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Has done up some spreadsheets for 40K Army Building. If you're looking for him, you're probably looking for them.


4e Eldar Spreadsheet Statblocks update on the fly depending on model wargear.

A Shitty Necromunda Spreadsheet It has dropdown menus for selection of options, but it's pretty bare-bones.

5e Imperial Guard Spreadsheet (With Fast Vehicle bug fixed) Megaupload Mirror

4e Tau Spreadsheet (Updated to fix Ethereal Wargear) Megaupload Mirror

4e Orks Spreadsheet (Updated to fix the Stikkbombz/Shoota Boyz problem) Megaupload Mirror

5e Space Marines Spreadsheet Megaupload Mirror

Other SpreadsheetsEdit

Sheets made by other users. Might be useful.

4e Chaos Space Marines Spreadsheet - by Sommunist


Mahjong Rules Quicksheet (For the hell of it)