Tyranid Hive Fleet Creation Tables

Inspired by Fantasy Flight Games' Deathwatch role-playing game's Space Marine Chapter Creation Tables, these tables let you roll up (or otherwise generate) your very own Tyranid Hive Fleet. In the absence of any role-playing game featuring the Tyranid specifically, this table is more or less entirely for the purpose of generating fluff.


Hive Fleet ProgenitorEdit

What is the Hive Fleet's progenitor? (d100)
1-20 Behemoth
21-40 Kraken
41-60 Leviathan
61-70 Dagon
71-80 Moloch
81-90 Naga
91-100 Other Fleet/Separate Entity

Hive Fleet ClassificationEdit

What is the Hive Fleet's classification? (d10)
1-4 Planetary Infestation
5-8 Hive Fleet Splinter
9-10 Hive Fleet

Hive Fleet SizeEdit

How large is the Hive Fleet? (d10)
1-2 Tiny
3-4 Small
5-7 Medium
8-9 Large


What are the Hive Fleet's current goals? (d100)
1-20 Head for the light (Fleet is going to the Astronomicon)
21-30 Spread and Devour (Fleet looking for inhabited planets to feast upon)
31-40 Recover remnants (Fleet going to pick up leftovers from a previous fleet)
41-50 Rejoin the fleet (Fleet looking to pair up with their progenitor or a larger fleet)
51-60 Join the Octarian fight
61-70 Survival of the fittest (Fleet is hunting down others to pick up their Biomorphs)
71-80 Hunt down a target
81-90 Recoup losses
91-100 Voyage of discovery (Fleet is boldly going where no tyranid has gone before, to nom new cultures)

Strategic TendenciesEdit

What is the Hive Fleet's strategic tendency? (d100)
1-10 Synaptic Web
11-20 Avatars of the Hivemind (Lots of psychics)
21-30 Monstrous Horde (Nidzilla)
31-40 Unending Swarm (Gaunts and Rippers)
41-50 Stealth and Infiltration (Stealers and lictors)
51-60 Destruction from Afar (Shooty army. Hello 7th edition! Only shooty units are valid nowadays)
61-70 Death from Above (Wiiiiings)
71-80 The Ground Trembles (Going underground)
81-90 Corrode and Poison (Venomthropes, Spores)
91-100 Titanic Beasts (Biotitans)

Common BiomorphsEdit

What common biomorphs manifest in the Hive Fleet? (d10)
1 Chameleonic Skin
2 Feeder Tendrils
3 Acidic Fluids
4 Bio-Plasma
5 Adrenaline Glands
6 Regenerative Abilities
7 Toughened Carapace
8 Symbiotic Swarms
9 Rend and Slice
10 Other/Create one

Specialist Creature Used by the FleetEdit

What are the Hive Fleet's allies? (d100)
1-10 Genestealer Cult
11-20 Brainleech Thralls
21-30 Seeded Lictors
31-40 Ancient Mastermind (e.g. Swarmlord)
41-50 Psychic Vampire (DoM't-esque)
51-60 Ultimate Stalker (Deathleaper-ish)
61-70 Unkillable Beast (Old One Eye, but useful)
71-80 Parasitic Broodfather (Parasite of Mortrex)
81-90 Subterranean Hunter (Red Terror sort of thing)
91-100 Nightmare Fiend (Dagon Overlord-esque)

Those They've Failed to Eat Yet (AKA Rivals)Edit

What are the Hive Fleet's common enemies? (d100)
1-10 Canned meats (Adeptus Astartes Chapter)
11-20 Spam (Imperial Guard regiment)
21-30 Brain food (Eldar Craftworld/Farseer)
31-40 Viagra (Dark Eldar Kabal)
41-50 Rotten meat (Chaos-aligned group)
51-60 Rotten canned meats (Chaos Marine warband)
61-70 Blueberry pie (Tau Sept)
71-80 Mushrooms (Ork WAAAAGH!!!)
81-90 Assorted meats(Alien Empire)
91-100 Iron supplements(Necron Dynasty)

Credit to Singemeister for making all this stuff up!

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