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You weren't expecting to see these guys here, were you?

Victoria Miniatures is an Australian tabletop model company run mostly by just one person, Victoria Lamb, and as opposed to the deluge of companies making space marine parts, caters almost exclusively to the Imperial Guard. In particular, Lamb produces models and parts to proxy for some of the more obscure but characterful regiments that GW have effectively forgotten about (but all given some admittedly well done not-40k lore for extra insurance against GW’s lawyer vultures), as well as parts for female guardsmen that actually look realistic and sensible instead of looking like they belong on a Playboy-40k magazine cover.

Victoria Miniatures is also responsible for making the Monty Python Inquisitor miniatures, and is one of only two companies (the other being Zinge Industries) that makes a full tire conversion kit for the Imperial Guard Taurox, which is practically a must-have if you have any interest at all in making your trukk-tanks look respectable.

Victoria has also started to get into the vehicles scene with their upcoming Matilda tanks, modeled on the WWII British Matilda tank, and specifically made to count as as Leman Russ, complete with optional sponsons and all the Russ' gun options.

Obviously, most Games Workshop stores won't allow you to play with them, but most FLGS will, especially if the models are for a regiment that GW doesn't even sell anymore, like the Valhallans.


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