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Urabrask is one of the five Praetors of New Phyrexia from Magic: The Gathering. Unlike more or less everyone else affiliated in any way with Phyrexia, Urabrask is a total bro; apparently, red mana's association with freedom and individuality is enough to give even a fuckhuge Phyrexian warlord a shred of empathy. He also hates more or less every other Phyrexian faction, to the point that he sealed off the Furnace Layer and unleashed all sorts of predatory creatures outside the primary entrance to deter the other factions from bothering him. Jin-Gitaxias is rather paranoid about this; considering that Urabrask is also sheltering (or at the very least, ignoring) the survivors of the Mirran resistance, there is at least some cause for this.

Also, he may or may not be a compleated furnace dragon.

All good (and bro-tier) things must end, however, and Urabrask's realm was crumpled up, cut apart, and stitched together into something more suited to the glory of Phyrexia by Elesh Norn and the Machine Orthodoxy. Whether or not Urabrask himself survived is currently unknown.

In GameEdit

At a mere 5 mana, Urabrask is the cheapest praetor. Urabrask is the only Praetor that doesn't have a evergreen keyword ability printed on his card. Now you might say "But wait! He gives creatures you control, including himself, haste!" Well, that's not quite the same thing. He probably won't have haste off the battlefield. At some point wizards largely adopted a policy of giving a creature in his position "KEYWORD" and "Other creatures you control have KEYWORD". Urabrask didn't make it into this policy (maybe it wasn't around yet). In addition to giving your stuff haste, he makes opponents creatures enter the battlefield tapped.

Factions and Praetors in New Phyrexia
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