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Yo. I'm Not LongPoster (both in the sense that I am not LongPoster, the poster who wrote the original Knights Inductor story, and that I am the person who posts stories as "Not LongPoster..."). Feel free to leave feedback on my Talk page.

I used to have Not LongPoster as my username, but then I took an arrow to the lost my password. I eventually got it reset, but not before I had used this account extensively, so if you see anything signed or written by Not LongPoster or Not LongPoster Again, it's me!

Stuff I've CreatedEdit

Sometimes, an idea grabs me and won't let go until I've run really far with it.

Cool Stuff (not created by me)Edit

I made these articles, but didn't create the content -- I just took it upon myself to archive them here. I made redlinks here and then created the articles.


If you need something to do, you might look at what I intend to do for suggestions.