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"Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?"

– Jean Renoir

Typhus, known as the Traveller, is a Chaos Lord of the Death Guard and the single most disgusting thing to permanently inhabit realspace in Warhammer 40,000.



A remembrancer sketch from when he was Calas Typhon. Somehow he managed to look just as grimy then as he is now.

Back in the heyday of the Great Crusade, Typhus was Calas Typhon, descended from the Overlords of Barbarus. He was the first normal human Mortarion ever interacted with on Barbarus, and the two developed a close bond of brotherhood during their war against the Overlords, such that Typhon was one of the few people Mortarion trusted implicitly. When the Emperor came to Barbarus and got Mortarion to pledge his allegiance to the Imperium, Typhon was among the first Barbarans to be inducted into the XIV Legion, the newly renamed Death Guard. Long before the Horus Heresy, Typhon, a hidden psyker, learned of the existence of the Chaos Gods from his good friend Erebus of the Word Bearers (slimy fuck extraordinaire), and sold his soul to Nurgle for advancement in the ranks, eventually becoming First Captain of the Death Guard and Mortarion's right hand man (it's possible it was before he even became an Astartes). He quietly helped corrupt Mortarion into the traitor camp behind the scenes, then took a chunk of the Death Guard fleet and fucked off to do his own thing sometime after Isstvan III, which really pissed Mortarion off. He spent most of the Heresy roaming the galaxy on his own, serving Nurgle's designs. Along the way, he got into several fights with the Dark Angels and also briefly met up with Luther and his faction of the I Legion. Finally, just before the Siege of Terra, Erebus instructed him to rejoin the main Death Guard fleet, since it was time for Mortarion to accept his destiny. Typhon planted evidence that the fleet's Navigators were closet loyalists and had them all executed. When a very annoyed Mortarion asked him how they were supposed to get anywhere now, Typhon said he could use his own psychic abilities to get them to Terra. Instead, he deliberately led the Death Guard into a trap and becalmed them in the Warp, where they were left at the mercy of Papa Nurgle, who unleashed the Destroyer Plague and Nurgle's Rot on them and their ships. The gene-seed within the Death Guard preserved them, but left them in a state of constant agony. Typhon's response to all this? "MOAR!" Mortarion tried to kill him in retaliation for what he'd done, but the Destroyer Host entered his body and kept him alive, and thus he became Typhus, Herald of Nurgle.

Over the following ten thousand years, Typhus has brought death and despair to the worlds of the Imperium, slaying those who would reject the love of Father Nurgle by sharing his foul gifts. Others kill themselves at the sight of such a diseased individual, or maybe it's because of the smell. Like plaguebearers, his mission is to hug every living thing; too bad anything he touches (read: walks within 20 paces of) becomes a semiliquid sloppy green slime. While there are many sick fucks in the galaxy, Typhus should be noted for being one in the most literal form imaginable; being able to liquefy normal men into corrosive disease-ridden slurry before he can make any friends.

While Kharn has a kill-count in the Billions, Typhus and his fleet have killed countless Trillions

He currently leads a large fleet, the Plague Fleet, he looted from papa, spreading the Plaguefather's gifts along his battles like a sick parody of Santa Claus.

He once defeated Huron of the Red Corsairs in a duel (Awesome!), but lost to Azrael of the Dark Angels (Seriously!?!).

Typhus participated in both the 13th Black Crusade and the Plague Wars.

7th EditionEdit

In the game he can be really durable, befitting for a Nurgle champion. With toughness 5, terminator armor, and 4 fucking wounds, he can weather over a hundred str 4 bs 4 shots with ap 3 or worse (in fact, since that's the profile for a hot-shot volley gun wielded by a Tempestus Scion, the exact number of shots (remember, it's Salvo 2/4) it takes to kill him on average is 108. However, he lacks eternal warrior, meaning a single dreadnought, Power Klaw (provided the wielder is S5), or Railgun can ruin his day in a heartbeat... even more so if you consider that his paltry scythe only hits at str 6 while leaving him at initiative 1 due to being unwieldy. It does have ap2 and daemon weapon but given the fact that you are paying over 200 points for this guy it's not impressive at all; regarding his psychic abilities, Typhus is mediocre at best, having only mastery level 2 and access to either the plague discipline or daemonology, neither of which really suit him. The one redeeming factor, and the reason most people take him, is because he turns your cultists into zombies. This grants them feel no pain and fearless at the expense of other upgrades, apart from getting more bodies. Awesome.

8th EditionEdit

In 8th edition Typhus becomes a little more durable and a lot more affordable, down to 175 points / 9 Power. His Toughness 5 is bolstered by Cataphractii Terminator Armour that gives him a 4++ Invulnerable Save, but halves the distance he can Advance (but not Charge!), and he has the same 5+ FNP as every other Death Guard, along with 6 wounds. Instant Death is no longer a thing so his paltry 5 Toughness isn't as big an issue (you need a demolisher Cannon to wound him on a 2+ now). Also gone is Unwieldy, and Manreaper gives him +3 Strength, for a total of 7, a buff over the previous edition, with 4 attacks. Other changes include the Destroyer Hive becoming a 2D6 attack Pistol weapon that only hits on 5+ (but includes Overwatch!), and Nurgle's Gift, which makes all Death Guard units within 7" of him (including himself) deal a Mortal Wound to enemy units in close combat on a 4+. He also buffs nearby Poxwalkers by giving them +1 Strength and Toughness. Lastly, still a Psyker: he can manifest two psychic powers every phase from Nurgle's Contagion discipline, and he knows Smite and two Contagion powers.

Typhus vs CadiaEdit


Creeping DeathEdit

Creeping death.png

Daemons and Chaos Space Marines working hand in hand for the betterment of the Imperium. As it should be.