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Vorinclex, known as the Voice of Hunger, is the green-aligned Praetor from Magic: The Gathering's New Phyrexia. The leader of The Vicious Swarm, Vorinclex believes the best way to go about making everything submit to the glory of Phyrexia is simple natural selection: eating things.

Perhaps ironically, Vorinclex is not actually the power in his faction; he was originally a glorified bodyguard for Glissa Sunseeker, the real brains of the Swarm. The other Praetors, unaware of Glissa's machinations and probably thinking she was not fuckhueg enough, put the Tangle under Vorinclex's control. Glissa actually likes it this way, as she believes Vorinclex's predatory instincts are superior to her functioning brain. And people wonder why Elesh Norn is winning Phyrexia's civil war.

Factions and Praetors in New Phyrexia
Phyrexia Symbol.png Factions:
Mana White.pngThe Machine OrthodoxyMana White.png
Mana Blue.pngThe Progress EngineMana Blue.png
Mana Black.pngThe Seven Steel ThanesMana Black.png
Mana Red.pngThe Quiet FurnaceMana Red.png
Mana Green.pngThe Vicious SwarmMana Green.png
Mana White.pngElesh NornMana White.png
Mana Blue.pngJin-GitaxiasMana Blue.png
Mana Black.pngSheoldredMana Black.png
Mana Red.pngUrabraskMana Red.png
Mana Green.pngVorinclexMana Green.png
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