Ulrik the Slayer

He's probably drinking buddies with a certain Ultramarine Chaplain and a certain Black Templar Chaplain.
The badass grandpa of the Sons of Russ.

Ulrik the Slayer, also known as Grandfather Lupus or the Guardian of the Sons of Russ, is the Wolf High Priest of the Space Wolves Chapter and an absolute badass. He is so badass that he beat these crazy murderous motherfuckers in melee. With his HANDS. He's basically that really awesome teacher who gets you through that really hard GCSE with an A*. In power armour. Wielding a plasma pistol. He was in fact so good at it that Angron himself saluted him. You know you are one awesome badass if one of the Daemon Primarchs pays respect to you for how killy you are, though will all these completely improbable feats he does border on being a Mary Sue, though he narrowly avoided it due to having a bit of character depth from being an awesome if flawed mentor. Ulrik first entered the history books when he was in the Wolf Guard of Lord Kruger (not THAT Lord Kruger, though it is entirely possible he had claws), and fought with him during the First (of a shitload) War of Armageddon. After Lord Kruger was slain Ulrik fought against the World Eaters like a boss, ripped them to shreds and shat on their corpses, and was offered with a promotion to Wolf Lord. But he decided to take an early retirement from fighting to teach as a Wolf Priest, teaching this well-known face around the Aett in the Noble Art of Getting Shit Done. As a result, he's the only person allowed to teach Logan Grimnar like a youngster. He has done the same for countless other members of the Space Wolves, and will continue to until he dies.

Then he'll become a dreadnought and chill with his homeboy.

Canon ConflictsEdit

Recent lore has put forth that Ulrik has Chosen and mentored many of the chapter's greatest heroes including Logan Grimnar and Ragnar Blackmane. By GW's own timeline this is impossible because by the time Ulrik was promoted to the rank of Wolf Priest Grimnar was already the Chapter Master. Additionally, In the novels written by William King the Wolf Priest who Chose Ragnar was named Ranek. Not much more to say here. Somebody made a cool priest character without looking at the lore first.

On the tabletopEdit

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Ulrik the Slayer: 145 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+/4++

On the tabletop Ulrik is a slightly killier chaplain than typical. He has a cool hat (belonging to Leman Russ). Like every wolf he has ATSKNF and acute senses, plus Fear, Fearless, counterattack, independent character, and the Slayer's Oath which gives him and all friendly wolves within 6" preferred enemy. For gear he has Crozius Arcanium, a plasma pistol, power armor and a wolf amulet (4++ invuln), frag and krak grenades, healing balms (grants his unit FNP 6+), and his Shiny Hat of Wolfiness that gives every wolf within 12" stubborn. Stick him in a group of puppies or Wolf Guard. He'll make them tougher and killier and with luck he'll do some damage himself. He's not much more expensive than a vanilla Wolf Lord, so it's hard to go wrong with him.

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