Underhive Gang Creation Tables

Over the millennia, countless Houses have risen and fallen within the Hives of Necromunda. Though rarely as powerful as the great Houses of Orlock, Escher, Goliath, Cawdor, Delaque and Van Saar, many have made their mark on the planet's society.

These tables can also be used to create Houses or gangs for another Hive World. Simply ignore the "Hive" table, and replace references to specific Houses, the Imperial Fists, et cetera with relevant equivalents.


Creation tablesEdit


When did the House rise to power? (d10)
1 Pre-M36 - The House arose back when the Imperium was at its greatest. Though it no longer exists, the House's legacy may still mark Necromunda.
2 M36-M39 - The House rose during tumultuous times for the Imperium - but whether it is still remembered or was forgotten in the chaos is up to you.
3 M39-M40 - The House held power during an era of stagnation and collapse, perhaps taking advantage of fallen rivals.
4-5 Early M41 - The House rose in the early years of the 41st Millenium. Only the most powerful Houses from this era will still hold control today.
6-7 Mid M41 - This House came to power in the middle of the 41st Millenium. If it was strong enough, the House may well have persisted to the present.
8-9 Late M41 - The House arose within in the last few centuries. Barring disaster, your House likely still exists and holds power and respect in its Hive.
10 Recent decades - Your House only came to power since the plague that destroyed House Aranthus, perhaps intending to take its place as one of the great Houses.


How strong is the House? (d10)
1 Critical - The House is on the brink of extinction, holding a mere few blocks of territory and only a few gangers. Without a miracle, it will surely soon be destroyed or absorbed by another House.
2-4 Weak - The House is at a disadvantage compared to its peers, though it continues to hold its own.
5-7 Significant - The House is strong and well-respected, finding success in both business and local gang warfare.
8-9 Powerful - The House is prominent in the Hive, known and feared for its influence and power.
10 Legendary - The House has attained truly great power, enough to rival the most powerful Houses of Necromunda. Power comes at a price, however, and the other great Houses may feel inclined to make alliances against the upstart in order to preserve their hegemony.


In what region is the House's power most evident? (d10)s
1 Balanced - The House spreads its power fairly evenly, controlling respectable amounts of territory, resources and underlings.
2 Numbers - The House commands the loyalty of a high number of followers for its size.
3 Territory - This House has a controls a larger-than-average section of the Hive - perhaps even covering multiple Hives, if it's big enough.
4 Influence - It's not what you know, it's who you know. This House knows how to make friends, and can command a good deal of influence throughout the Hive.
5 Wealth - This House has a lot of money for its size, and isn't afraid to spend it.
6 Resources - The House controls a lot of resources, which it uses as leverage on others and to run its own operations.
7 Equipment - The warriors of this House carry the best gear, with one of them being a match for three other gang thugs.
8 Reputation - It's better to be feared than to be loved, and this House has a notorious reputation that gives their enemies pause.
9 Health - Through access to resources, eugenics programs or survival of the fittest, members of this House are at their physical peak.
10 Diverse - Roll twice on this chart, rerolling 1s and 10s.


Who holds positions of power in the House? (d10)
1 Patriarchial - Men are the unquestioned superiors in this House, with women condemned to a life as domestic servants or worse.
2 Male-controlled - Though the women of the House are spared from a life of servitude, its leadership and gangs are composed exclusively of men, with women holding no real power.
3-4 Male-aligned - The House's leaders and gangs are primarily male, but women are not actively excluded from such a lifestyle, and particularly skilled or dedicated women can rise to positions of prominence.
5-6 Egalitarian - This House provides opportunity to men and women in equal measure, and their leadership and gangs have a rough balance of gender.
7-8 Female-aligned - Women hold most of the power in this House, but not all, with those men who excel able to become gangers or even leaders.
9 Female-controlled - While men in this House are granted a base level of dignity, they are excluded from leadership or from joining the House's gangs.
10 Matriarchial - Whether the menfolk are brain-dead weaklings or a laborer underclass, this House sees them as unambiguously lesser than the women.


Which Hive does the House call home? (d100)
1-40 Hive Primus
41-50 Hive Trazior
51-60 Hive Temenos
61-70 Gothrul's Needle
71-80 Acropolis Hive
81-90 Quinspirus Cluster
91-95 Another Hive (name it yourself!)
96-100 A ruined Hive (Hive Secundus, Hive Mortis, The Skull, etc)


In which industry does the House operate? (d100)
1-4 Animal breeding
5-8 Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
9-12 Construction and infrastructure
13-16 Cybernetics and robotics
17-20 Energy and power generation
21-24 Entertainment
25-28 Finance and investment
29-32 Fuel
33-36 Gambling
37-40 Information and records
41-44 Luxury goods
45-48 Manufacturing - machinery
49-52 Manufacturing - advanced tech or computers
53-56 Medicae
57-60 Metalworking
61-64 Mining
65-68 Recycling - organic (food)
69-72 Recycling - inorganic (scavenging)
73-76 Slavery and indentured servitude
77-80 Textiles and fabric
81-84 Trading and negotiation
85-88 Transport (within or between Hives)
89-92 Water and sanitation
93-96 Weaponry and wargear
97-98 Another product
99-100 Another service


What attitude do the members of the House hold? (d10)
1 Choleric - The House's gangs are aggressive, violent, stubborn and self-assured, relying on brute force to achieve their goals.
2 Melancholic - The House has a reputation for being insular and cautious, making careful analysis of situations before making their moves.
3 Phlegmatic - The people of this House are quiet, contemplative and hard to read or predict.
4 Sanguine - As far as one can be in Necromunda, this House is genuinely good-natured and diplomatic, while still keeping a warrior's edge.
5 Passive - This House's workers and warriors lack initiative on their own, but are highly responsive and will obey commands without hesitation.
6 Spiteful - The people of this House are paranoid, quick to anger, and hold grudges for a long time, trusting not even their own.
7 Individualist - The House's hands-off leadership has led to an independent, rebellious streak in its members, who will prioritize personal gain over the House's needs.
8 Familial - The men and women of the House are tightly-knit, considering each other family and working for the good of their brethren and the House as a whole.
9 Underhanded - Beyond even the deceit expected of underhive gangs, this House's gangs are known for using every dirty trick in (or out of) the book to give themselves the advantage.
10 Prideful - Even the lowliest Juve from this House looks down on the Leaders of other gangs, believing their membership in the House to convey an inherent superiority.


How does the House appoint its leaders? (d10)
1-3 Brutality - As with many others, this House's leadership is taken from the biggest bullies, with the strength and wit to muscle their way to the top of the pile.
4-5 War-craft - The House's leaders are selected from its greatest warriors - not merely the strongest or toughest, but the most elegant and tactically-minded.
6-7 Intellect - Raw intelligence and education is the metric by which this House's leaders are selected.
8 Business sense - Strength is nothing without money, and this House chooses its leaders from those with the greatest aptitude for profiteering from their chosen industry.
9 Intrigue - This House's internal politics are labyrinthine, and it is those who can best navigate this political minefield that are chosen to lead.
10 Zealotry - Pure, unwavering zeal and dedication to the House is prioritized in its leaders.

Unusual traitsEdit

What do the House's gangers do that makes them stand out? (d10)
1 Masked - For whatever reason, this House's gangs wear masks or helmets into battle, rarely - if ever - revealing their faces.
2 Body mods - Tattoos, scarification, or even augmetic body part replacements - the members of this House practice some form of body modification as a sign of membership or status.
3 Gaudy - Subtlety is for wimps! Members of this House eschew stealth or tactical gear in favor of bright, flashy colors or elaborate jewelry and accessories.
4 Trophies - This House is known for taking battle trophies from their foes, be they weapons and wargear or gruesome harvested body parts.
5 Talismans - Hive-worlders are a superstitious, cowardly lot. This House counters that with good-luck charms or other ritual talismans to ward off superstitions.
6 Heirlooms - Family lines are important to those of this House, and wargear is often passed down through the generations.
7 Gene-quirk - Members of this House can be recognized with ease thanks to a genetic quirk - be it merely unusual, such as pallid skin or purple eyes, or a full-on mutation.
8 Worker's gear - Gangers from this House wear or carry gear from their industry's workforce into battle, either as symbols of pride or improvised weapons.
9 Armored - Whether they wear mere riveted scrap metal or high-tech bodygloves, members of this House are never caught without protective bodywear.
10 Religious - This House has dedicated itself to the Cult of the Redemption, or another religious movement others disapprove of - an esoteric Imperial cult, a form of leader-worship, or perhaps even the Ruinous Powers themselves...

Allies and enemiesEdit

Who is the House allied with? (d100)
1-10 House Orlock - This House has an alliance with the "House of Iron", House Orlock. Reroll if your Industry is "Mining".
11-20 House Goliath - The House is allied with the muscle-bound brutes of House Goliath. Reroll if your Industry is "Metalworking", or your Demographics are "Matriarchy" or "Female-controlled".
21-30 House Escher - The House has an alliance with the chem-maidens of House Escher. Reroll if your Industry is "Chemicals and pharmaceuticals", or your Demographics are "Patriarchy" or "Male-controlled".
31-40 House Cawdor - The House is allied with the fanatical Redemptionists of House Cawdor. Reroll if your Industry is "Recycling - inorganic".
41-50 House Van Saar - The House has formed an alliance with the high-tech weaponsmiths of House Van Saar. Reroll if your Industry is "Manufacturing - advanced tech" or "Weaponry and wargear".
51-60 House Delaque - This House is allied with the unnerving spies of House Delaque. Reroll if your Industry is "Information and records".
61-65 House Aranthus - The House has an alliance with the mysterious House Aranthus - at least until their destruction by plague. Reroll if your Era is "Recent decades".
66-70 Another minor house - The House has formed an alliance with another of the lesser Houses of Necromunda. (Why not roll it up on these tables too?)
71-75 A Noble House - Somehow, the House has won the favor of one of the Noble Houses that rule over Necromunda - Helmawr, Catallus, Greim, Ko’iron, Ran Lo, Ty or Ulanti.
76-80 Underhivers - Be they diseased Scavvies, primitive Ratskins, or the Nomads of the Ash Wastes, this House is able to call on the aid of one of the anarchic communities of the underhive or beyond.
81-85 Merchant guilds - The House has an agreement with one of the Merchant Guilds that control the flow of resources within the Hive.
86-90 Bounty hunters - The House has a series of contracts with a particular clade of bounty hunters.
91-93 Adeptus Arbites - The law enforcement within the Hive have an "agreement" with the House, and will be more likely to look the other way.
94-96 Adeptus Ministorum - The religious authorities of the Hive look favorably upon the House.
97-98 Imperial Guard recruitment - The House is a favored source of recruits for the Necromundan 8th.
99-100 Space Marine recruitment - The House is a favored source of recruits for the Imperial Fists.

Roll twice on "Allies" if your Focus is "Influence".

Who does the House count as an enemy? (d100)
1-10 House Orlock
11-20 House Goliath
21-30 House Escher
31-40 House Cawdor
41-50 House Van Saar
51-60 House Delaque
61-65 House Aranthus - Reroll if your Era is "Recent decades".
66-70 Another minor house - (Why not roll it up on these tables too?)
71-75 A Noble House - The House has earned the ire of one of the ruling Houses of Necromunda.
76-80 Underhivers - A feud with the disorganized underhivers has led to a guerrilla war against the House.
81-85 Merchant guilds - One of the Hive's merchant guilds has set its watchmen against the House.
86-90 Bounty hunters - Perhaps because of a broken contract, the House has the enmity of a group of bounty hunters.
91-93 Adeptus Arbites - The law enforcement of the Hive has a vendetta against the House.
94-96 Adeptus Ministorum - The Imperial Cult within the hive looks unfavorably upon the House.
97-98 Renegade cults - The House is in conflict with a Chaos or Xenos cult.
99-100 Underhive creatures - Whether Hrud scavengers, mutant sumpkrocs, or a dreaded Ambull, this House has an ongoing feud with some of the beasts of the underhive.

Roll twice on "Enemies" if your Focus is "Reputation" or your Strength is "Legendary".

Other stuffEdit