Or use Hunter-Killers to demolish enemy vehicles. Other points of this fine vehicle:
    • Cheap (point-wise). You can spam them, get lots and lots of multilasers (it will please you), and a solid wall of AV12 metal in front.
    • This baby can have an Autocannon turret, which actually makes it vicious, and a threat to other vehicles.
    • Makes otherwise-slow Auxilia armsmen units mobile.
    • You can fire all your important shit (say, Melta and Heavy weapons) out the top hatch. Letting you fry while staying safe from retaliation.
    • They also count as tanks, meaning that once your troops are in position, you can tank shock the enemies off the point and even crush some Ork vehicles and scare off the mobs.
  • Trojan Support Vehicle: DT for immobile Artillery pieces. Since nobody was taking them because artillery already has the range to hit everything on the board and you don't need to move them, the update gave it a transport capacity (meh) and the ability to grant any nearby Artillery or tank model Preferred Enemy (EVERYTHING). So take three heavy ordnance pieces and have the Trojans hang out with your Leman Russ squadron.

Fast AttackEdit

This is where it starts getting better, on the face of it you don't have many options, all of which can be found in other armies where they do it better. That being said, you get Hellhounds tanks alongside Space Marine Bikers in a single detachment. You can do amazingly against other Horde armies which are usually such as Orks / Nids with these units. Bikes & Lighters (groan) also help out with the mobility of the army since you your Heavy Support & giant Troops units are often slow-moving.

  • Maelstrom Fleet Landers - Up to 3 Arvus Lighters which can act separately, not a squadron. Basically flying transports. While probably overcosted, especially if taking any guns, it does give the army the fastest way do deploy shit on the battlefield since you don't get drop pods. Just zoom them to where you need to drop off dudes and switch to hover mode to let them out. Easy, just think of them as drop pods. Then slap yourself HARD for spending so much ££££ on resin boxes.
  • Iron Hunter Squadron - For a guy who's supposed to pride himself on his bikes and have a long history of bikers in the chapter (the so-called Hounds of Huron), the addition of Skilled Rider and Counter Attack did a little bit to improve them in the legion. However they then traded this for access to an attack bike and can only take one special weapon per 5 men. Though they did get a points decrease in the recent Forgeworld update -- goddamn White Scars are cheaper, but it certainly lessened the blow a little bit, so are a viable unit rather than an insult to a chapter of good bikers.
    • Besides all of the above, they are the fastest movers in the army list so can turbo boost to claim an objective now due to 7h Ed rules.
    • They are possibly also your "other" melee unit though not a great one, they'll probably just get stuck in a fight they'll never win.
    • ALTERNATE TAKE - Take a full squad with two flamers and annoy one of your opponents mid-strength melee units at close range, but refuse to assault them in close combat, that's the point. Your opponent will have to suck it up and assault them instead, forcing them through unenviable twin-linked overwatch fire > flamer hits > followed by counter assault > then try to take out toughness 5 models. Even Howling Banshees might have a problem charging against this unit Either that or they attempt to slug it out trading ranged attacks with them and trust me: your army has bigger guns!
  • Auxilia Hellhound Squadron - 1-3 Hellhound Tanks (you can't take a variant). The standard Hellhound is a very handy infantry-killer. If they're not Marine-equivalents (and even they will be hurting once the wounds pile up and they start failing saves), and not in a transport, they will die. What's that? You opponent has Rangers/Heavy Weapons Teams/snipers holed up in a building somewhere giving your commanders and high-value units a hard time? The Inferno Cannon laughs at cover. The range of the IC means that you can expect them to hit enemy infantry starting on turn 1 (move 12", fire 12", cover another 8" with flame template). Ran in support of longer-ranged anti-tank weapons for popping enemy transports, Hellhounds can also serve to finish off units from disembarked vehicles. In 6th edition, Fast vehicles can now fire 2 weapons at full BS at cruising speed, so enjoy the possibilities of hull weaponry combinations.
  • Sentry Gun Battery - Tarantula turrets as Fast Attack WTF!? Regardless, lets roll with this. You get a battery of three immobile twin linked Heavy Bolters that have Toughness 6 and two wounds. With the option to add three more and swap them for a Multi-melta for free, or pay for TL assault cannons or TL Lascannons. Being automated, you have very little control over what they actually do in the battle, they select their own targets based on pre-set criteria, you basically just get to choose at deployment what their arcs are: 360 degrees but at 18" range, or 90 degrees at 36" range, so you're rarely going to be blasting things across the table with these things.
    • DON'T EVER mix and match guns or targeting criteria, nowhere in the rules do they say they deploy separately or behave any differently from any other artillery battery, meaning they should all be firing at the same target, which is still the one they select for themselves.
    • One benefit of the Forgeworld update was to give them access to Hyperios Launchers, which is what you should do, as you get to fling around krak missiles are air and ground targets. (An email to FW confirmed that Hyperios Launchers have priority targets of Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures... the rules didn't explicitly state this. Wouldn't want your opponent making them shoot the closest possible target)

Heavy SupportEdit

The meat and potatoes of the Tyrants Legion - after filling your compulsory FOC slots you should look here first. You get more options than ANY OTHER army since you get the entirety of the Space Marine codex to sift through and most of the options available to Imperial Guard players. This is also why your other FOC choices come off as bland, since marching your giant space marine squads forward while covered by Medusa/Basilisk artillery squadrons is pretty amazing.

  • Auxilia Battle Tank Squadron: Leman. Fucking. Russ. It's a big tank. Holds the proud title of best tank in the galaxy for its size and cost. Side effects include: Templates, lots of dice, lots of AV. Take in units of 1-3. While you don't get as many choices as the standard Imperial Guard however, the same tactics apply and you can never go wrong with a Leman Russ. In 6th edition, Leman Russ lost "Lumbering Behemoth" rule, and became a Heavy vehicle, instead. This means that you are limited to only 6 inches of movement. However, you can fire all your non-ordnance weapons at the same turn, as if you haven't moved, meaning that non-ordnance Russes (Exterminator or Annihilator) are made even more rapetastic, at slight disadvantage of Ordnance ones (Battle Tank). Remember this, and kit out your tanks accordingly.
    • Leman Russ Battle Tank: Though it comes in many flavors, the basic tank is the most useful. With its S8 AP3 72" gun and thick armor, it is good against anything for decent points. This is your runner-and-gunner, your go-to tank, and the majority of your Leman Russ pool at any time should be these. Kit em out with heavy bolters all around, or save points and go with no sponsons at all, since you are going to be forced to snap fire non-cannon weapons.
    • Leman Russ Exterminator: Armed with a 4 shot twin-linked Autocannon means this thing is death incarnate for 4+ armour and light vehicles. Kit it with 3 extra Heavy Bolters for beautiful infantry shredding. It doesn't have Skyfire or a Targeting Computer but you will still put a big dent on anything you do end up hitting.
    • Leman Russ Annihilator- The alternative to a Vanquisher, (which the Tyrant's Legion doesn't get.) While not as nasty when it hits, it is more likely to hit being twin linked and you don't get access to Pask. Use the same way as a Vanquisher.
      • Really think hard before taking though because the downgrade just sucks. You do need something to aim at opposing AV14 but if it's at all practical then grab a Thunderer which is far better rounded. You'd maybe take one of these to be the last Russ in a squadron when your out of HS slots but it still not great.
  • Auxilia Siege Defense Squadron - This is where the big guns start showing their teeth. Take in units of 1-3, mix/match to taste. (Probably a bad idea, maybe better to focus here since they all have mismatched weapon ranges)
    • Thunderer (Forge World): It's a Leman Russ chassis with hull-mounted demolisher cannon. Unlike the LR Demolisher it has no front or side sponsons. Obviously this is your Vindicator, and like all IG vehicles its all around better then its SM analog, due to the combination of superior armor and sufficient speed.
      • Unlike Thunderers in the Imperial Guard, these can be taken in a squadron. Which is a VERY scary prospect when you consider that lobbing three S10 AP2 pie plates on a unit will inevitably make it disappear. The problem is that they cost a bit more than vindicators and scatter their templates a bit more on average.
    • Basilisk Artillery Gun: Jokingly called the penis-enlargement gun by veteran Guard Players, the Basilisk is noted for having a really big gun. This gun is also known for being long-ranged, having the option for direct or indirect fire, and having AP 3 (meaning it can kill Marines in the open, or pummel Crisis Suits). However, having the worst minimum-range requirements has the potential to often relegate the Basilisk to being a direct-fire weapon, a task the Medusa tends to do better in most cases for a marginal upgrade in cost; this said, the Basilisk's direct-fire does have a longer range than the Medusa. Unless it's Apocalypse, you don't need more than 36" though, so get a Medusa, or a Leman Russ Battle Tank, which can do the same or even better job, considering that either way, you are dropping S8 AP3 Big Blast at the enemy within '72 at most.
    • Medusa Siege Gun: A pure direct-fire weapon, noted for having Strength 10 and AP 2, the Medusa is arguably the most popular form of Ordnance on account of its raw firepower. While having the same issues with accuracy most blast weapons have, whatever it hits will suffer on account of it. For those who wish to trade accuracy and flexibility for raw tank-busting firepower, the regular firing mode can be replaced with Siege Shells, turning the Medusa into a heavy tank hunter. With an AP 1 blast template, and the normal Ordnance bonus replaced by rolling 2d6 for armor penetration, the potential to kill enemy vehicles is incredible, and the threat of losing multiple vehicles to a well-placed shot does a lot to intimidating opponents into spreading their vehicles out. This said, like with the Devildog's Melta Cannon, the accuracy issues inherent with the Medusa mean it tends to work best in support of, rather than being the primary source, of ranged anti-tank.
  • Hydra Flak Tank: YAY, Tyrant's legion got decent Anti Aircraft! Shame it competes with all the ordnance. Back in 5th edition, Hydra was a relatively popular vehicle for a key reason: Providing dual, twin-linked Autocannons and a Heavy Bolter at an extremely efficient price, even before you take it's ability to ignore cover generated by Turbo-boosting or moving Flat-Out. However since the coming of 6th edition, Hydra became both very useful and useless at the same time. Increase in staying power of the fliers, Hydras are recommended to scare off those who try to exploit their new capabilities, since targeting computer rules still apply, making them an effective counter. Skyfire makes you snap-fire ground-targets, but you can still use it for it's intended role - destroying Skimmers, Jetbikes, and fliers. Or you can take an Aegis Defense Line or Bastion with Quad Gun/Icarus Lascannon instead, and get more range and firepower. Also you should notice that without interceptor rule Hydras cannot, well, intercept fliers. When a Necron croissant Fleet blast all your Hydras on turn two, you would realize, that Interceptor rule is REALLY a must for Ground-to-Air tank. However for 75 points, you really can't complain too much (not that you shouldn't, lack of interceptor IS bullshit). Jink Saves are annoying, you get to counter them, or Intercept. This is implied to be relevant to a thing called "Balance". So pick one.
  • Auxilia Fire Support Cohort - Similar to Imperial Guard heavy weapon squads, except manned by conscripts again, and you can take 3-6 weapon teams to make up for the poor accuracy with saturation fire. They also get the same unit champion as the Troops Auxilia unit, so they can regroup at under half strength. Unfortunately they compete for slots with much bigger and more accurate guns and a completely tooled up cohort can cost as much as those units which could generally perform much better.
    • They get mortars as standard, which if you get six teams allows you cover large areas of ground, but can take TL Heavy Stubbers, Autocannons, Heavy Bolters or Missile Launchers. Due to the lack of accuracy though, sticking with mortars is probably the option most likely to grant a return on investment.
  • Maelstrom Gunship Detachment - You get a squadron of 1-3 Vulture Gunships. This can be a fantastic option given the rise of flyers in this edition.
    • Vulture Gunship (Forgeworld):Essentially a 40k Apache Gunship, comes with strafing run USR, nose mounted heavy bolter, and 4 wing pylons that are divided into two sets of 2 pylons that give space for one twin-linked weapon (one pylon on each side) and one set of missiles. This machine is very modular, able to adapt to ANY situation; Green Tide getting you down? Well, instead of two twin-linked weapons, you can actually attach a twin-linked punisher cannon! The ammo boxes do take up the other missile pylons, but twin-linked and BS4 against ground targets means 18 shots hit instead of Leman Russes 10 (on average without Pask). I would personally recommend buying spending too much on all possible weapons and not gluing them in place - maybe use magnets or some other such method, just make sure you can change the vulture's armament easily to ensure it is never left wanting in a battle. Because the main strength of the Vulture is its adaptability.
      • Vultures are probably your best option, being both the cheapest and customisable to pretty much any battlefield role. Also, if you put it in a squadron with any of the other aircraft options it will never be able to use its hover mode.
  • Maelstrom Fleet Detachment - One of the following three aircraft as a single choice.
    • Thunderbolt Fighter (Forgeworld): The Imperium's standard for Fighter craft, this workhorse of the Imperial Small Craft Fleet is meant to be able to do any job asked of it, whether it be bombing, ground attack, interception, or air superiority. But it is a bit pricey, and properly kitted Vendetta or Vulture could do ONE of it's jobs better. But this neglects the true strength of the thunderbolt, sheer immediate versatility, while the Vulture can claim to be versatile, it's likely going to be kitted out to do one role on the battlefield, while a thunderbolt can do four simultaneously. But the place where Thunderbolts really shines is in Apocalypse, where they are the bane of superheavy fliers (be wary of Harridans, they'll laugh at your Autocannons and the Lascannons are at best only going to take one wound off.)
    • Lightning Fighter (Forgeworld): A nippy little air fighter, it defines the trope of "fragile speedster" with a small armament, paper-thin armor and only two HP. It is supposed to the cheaper and longer ranged companion of the Thunderbolt, carrying more missiles to compensate for a fewer number of guns to allow it to (briefly) pack the same amount of firepower, it does however, has serious survivability issues, and even the Big Shootas on an Ork Bomma will send one crashing down. And of course once it blows it's missile load it's firepower drops dramatically, but hey - do you expect this thing to last for much more than one turn?
    • Avenger Strike Fighter (Forge World): YES YES YES. Your dedicated AtG Jet Plane with a tasty Strafing Run rule. It comes stock with an absolutely useless defensive rear-mounted Heavy Stubber (can help knock a flying monster out of the sky tho...), two Lascannons, and the AVENGER BOLT CANNON, which is basically half of a VULCAN MEGABOLTER. This means it packs SEVEN Megabolter and two Lascannon shots at BS4 for only 150 pts, to ruin the day of anything with less than AV14 or a 2+ armour save. And if it's not enough, you could fit additional guns, missiles or bombs under it's wings. Do you really need any other reason to buy it?
    • Ignore Hellstrike missiles on all flyers, they are a Trap. Ordnance krak missiles? just using one will cause the rest of your flyer's weapons to snap-fire in the same phase. All shooting attacks are declared at the same time, so no leaving the missiles to last either to cheese your way out of it. Take Skystrike or Hellfury missiles instead and at least you are committing to either anti-air or anti-infantry.
  • Heavy Ordnance Battery - This is what you spend your points on rather than Basilisk or Medusa tanks. They are considerably cheaper than their vehicle counterparts, and do better in close combat because their crew can actually fight back as well as overwatch. This unit also does not suffer from conscript syndrome like the rest of the army, so actually has proper soldiers manning the guns.
    • Forgeworld updated these badboys and made them fantastic! Heavy Artillery units get T7 and 4 Wounds; a HUGE improvement over the Armour 10 / any glance will kill era of the past. Not only that but the changes to universal special rules means that if you take camo nets to give them Stealth, it also applies to any crewmen in the unit too. Did I mention you can take eight crewmen per gun for a total of 24 men and 3 guns in the battery?
    • Number crunching: For three points less than a basilisk you can get an Earthshaker, its Trojan and six total crew members, which altogether is far more useful, survivable and has marginally more firepower. The only problem is Forgeworld's prices, however, you can buy a Basilisk, put the Earthshaker on some sprue pieces and use the chassis as a Trojan.
  • Rapier Carrier Battery:- This IS the shit. Cheap in both points and money, it is treated as Extremely Bulky infantry like the Cyclops, but is a lot more fun. You DO want this in a Chimera, and you want it to fucking STAY there, because it can still fire its 36" S9 AP2 Ordnance 1 Laser Destroyer when inside. And the best part? The Destroyer is twin-linked. At 35 points and £25, why in the name of Slaanesh's self-removing pants are you not taking at least 1? (You don't have that many Heavy Support slots like you used to)

Legion Heavy SupportEdit

(Only one per Legion Cohort remember) - See Codex Space Marines Heavy support, a few options there that mesh quite well with the list, and remember that the infantry units can take Drop Pods:

  • Devastators - work exactly as from the codex, not really any point in getting them though since you can have the same number of heavy weapons in a legion cohort of 20 men and save yourself the heavy choice. Only worth it if you haven't got many auxilia units in your collection OR if you'd like to add in flakk missiles or plasma cannons. Also remember devastator squads can take drop pods and grav-cannons with grav amps.
  • Devastator Centurions - again, exactly as with the codex. Probably a bit outclassed by other options, though if you think outside of the box, the unit can be used as a non-melee bodyguard unit for your basic centurion or Huron. However, the Devastator Centurions do provide one of this list's few good sources of Grav cannons.
  • Thunderfire Cannons, while completely outclassed by most of the other guns that the army offers, it becomes quite a useful unit in a tyrant's legion since they have the three types of blast and the techmarine can come in handy by fortifying cover for your other heavier (and potentially stealthed) artillery and if you lose the cannon, you've still got someone who can repair your artillery vehicles and leman russes at the back of the battlefield since this is your only means of getting a techmarine/enginseer.
  • Spartan Assault Tank is one of the few vehicles that can carry your full sized astartes squads, is also a complete monster that your opponent will hate you for. For fewer points, you could just take a Land Raider or variant for the same purpose, just with decreased capacity.
    • As an alternative level of douchebaggery, you could put 25 auxilia conscripts in it to roll over those forward objectives, you get the FULL use out of the vehicle which you can't get anywhere else short of odd combinations of terminators & power armoured characters.
  • Land Raider between the Space Marine Codex and IA2: volume 2 the Tyrant's legion has access to every Land Raider variant. Since Huron can no longer take Honor Guard, a crusader/redeemer combined with a maxed out Retaliator squad would be a good way of running Huron, as it gives him an assault bodyguard and a delivery system. Obviously, this will get expensive fast.
  • Storm Raven Gunship if you don't own an Eagle or would prefer to put a smaller unit in a flying assault vehicle. Paint in Astral Claws colours for extra heresy.
    • You could even leave the corpse taker behind in the vehicle for that minty fresh nigh-unkillable-flying-6"-DOOM-Bubble that can deliver the extra point goodness reactively nearly anywhere on the table. This no longer work as before, it can still be done but don't rely on it.
    • If you feel bad about taking the Storm Raven and wasting its dreadnought capacity, Forgeworld's love of copy-paste mean they get access to Forgeworld dreadnoughts, so now you can combo them with some retaliators (OR the Corpse Taker just to be funny) it becomes a horribly expensive yet still very dangerous combination of gunship / assault troop transport nastiness.
  • Dreadnought (Chaplain/Siege/Mortis only) - Forgeworld love the copy-paste function of word processors, so the listed dreadnought types (and not the standard plastic ones because you don't get Masters of the Forge in the list) become Chapter Support choices in a Tyrant's Legion army. This is actually a welcome change as it allows you to put something in that Storm Raven if you had one, and are potentially one of your hardest hitters since you don't get access to Terminators, while Mortis Dreads give you a decent AA platform.
    • Furthermore, these Dreadnoughts get to take Lucius-pattern drop-pods as dedicated transports (this is in the options for the dreadnought itself, since I know the book also says the Lucius pattern pods are also Chapter support, because of copy-paste) This makes them some of your fastest deployable units, and a good choice if you took the Chaplain or Siege dreadnoughts with S6 AP3 Flamestorm cannons for alpha strike
  • Contemptor Dreadnought (Standard & Mortis) - like their smaller cousins, these ones can be added as Chapter Support also, despite only being Elites choices in normal Codex Marine armies! They are far more customisable than ordinary dreadnoughts and are slightly more survivable with their improved front armour and invulnerable saves. Like their smaller cousins they can also take drop pods to get onto the battlefield quickly too, but you might be less inclined to do this, particularly if you took the rapetastic dual assault cannon + missile launcher options.
  • Storm Eagle Gunship - Imperial Armour 2:2nd moved it into Chapter support properly. Though it excels in combination with Legion Cohorts since it has a transport capacity of 20 and can fling out pie plates with the rest of the army. Being an assault vehicle, it also works well in combination with retaliators or marauders.
  • Stalker / Hunter - Anti Aircraft if you don't want to fork out on forgeworld thunderbolts & lightnings (and we really don't blame you). It's a bit of a mixed bag, since you could get comparable anti aircraft output by using a fortification and therefore saving a Heavy Support slot for Leman Russes or Basilisks, but really this army doesn't have any AA options at all other than by getting their own aircraft.
  • Fire Raptor Gunship -IA2:2nd states that it may be taken by Tyrants Legion as chapter support. Includes 2 independently firing Heavy 6 heavy bolters, or 2 twin-linked autocannons plus a marine raping avenger bolt cannon (Heavy 7, Ap3). If you just want some flying fire support without the transport capacity, then go for this (Or a gunship squadron - you can get two of the gunships for the same price as this - but they are BS 3).

Super HeavyEdit

Since the Army Update was released TL can choose from the following Lords of War units:

(To field a thunderhawk or a typhon you must have at least one legion space marine cohort present of course)

  • Thunderhawk (Gunship or Transporter variants),
  • Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
  • Marauder (Destroyer or Bomber variants),
  • Gorgon Heavy Transporter,
  • Macharius Heavy Tank (or Vanquisher & vulcan variants),
  • Malcador (or Annihilator,Defender & Infernus variants),
  • Shadowsword
  • Minotaur
  • Baneblade
  • Banehammer
  • Banesword
  • Doomhammer
  • Hellhammer
  • Stormlord
  • Stormsword

For Apoc Games then:

  • Blood Pride Battle Squadron - One Baneblade (or Stormlord) and 4-8 leman russ tanks in any combination. Your Baneblade is now commanded by Space Marines and so gets BS4. Also as a minor bonus, all vehicles in the formation add +1 to vehicle damage results when shooting at the REAR of enemy superheavies.


  • Aegis Defence Line: Cheap means of getting a quad gun. You could camp the Legion Auxilia behind this, but their place is in front of the other infantry.
    • You can instead place either an Auxilia Fire Support Cohort behind this (to give the prefect something to do besides stand there)
    • OR place the Heavy Ordnance Battery behind this with camo nets and get access to 3+ cover saves, as well as having loads of interchangeable spare men to use the quad gun.
  • Skyshield Landing Pad: 4++ save, park here your vehicles that are just going to stay still and shoot on top of this thing. It can't be demolished, laugh as your Leman Russes (you took them, right?) rain death unmolested.
  • Firestorm Redoubt: While clocking in at double the cost of an aegis line with quad gun, it comes with more than twice the firepower so don't let it turn you off. It works surprisingly well in a Tyrant's Legion when you consider a few factors:
    • First, it offers your squishy infantry somewhere to hide and shoot out from, so it offsets the fragility of your crap auxilia.
    • Second, it gives you two separate Anti-Air weapons (they can target different targets) which is something that is hard to come by in this list unless you intend to start sacrificing Heavy Support Slots for it.
    • Third, it's special rule for always shooting at BS2 is largely irrelevant to Auxilia. So where another army might be better off shooting a quad autocannon at a more respectable BS, your army suffers no perceived penalty for relying on automated emplacements. You can improve this to BS3 with a Magos Machine spirit if you are really concerned about aircraft.


In a strange decision that seems to fly in the face of all other armies' ally choices, Forgeworld decided that the Tyrant's legion pissed everyone off so much that they can ONLY take Imperial Guard or Codex: Space Marines as Allies of Convenience. Nothing else... No desperate allies and certainly no battle brothers. The strong are strongest alone!

Though it does make Ally decisions quite easy since you will UNDOUBTEDLY have spare models for at least one of these forces lying around.

  • Allying with Space Marines is probably a poor decision unless you have something in particular in mind. Since you can pull most of the useful units over into your main force already without having to pay the HQ / 2-Troops tax. Though if you are looking for some fast attack and mobility to add to your army, it is certainly an option since your own Fast Attack are balls.
    • Also you get to further customise your Space Marine ally with Chapter tactics, letting you tailor your force to pick up some slack. White Scars in particular do exceedingly well here. (Remember that Mantis Warriors fought alongside Huron, and they were White Scar successors)
  • Your other choice is Imperial Guard, which allows you do spam MORE Leman Russes or Artillery. Give you MORE large units of BETTER infantry, and thankfully comes with BETTER options for aircraft in the form of Valkyries / Vendettas. Though taking this option may make you question why you are playing Tyrant's legion in the first place. (Space Marines in the army remember?)
    • Imperial Guard Armored Company is definitely worth a mention, since Vehicles units cannot be joined by characters and Tyrant's Legion have no real rules that carry over to them either, essentially bypassing the downside of allies of convenience. You can take 2 Leman Russ tanks as the minimum required 1 HQ and 1 Troop choices in this list, or go all out and take up to 8 Leman Russes and a squadron of Vendettas along with some heavy support goodness (artillery, etc). Plus the HQ and Commisar Elite choice tanks have BS 4 (Could proxy this as being crewed by Speess Muhreens). This leaves you with more space in the main list for Legion Support Choices or aircraft.
  • Your Third Choice is to not ally at all. Since you don't have battle brothers, there is no way to create funky combos by adding independent characters or sharing special rules or granting blessings through psykers. You could just play the army as it was meant to be played, and save those points for more infantry or tank saturation.
  • Your fourth option is to not actually play the pretty crappy TL list and instead play vanilla marines with guard allies (or vice versa). Clearly this loses all the fluff points but it makes for a radically more competitive army. If you've put together this army then it may pain you to forgo your special army list but if you're playing against more competitive lists this option at least ensures you'll get a reasonably good game. When you're playing for fun/fluff then play the legion list, when you're playing to win then it easily transfers into a more competitive list.
    • Also worth noting that in a friendly game most people will be cool to house rule the TL list to make it more competitive and while that's not really the purpose of this article you really aren't playing the TL for srsbsns games so, well at least it's worth mentioning.
  • Oh and you could just go Unbound which might or might not be useful but that is the thing you can do.

Building your ArmyEdit


Games workshop advocates it in all their codices, and I'm going to repeat it here: Start with an HQ, and two troops.

Remember that one squad of Legion Auxilia is compulsory, but they make excellent meatshields for more important parts of your army. In 1500+ games you must take a Centurion too, but he's cheap and you can use him to add some punch to a unit.

  • Good troop choices are:
    • Cohort with Flamer, Missile Launcher. Cheap (Assault on Black reach set) versatile, convert Sergeant to have a power weapon/fist for bonus points.
    • Cohort. Melta gun. Plasma. Rhino. You'll be eating almost any armor and punching holes trough TEQs with ease.
    • Auxilia Armsmen Cadre on a Chimera. Ride this guys behind the plasma-melta squad just mentioned, help them clean an objective then sit there while the Marines move on.
  • Nice Elites could be:
    • A big, scary unit of Retaliators with flamer to turn blobguardsmen into meat confetti, though your heavy support should be doing this.
    • A not-so-big, but twice as scary unit of Retaliators with a lascutter, on a Rhino. Send them against any tank and they'll eat it for breakfast.
    • Renegade Marauders with Stalkers could camp on your objective. Take Murderer Cultists if you want someone running at the enemy's exposed flank, otherwise Hereteks will make them way more survivable.
  • Good heavy supports are:
    • Auxilia Battle Tank Squadron, with 3 standard Leman Russes. Do I need to tell you how to use them? All right. Point at something you don't like on the board. Shoot. Remove the annoying scraps. Repeat.
    • A Maelstrom Fleet Detachment. I don't really know what to suggest you here, but I'd say 1-2 Thunderbolts are a good idea.
    • Remember: you can take one heavy support from C:SM for every Space Marine Cohort you have. If you don't want to buy Forgeworld models, you can always use Vindicators.