Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Stormwatchers
Warband Leader Kairn Golgarth (Dead)
Base of Operations Fort of Echoes (Star Fort)
Strength Unknown
Specialty Berserkers, Possessed Marines, Warp Talons
Allegiance Khorne
Colours Red with brass trim

The Voidrippers are the Stormwatchers who fell to Khorne and slaughtered most of their battle-brothers. Believing them all dead, they settled into their Star Fort and used it as a base of operations, until a certain Inquisitor and a surviving Stormwatcher invaded their fort and revealed that they had not killed all of their former brothers. Though the Inquisitor managed to shunt their star fort from realspace to the Warp, they invaded the Stormwatcher homeworld of Ascalon, alongside an army of cultists and rengades called the Goreforged, Bloodletters, Blood Slaughterers, and mutated beasts.

In the end, the Inquisitor and Grand Master Godfrey Magnusson killed the leading Chaos Lord Kairn Golgarth and banished the Herald of Khorne he summoned in a duel.

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