UH-1 Huey

Hey there slick.

"Daa-da-da-da-DAA-da, da-da-da-DAA-da, da-da-da-DAAA-da, da-da-da-daaaaaaa!"

– Richard Wagner, The ride of the Valkyries

The UH-1 Iroquois, or as it is more commonly known, The Huey, is one of, if not the most iconic helicopter of all time. Developed by the Bell company, the Huey served as the US military's principle rotary winged airframe for close to thirty years. This remarkable aircraft has been modified for almost any role you can think of, from assault transport to flying ambulance, to gunship.

In Team YankeeEdit

Airborne Stats
Marine Stats

In Team Yankee, the Huey comes in two flavours, peanut butter for the US Army and crayon for the US Marines. The Army Version has a slightly higher morale (at 3+) while the Marine version can carry an extra team.

The Army version is used in the UH-1 HUEY INFANTRY COMBAT TEAM list, which is meant to represent units of the 82nd Airborne Division, All Americans (meanwhile in the real world it was the 101st Airborne Division that used helicopters while the 82nd stuck with traditional parachuting out of planes but whatever...). The iconic whirlybirds are taken as part of a Huey Rifle Platoon, which starts off with 2 Hueys, 1 M47 Dragon Team, and 5 M249 SAW/M72 Law teams for 6 points. For an additional 2 points (For a total of 8) you get an extra Huey and a pair of SAW/LAW teams. In addition to the standard unit increases, you can also add an additional M47 Dragon team for a point, and up to 2 M60 GPMG teams for a point each, and finally you can add an extra Huey (for a total of 4) absolutely free!

The Marine version is utilized by the Marine Rifle Platoon. Instead of riding into battle in their AAVP7s you can replace the Amtracks with up to four Hueys for no cost, sacrificing the firepower of 2 AAV7s for additional mobility and the chance to lead your targets less.

Both Versions of the Huey carry a pair of door M60s, which have the special rule Door Guns. This means that they can only fire the turn the Huey has landed. This is meant to represent the door gunners providing suppressing fire as the troopers jump out. This reinforces the role of the Huey as a transport, not a gunship, don't go hunting with these things (until they have dropped off their cargo).


...Oh I Don't Give a Damn, Next Stop is Vietnam...

As you could probably guess from all the references on this page, the Bell UH-1 Iroquois was the iconic vehicle of the Vietnam War. It played a vital role in transporting American troops through the thick and otherwise impassable jungles of Vietnam, showing the world what air cavalry could do for a modern army. Despite its age it is still being used by the US Marines Corps (albeit a heavily modified twin-engine variant, the UH-1Y), though the army uses the more modern UH-60 Blackhawk, which like many things: was introduced in 1979 and so can appear in Team Yankee.

US Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: M1 Abrams - M60 Patton - M551 Sheridan
Transports: M113 Armored Personnel Carrier - UH-1 Huey - AAVP7 - Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Troops: US Mech Platoon - Marine Rifle Platoon - Huey Rifle Platoon - HMMWV Machine Gun Platoon
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