Void Lords

Void Lords
Battle Cry Liberate Tutame!
Number VIII
Successor Chapters Unknown
Primarch Graha'nak
Homeworld Relic Starfortress/Space Hulk Designated Void God
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours VoidLords Armor.png

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Summary of Legion VIIIEdit

Numeration: The VIIIth Legion

Primogenator: Graha'nak Cognomen (Prior and Alternate): Dominus Nox, Eyes of the Night

Observed Strategic Tendencies: Terror and Orbital Strikes

Noteworthy Domains: None

Alliegence: Fidelitas Constantus




Legion TacticsEdit

Terror, nomad predation style



Legion OrganizationEdit

Cult of TerrorEdit

The universe is a cold and uncaring place and in fighting monsters, Grah'anak realized that one had to become a monster if they wished to prosper. Mere mortals live in terror from the things beyond and the only way for them to move beyond this is through confronting that which they fear and overcoming it. To do this, they take some aspect of whatever it is into themselves. Further, terror reveals fundamentals of a person. Who you are when you are fleeing for your life is significant, it underpins everything. Their goal is to master that and transform that and purge panic through exposure to people's worst nightmares. Thus does the legion bring the gift of terror. Some cannot take it and are driven mad, but the Void Lords do not care about the many, they are here to liberate the few from their fears. Their Battle cry is Liberate tutame ex terrore "Free yourself from fear" Usually shortened to Liberate tutame "Save yourself"

Offshoot BattlegroupsEdit

The activities of the Void Lords post heresy are ambiguous at best. However, evidence suggests splinter fleets deploying independently of the Void God. These "chapters" are referred to by the name of their flagship, when known. Such fleets have also been known to set up regular supply pacts with various manufactorum and forge worlds.

>Battlegroup Event Horizon This battlefleet is lead by the Gloriana class Event Horizon, believed to be the same ship as the original legion flagship. Sightings suggest a strong occult interest in the fleet, with the craft festooned in atropaic gargoyles wreathed in warpflame. The Warriors themselves are no less odd, the battlefield wreathed in a sepulchral fog when they deploy, chanting hymns to the Emperor in high gothic. Inquisitors suggest that this is, in part, due to a higher than average concentration of librarians in the Battle group.

>Battlegroup Dawnflower The eponymous Dawnflower is believed to be a Second Sons battle barge captured during the heresy. Reports suggest that these astartes have an intense interest in light and dark, preferring to attack at dawn or at dusk and show a marked preference for bright weaponry, such as flamers, meltas, and flash-grenades. It is likely that this choice is cultic in nature, but this battlegroup is even more reclusive than most.

>Battlegroup Nicor This battlegroup is noted for their rapid assault tactics. They show a marked preference for jump pack assaults and drop pods. Once landed, they slaughter their way into the unprotected rear to wreak havoc. Such strikes are also usually coördinated with orbital bombardment.

>Battlegroup Terminus Est Centered around the dread world killer, Terminus Est, this battlefleet has been observed to field far more Armored vehicles than the average Void Lords deployment. It is suspected that this is due to the freer use of rad and chemical weapons.

Legion HistoryEdit

The Void GodEdit

Graha'nak was the last Primarch to be discovered by the Emperor, and was alone among his brothers in that he would never see the fields or skies of Holy Terra.

Cast far from the Seat of Mankind by the whims of Chaos, Graha'nak's vitro-pod struck the armoured hide of an immense Space Hulk. Known as the Void God by the local scavengers that, once every several decades, would have the chance to pick at its innards, the hulk was locked in loose orbit around an infant star, spending most of its time immersed in the fiery emanations of the star's formations and bombarded by gargantuan debris. Graha'nak's vitro-pod tore its way deep into the heart of the voidborne superstructure, and there the young Primarch would spend his youth. Where his brothers had parades and open skies, Graha'nak's existence was one of narrow, winding corridors, ruined bulkheads, and endless, oppressive dark.

Graha'nak adapted quickly to his surroundings, the cocktail of radiation emanating from both out in the void and from the still-beating reactors that littered the Void God assisting his rapid development into a creature of darkness. The young Primarch was not alone in the dark; the silent halls of the Void God were stalked by all manner of terrors known to only the most courageous and daring of spacefaring adventurers. Graha'nak learned to flee from them, to hide from them, to scavenge in their wake, and as he grew older and stronger, he learned to hunt them through the twisting arteries of the Void God, to terrorize them and isolate them, to bring them low so he could feast on their flesh and suck the marrow from their bones. The Void God transformed Graha'nak into an apex predator, a creature of shadow and death, without angst or fear or mercy.

The Primarch's first contact with civilization came during one of the Void God's clear sequences, when it cleared the debris field surrounding its parent star and it became possible to (somewhat) safely approach its surface. Graha'nak recognized the men that boarded the hulk as creatures like he had once been - scavengers, picking desperately at the bones of something greater than them, ever fearful of the dark and the cold and the slightest sound. They were like him, but smaller, and weaker, and lesser in all ways, but there was no contempt for them within in - the Graha'nak of those days did not have the swollen heart of a man; he had no ability for frivolous complexities such as contempt.

Great CrusadeEdit

The Great HuntEdit

The Eastern ImperiumEdit


>Nofr'atos the TravellerEdit

Like so many of his brothers, Nofr'atos stands in shadows dark as his plate. What is known for certain is that Nofr'atos was a captain in the favor of his lord, Graha'Nak. Stranded in the Sol Sector during the heresy, Nofr'atos lead the capture of the Second Sons world killer, Terminus Est. With this ship at the head of his small armada, Nofr'atos embarked on a self appointed mission of justice, razing the world that had betrayed their oaths to the Emperor. To this day, the Terminus Est is said to appear suddenly from the depths of the warp to pass judgement with strange and ancient bioweapons. Rumor suggests that an Oathsworn detachment protected during their censure by Nofr'atos provide these, but the survivors of the Terminus Est's revelations are seldom in a state to provide much detail, though legends of a figure in dark cataphractii plate, with a cape of human skin and a massive, bone handled scythe, descending amid shells that render life down to sludge to dispense personal judgement and the enlightenment of terror abound.

Legion EquerryEdit