Training day

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The slender blade came down like an executioner’s axe, hard and true with all the strength the agile young woman could muster. A quick crossguard from her opponent and her blade went wide, not even gracing her skilled opponent. As she hasted to recover from her missed cut she felt the twin points of her opponent’s sabers nick her abdomen. She stepped back from the circle of combat and kneeled, defeated.

- DEFENSE! You must remember your defense!

- But you said always to seek a quick end to every combat, Master.

- Yes, but not at the price of your life! If you had been battling a wretched human and not me, you’d be dead and your mission unaccomplished.

The young woman’s cheeks blushed red from the shame of knowing she would have failed a mission if this was real.

- Again! Step in here and prove that time teaching you is time well spent!

She studied the tall figure that was her master as she stepped into the combat ring again. The only thing an outsider would have noticed (if an outsider ever got this far without being spotted and killed that was) was a figure wearing a cloak in the same forest colors of brown and green as hers, blending almost perfectly with the forest all around them and wielding delicate twin sabers with a deadly accuracy and grace unseen outside this most sacred land. Inside the ring again she readied her own saber and took a deep breath. This time she would get through her masters defenses. This time she would prevail.

The blades met time after time. Cut, parry, thrust, parry and cut again, the training session continued with none of the combatants gaining the upper hand.

- Enough!

Her master deflected her blade a last time as he called out the end of the session as the sun was setting, both combatants panting from exhaustion as they stepped back from each other.

- Your skills with the saber have grown considerably since last time. That is good. Tomorrow you will start learning how to use the blade together with the crossbow.

- The crossbow, master?

- Yes. It is the weapon favored by the Mage Hunters. When I first saw you, I knew in my heart that you had your calling as a Mage Hunter. I see the hatred you bear inside you, child.

- It is decreed that all who defile the life of our goddess shall die. I intend to uphold that.

The young woman’s eyes flashed a cold hatred at the subject of outsiders and mages. There were no more foul creatures than those who stole and defiled the life energies of the goddess with their magics.

- Yes child. They all deserve our coming vengeance. It is for that purpose, and that purpose alone I’m training you. Go back to the camp and get some sleep now.

- As you wish master. I will see you tomorrow.

- May Scyrah guide you, Eyriss.

- May Scyrah guide you too, Master Narn.

As Eiryss made her way back to her temporary camp, Narn remained at the combat circle, lost in thought. How many like her had he trained through the years? How many of his pupils had he lost? Ten? Twenty? Would this one be any different? As he sheathed his sabers he made a silent vow to push her as hard as he could. She would be different from the rest. She would survive; he would make sure of it. Even if he had to harden her by almost killing her by his own hand, she would be the one that survived.

Eyriss had discarded her clothes and now stood naked under the small waterfall, freezing water flowing over her lithe body, washing off the day’s dust and sweat. She felt the sting as the cold fluid rinsed clean the cuts and nicks she acquired in the training circle. Even though she had enacted a almost perfect defense her master had broken through her dancing saber many a time, always leaving a small nick or cut on her body as a reminder to get better. She ran a finger along a shallow cut over her left shoulder and down over her breast, feeling the sting yet again but choosing not to care. Somehow it felt good. Her first thought was that she felt good because her master had praised her swordsmanship, but quickly put that out of her mind. She felt good for an entire other reason, she knew. The chill of the melt water, cold enough to numb limbs of anyone not as trained as Eyriss ran in rivulets over her finely shaped body, giving her goosebumps. No, it wasn’t just the water making her shiver. She noticed that her finger had unconsciously wandered over her nipple, stiff from the cold water, and it felt strange. It felt forbidden.

It felt… good.

She stopped tracing her small wounds and as she put her whole hand on her breast she shivered as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Eyriss let out a slight moan as she let her hands massage her own breasts and taking her nipples, now as hard as stone, between her fingers and tweaking them. She felt a burning, no, a throbbing feeling lower down and let her right hand wander down over her well toned abdomen following her muscles down between her legs. As she touched her sex, now slick from both the cold water and her own fluids, she felt a sensation like every nerve in her body fired for a fraction of a second all at the same time.

Eyriss let out another moan as her hand explored her snatch, finding spot after spot where nerves fired and gave her a feeling of immense wellbeing. She slowly pushed one finger into her pussy and began pushing it in and out, faster and faster. Then another finger went in as she pinched her left nipple hard with her other hand. She now moaned loudly not caring if her master heard her. She couldn’t stop now. Her breath came out in short, ragged breaths and her cheeks felt like they were on fire. By Scyrah, It felt so good. So immensely good. She pushed yet another finger inside and it had only joined the others for a short moment when a sensation so overpowering that she almost blacked out washed over her. Her legs buckled and she fell down on her knees, into the freezing water. There she kneeled for several minutes as the sensation ebbed and flowed in her. When the sensation finally ebbed out for the last time she quickly looked around in hope that her master hadn’t heard her. No one there. Good. She staggered to her feet, stepped out of the pool and over to her clothes. She clad herself in her underwear. No reason to dress in anything more. Eyriss looked around a last time and when she didn’t see anyone she silently walked over to her tent and crawled in. She really wanted to feel that burning sensation again.

Well, maybe she had time for another try before she went to sleep…