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An abhuman species found only on the world of Verdant. Not that much detail is known about them, other than the fact that Verdant is a forest world and that they are unable to leave their planet because of.... reasons. Their scientific name, Homo sapien verdantus, could be translated from Latin to mean "pledge, vow, oath / green men", which gives us a hint that they might be plant people. This could at least give them an excuse why they can't leave their world, if they are physically or psychically connected to the planet's flora.

Due to their potentially tree-hugging nature, it is unknown whether they are as much of a bunch of prancing, prissy-little pansies as an Eldar Exodite. Who knows? Maybe they are a bunch of filthy PETA-humping vegans or badass Vietcongs on acid. They have as much information as the Neandors and Pelagers, as even the god-damned Longshanks get more screen time than these hobos.

Some modelers have taken a liking to the idea of tree people in the Imperium and have "modified" their Imperial Guard models by plastering on as much green paint or Green Stuff as possible. Others have viewed them as some sort of space Dryad, or an entire race of Poison Ivy look-a-likes, or even the Jolly Green Giant. At least we know they are still around.

Because of their plant-like nature, expect some levels of Monstergirl art to appear.