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(As of Februrary of 2016, some of the information, either in part or in full, is outdated. Development of Tower Girls has continued on /tg/.)

Towergirls (or Tower Girls) is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure chart detailing a variety of waifus alongside the question of which one(s) the reader would save. It originated from a 'creative' /v/ thread where posters would fill in a meme, the subject of which was a knight bursting through a door with the text "Princess, I've come for you!". The subsequent panel would then be open to the interpretation of the artist. This meme is believed by some to have been inspired by the oft-posted comic depicting a knight rescuing a princess who is revealed to be a kobold. The artist for every major iteration of the Towergirls CYOA thus far (not including 'fan general', 'wyvern/horse princess' edits, etc.) is IP owner "Gats" who is seen a the keeper of canon for Towergirls (although he has stated repeatedly that the chart and perks are more suggestion than canon and can be interpreted any way you see fit) and better known for his work on Corruption of Champions. The person behind the "Princess, I've come for you!" meme is unknown. Furthermore, a Tumblr user called "Bupi" began a project to craft a figurine of each princess while a user called "FicFicPonyFic" created alternate costume variants.

So far there 3 generations of Gats lewd chart and he has shown no interest of making further editions, the gameplay elements of these charts are logical enough and will not be explained here. There are also at least 2 non-lewd charts: one by Gats, one by an unknown artist. As well as a great many fan princesses and even knights to choose from. A great deal of fanon, sometimes conflicting is collected here, feel free to add your own. Art of the princesses and the occasional knight can be found on the booru, discussion of princesses and the various ongoing fanworks can be found in /tg/'s Towergirls threads and on 8chan's dedicated /twgrl/ board.

Within the context of the chart, the "player" is a brave knight who rescues princesses/princes/generals who marry him/her. A large (and constantly growing thanks to a template) list is given, as well as rules for that list. Each option has their own Love, Lust, Wealth, and Power stats along with Likes and Dislikes. Each also has one or more Dowry options, most of which increase the appeal of that princess (compatible sexual organs, the ability to reciprocate emotion, the ability to live comfortably in the princess's environment, and so on). Some however have idols or companions instead of Dowries. Many in earlier incarnations have an army option, although this comes as both an advantage and a disadvantage at times (for example Ant Princess is very poor but has a very large army but they are loyal to her instead of you, or Fish Princess whose army cannot fight on land) although later versions dropped this.

Players may build a harem, or stick to one or two princesses for maximum benefit. Princesses come in multiple tiers, and knights come in multiple flavors (including "is a girl").

The game has far-reaching popularity, with boards like /co/ and /vg/ adding related Princesses (like Krogan Princess, or McDuck Princess) to their charts. Tumblr has also developed a Towergirls community of artists.

For those who claim the concept is sexist, one must remember that the game is essentially the often-praised romantic subplot of games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age but with all the pesky non-romance content removed. Also any animation. For now. Those who want to claim sexism are free to rule 63 anything on the chart using one of the items a Generation I Princess bestows.
Technically speaking there is a non-"harem builder" element as there is suggested risk in rescuing, empire-building, and actually getting romantic attachment between you. However, this is left to your imagination currently. It is left unestablished whether or not your peasants will blend with the peoples of the princesses.


Current VersionEdit

All three original Generations (60 princesses), the Generations and expansion packs the /tg/ and /twgrl/ threads have made (120 princesses), plus neutral companions and bonus rewards, all done. Once again proving /tg/ gets shit done, at least when somebody with actual talent helps out.


Gats identified a /v/ meme as the direct inspiration for Towergirls, although this itself may have been inspired by an earlier comic.

  • Possible Pre-Origin Inspiration

What may have started it all. The artist is "Guoh".

  • The /v/ Meme

The direct origin of Towergirls.

  • Continuation

After the initial popularity, the Guoh comic was continued by other artists to its...logical conclusion.

Gats' TowergirlsEdit

In continual development.


Soon, there were thought experiments, from whence all others sprang.


The general Generation 1 template.

Princesses come in three different types thus far. Generation I types have two Dowry items granting boons or powers. Generation II have an idol, which has a top and bottom representing the effects of worshiping or renouncing that idol. Generation III have a companion or companions of some kind (although in two cases this is just the princess taking up two spaces) and two bonuses, one awarded to wealthy Knights and one to powerful Knights. All Generations have a Lust Bonus attained for fulfilling their desires and being a dutiful husband. All princesses have a small crown, and appear in a chibi style. The description includes flavor text, the name of their kingdom (note that some share kingdoms), perks and disadvantages, and finally two fetishes/desires and one thing they will not accept or tolerate. All princesses have stats spread out 9 points between Love (their loyalty/maximum emotional connection), Lust (how difficult it is to attain their lust bonus/how dutiful you must be), Wealth, and Power (both representing the territory and military they bring).

Knights have a name (some like Ace have a specific name, others like Lantern Knight have a general name). All Knights have a helmet.

All fonts used in Towergirls are Bebas Neue and 04b_19. free download in See Also below.


The player character.

  • Ser Knight

Because the protagonist needs some love too, right? The Self Insert average knight depicted in the Meme and reimagined by Gats in various forms, the Gats version can be seen in the reward from Gen III for picking one princess and being loyal to her through all the generations.

  • Ace
A young, inexperienced knight at the begining of their journey.

Ace is an average human, the jack of all trades who gets to invest some extra points somewhere to specialize himself and is otherwise just your typical xeno-loving average to low intelligence human protagonist. Ed. Note: Ace is not the Canon knight depicted in the original meme, just a creation OC of a series of pictures featuring said knight porking every one of the first generation princesses currently being released by Markydaysaid for a patron called ACE

  • Arcane Knight
  • Bard Knight
  • Bash Knight
A fearful yet kind-hearted man from quaint village which has never raised a hero. His only goal is the safety of those in need.
  • Bear Knight
  • Berserker Knight
  • Black Knight
  • Bronze Knight
  • Cactus Knight
  • Cardboard Knight
A scribe from a small boring kingdom. With his mom's help, he's assembled a suit of armor to try and build his perfect OTP fetish harem.
  • Cat Knight
  • Ceramic Knight
  • Copper Knight
An eldrith entity possesing an ancient set of copper armor on a quest to discover what it is to be human. Also, booty.
  • Corpulent Knight
  • Cut Knight
  • Dawn Elf Knight
Is totally bro-tier but is also into "exotic, terrifying pleasures."
  • Deliquent Knight
A teenage knight from small town, he seeks to find his father, helping and rescuing those he can along the way.
  • Demon Knight
Warrior of a demonic legion, this infernal knight is searching for worthy opponents to test his skills.
  • Desert Knight
  • Desperado Knight
  • Dog Knight
  • Dragon Knight
  • Druid Knight
  • Edge Knight
A man living permanently on the edge, he seeks blood and pain in battle and can't fathom why would anyone think being an edgelord is anything but serious business.
  • Fairy Knight
  • Forge Knight
  • Fungus Knight
  • Gold Knight
A mysterious knight who wears his wealth upon his sleeve. Who would trust this guy?
  • Gonne Knight
  • Green Knight
  • King Knight
  • Kobold Knight
  • Lantern Knight
  • Lich Knight
Powerful, charming, clever, dexterous, funny, talented, undying, wealthy... he just doesn't have any flesh.
  • Man-at-arms
An average rank and file soldier that somehow got contracted to save the princesses despite the likelihood that he will fail and die horribly.
  • Martyr Knight
  • Mimic Knight
  • Mouse Knight
  • Mul Knight
  • Peasant Knight
A rookie knight from the Endless Fields. Short on experience, but he possesses the potential to one day be a real hero.
  • Plunder Knight
A knight from the high seas who seeks to add "Savior of princesses" to his resume of "Explorer" and "Treasure hunter".
  • Pointy Knight
  • Punishment Knight
  • Ram Knight
  • Red Knight
  • Revenant Knight
  • Sad Knight
  • Scissor Knight
  • Silver Knight
  • Skull Knight
  • Time Knight
  • Tribal Knight
  • Trickster Knight
  • Turtle Knight
  • Valkyrie Knight
A heavenly heroine sent by a pantheon of warrior deities, this knightly femme is more than a match for any monster that crosses her path.

Generation IEdit

The first generation of princesses are held by the first Dragon Princess, who most likely wants to eat them. You are a young knight on your first quest, armed with a sword and a bag containing an assortment of chocolates shaped like penises (no, you aren't allowed to ask why) and have a magic wagon to carry the damsels formerly in distress with. However it only holds four things (regardless of size or weight) other than yourself and a single dowry belonging to the first princess you save, so you must decide whether to fill each space with a dowry or a princess. Any princesses not rescued will either die or be rescued by other knights, you don't know which unless you persuade Dragon Princess 1 to marry you in which case the remaining princesses simply await rescue. Or starvation. Likely rescue. Dragon Princess 1 sits in a cave with her treasure hoard, while the other princesses are to be found in towers arranged around DP1's tower. A Mimic can also be found imitating princesses within. The rules of princess-rescuing (which is universal to all sapient life) involve them giving their dowry to you, to use as you see fit. After rescue, as you spend time with the princess(es) and indulge in their various desires, you build their "lust" stat and upon maxing it out you receive an item or bonus from them (as this happens after rescuing, the cart is not involved).

As you rescue the princesses, your single (very, very small) fief grows as their (usually small) kingdoms/territories are added to it.

It should come as no surprise, considering the (rumored) origin of Towergirls, that Kobold Princess is the first and arguably the most well-known princess as well as mascot. Given that she is a Kobold, you most likely get access to her people's trap-making skills when they are added to your kingdom.

Despite the naturally vicious, domineering, and unintelligent behavior shown by most fantasy Kobolds, Kobold Princess has only ever been depicted as cheerfully affectionate (and lusty for the warm-blooded body of the Knight).

As for her actual sex; donut-butt Noill/Sunibee style buttsecks and tail-pulling, while avoiding getting fluids on her horns. Weirdly, she's been depicted by some as only being interested in vaginal sex when it's her breeding season, and otherwise not wanting to fuck at all.

Kobold's first Dowry is the Red Candle, which sets another lifespan (it is not stated that it must be a person's) to your own. This can potentially incentivize a Princess who can (or wants to) hurt you to be more careful, or else let you take a Princess like Golem or Zombie out with you if that would give them a Good End somehow (or you're a dick). As she's traditionally depicted as having a lifespan a fraction of Sir Knight's, it's presumed most will use it to ensure she'll grow old with them in a long, happy, sex-filled life, as opposed to dropping dead of old age before you've been married for more than three years.

Her second is Warm Ore, which produces a strong aura of heat. This can potentially be an item to aid in your murderhoboing Princess rescuing, or enable princesses who are not fond of the cold like Kobold or Dragon Princess 1 to be comfortable in more frigid kingdoms (such as that of Yeti and Dragon Princess 2).

Her Lust Gift is the Gemstone Plug, which can only be removed by Knights. While the most obvious use of this is of course just as a buttplug (that could cause septicemia if you forget to take it out of a Princess before going on another adventure), there is potential for other uses. Maybe sticking it in a wine bottle and giving it as a gift to an unpleasant priest or king?

  • Human Princess

Because vanilla isn't a bad flavor. Human princess wants babbys, and fits into a more traditional idea for heirs. She's also quite wealthy, although you must earn that wealth by producing babbys for political marriages. She's the basic stay at home wife, does the cooking for the whole castle and family while worrying about her weight. That being said there is the key line in her flavor text that reads "The official princess of the human race. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and raised to be a housewife. She longs for a life of adventure." This implies that in spite of her upbringing she may in fact desire to go on daring adventures and become a proper hero. It is possible this desire for adventure comes as a result of her foil knight princess, who while lacking a proper kingdom of her own, seems to regularly engage in adventure and daring exploits. Given that knight princess is generally not recognized as the "true human princess" (save by her band of loyal knights) it is highly likely that this envy goes the other way as well, with knight princess envying human princesses good fortune and silver-spoonhood. It is most probable that the two possess a strong rivalry as a result of this mutual envy and are simply beginning to break into song and engage in wild life-swapping shenanigans (assuming of course a good knight were to save them both and ensure they played nice).

With enough time, effort training and patience (soooo much patience) it may be possible to transform this former damsel into a daring adventurer in her own right. Alternatively, if she is shown too much too fast, she may grow quickly disillusioned with adventuring, longing for the comforts of home and a well cooked meal. It is likely that if the knight does not expose her to this gradually she may lose her budding taste for adventure altogether and thus become the typical housewife everyone wants her to be.

She's into BDSM and belly-ejaculation, but don't get it in her hair or you'll be the one being tied up and beaten.

Her first Dowry is the Heir's Coin which will give you a substantial amount of wealth for every child you produce (it does not specify it must be with her however).

The P'Orc Bone allows you to alter the size of body parts. The uses should be obvious, but also exploitable.

Her lust gift is the Mithril Rings which function as portal devices (insert tired video game reference here) where something put in one comes out the other end, allowing for anything from instant communication from anywhere in the world allowing you to run your kingdom from abroad, fast and easy transportation of loot, and...having sex with your spouses from a distance which is all most players would use it for.

  • Insect Princess

Insect Princess is an ant-woman, although she lacks the large egg-laying abdomen one would imagine a queen to possess either due to her age or a reproductive style more befitting a biped. Despite this her abdomen is still sensitive, and "spacious". You unfortunately must compete with other males even after marriage; stepping out of the room for five minutes may require you to slaughter more suitors upon returning to your throneroom than Odysseus vanWinkle after a vacation. She's also mostly interested in sex for the result of babies rather than pleasure (although that does not mean she sees the two as mutually exclusive).

Fancanon suggests Insect Princess is in fact far more clever than Sir Knight suspects; behind the image of a small-minded giant ant woman eschewing tea for the entire sugar bowl is in fact the head of The Family, using the dimwitted but loyal Knight as the face for her shady empire ten times as large below the ground as what sits above. She enjoys giving oral and has no gag reflex, likes squeezing genitals between her first pair and second pair of arms, and HATES any "waste" of semen. Get that in an orifice!

The first Dowry she offers is the Pheromone Cluster, which makes the development of cells and fluids instant (allowing one to eliminate the refractory period between ejaculations, as well as other effects like healing wounds and the like).

Her second is the Shining Egg, increasing the gestation development rate of your offspring by 10 times making pregnancies much shorter. Taken for those who want a brood, or perhaps don't want to wait a decade for their Dragon or Elf Princess to give birth to their firstborn.

Her Lust Gift is the Royal Jelly, a pleasant-tasting substance that increases the hourglass features (bust, ass, thighs and hips) of the being who eats it. Eliminate your own Hank Hill features and make your lovers look like they came straight out of Wakfu!

  • Skeleton Princess

2Spooky/2scary is a fetish, right?

Created by the Necromancer of the Frozen Church kingdom alongside many other siblings to form his "family", Skeleton Princess was the oldest and spent the most time with him in his earlier days of reading the vast collection of the ancient Dragon (possibly ascended-goddess) Freya, and when her father's attentions were elsewhere she would sneak into the hidden library of erotic literature collected from all races of the world, from the archeological texts written in the age of the great Human empire depicting Orcish Grunting Totems to the diaries of multi-generation familial love of the Rabbit Men. After developing a libido she only understood in the abstract and had no means of satisfying, Skeleton Princess convinced her father of the importance of reestablishing contact with the world of the living. Being sent as a diplomat to the High Forest Kingdom, she reunited with her Zombie kin to establish an embassy where she made an impression both for her sweet words that promised that the living had nothing to fear from her citizens, and behind closed doors for the emotional trauma inflicted when unsuspecting diplomats were ambushed by a naked skeleton proclaiming herself to be "under their indecent spell" or "broken by their masculine wiles" as she forced their unwelcome erections into her obturator foramen while the Zombie Princess watched with glazed interest and a disconcerting look of hunger. As a result the Skeleton Princess (in every incarnation) combines a very high libido with a lack of the necessary...organs to enjoy it in the traditional manner, although for some reason she seems to enjoy ANY form of stimulation due purely to psychological reasons, including dick in eyesocket. Good luck, mate.

While her appearance is spooky, she is depicted by most artists to be coquettish and affectionate as well as eager to please you in any manner she can, all while hamming it up. If you can give her a body, she'll happily use her new boobs in any way she can think of (but if you're willing to indulge her, would still enjoy rubbing you with her sternum regardless). With or without skin she's not fond of butt-touching (probably bony in life as well as death). She's also got a sense of humor, enjoying both hearing and telling jokes of all kinds although encouragement may lead to an unending stream of puns when she runs out of good material.

It has been suggested she is Scottish (or the setting Scottish analogue).

Her first Dowry is the Soul Dagger, which allows you to swap the appearance of any two people. Not very useful for sex unless you have some plan to make a third party take a backseat while you and Skeleton Princess play your games, but can be extremely useful for more stealth-oriented Knights for rescuing as you slip past mooks looking like one of their own and for intrigue in your court if you can knock out an individual and ask around looking like them to see who's in on a plot against you.

Her second is Dorian's Painting, which makes you immortal with the conditions: a) the painting is intact, functioning as a phylactery or b) long as you do not see it due to it depicting you as you would naturally look like and the sight causing you to become what is shown (probably a dessicated lifeless skeleton after a certain point). Due to different versions of the referenced story existing, different interpretations exist of the rules this Dowry in the fan community. Fan canon involving the Necromancer is that he paints the portraits, although there's a problem with that in that you get this before you ever meet him unless it's just that he makes the magic canvas.

Her Lust Gift is the Humming Stud, which allows both partners to feel the same sensations; no more sadly staring at the teacake while the rest of the harem sips and snacks at noontime, and if a rescue goes bad you can always go for some numbness from her! Also, sex. Obviously. Works for other partners as well, in case you ever wanted to know what having a Breath Weapon or being made of slime felt like.

  • Slime Princess

More talkative than one would expect given that early on in Towergirls history an anon made a Tumblr blog for her. Fancanon is that she's a bit of a bully to your other wives, especially Skeleton Princess, thanks to the manner Bupi posed her in group pictures. The eye-patch looking thing in Slime Princess is actually her core which in scientific terms contains all of the specialized structures within her, or for a more magical interpretation is her soul. She was originally an ordinary princess, although her soul/brain was encased in a gem under unknown circumstances. Her body over time turned to slime, and the gem became the core while her original skeleton remains inside of her. She still retains the personality of a princess along with her new slime urges. Slime Princess enjoys using the unique properties of her body, like splitting into multiple copies of herself, shapeshifting, growing or shrinking, and dipping into the gourmet world that comes with being able to dissolve and digest almost anything. Sexually speaking she also enjoys the fact that her amorphous body allows anything to become an orifice from foot to forehead. Sexual fluids are also something she's immensely fond of, being something pleasing to her human and her slime urges. That being said, hold your bladder or your skeleton will be joining hers... Although eating you or anyone else is not a danger in Gat's sheet, various artists have presented it nonetheless; in fact the addition of her having once been a human seems to contradict it as a possibility. Include it at your discretion however.

Her first Dowry, the Life Pearl, will let you give objects sentience; while not exactly exploitable sexually, this item has quite a bit of potential for meta-thinking and combination with other Dowries such as Mermaid's Trident.

The second, Supple Moss, allows the user to stretch their body safely past its normal limits. This would allow smaller Princesses to lay with larger Knights, although it can also let you become Trojan Man!

Her Lust Gift is the Vibrating Goo, which "never stops moving". Use your imagination here (like an unlimited power source, or...stick it up an orifice. Yeah, that works).

  • Mermaid Princess

A kinky, bubbly mermaid who has discovered the surface world and become obsessed with butts bipeds. She enjoys butt stuff, particularly "hotdogging" (the act where gentials are rubbed between buttcheeks) and breatheplay. Even if you can't provide her with a pair of legs, she possesses a scale-free bubblebutt. She's not into feet however as that's a bit too alien for her. Pretty much useless outside of water in her natural state, but her Dowries each compensate for one of her two weaknesses.

As an added perk, her hobby is to dive for treasure giving a potential secondary source of wealth.

The Glass Conch Dowry allows you to create bubbles of water for her so breath, or for any other purpose you can think of like surviving a trek through the desert or putting yourself out if Dragon Princess 1 sneezes.

Her second, the Humble Trident, will give her or any other princess (or person in general) a human form. This can be an easy fix to Princesses normally not sexually compatible ("Who's laughing now, Dragon Princess!?'re supposed to stop laughing, dammit!").

Her Max Lust item is the Moist Cloth, which can be rubbed on someone to make them "wet". Whether this is magical or simply because she handed you a wet towel and you thought it was special is open to interpretation.

  • Knight Princess

Your horse, or hers? No seriously, take hers. One of the other princesses probably ate yours.

With the original Towergirls lineup where only one princess is chosen, taking Knight Princess resulted in going on a crusade and eventually dying in battle without a permanent home. That is no longer a thing, and instead she simply comes with a loyal band (who will not put up with your cheap shit if you aren't everything Knight Princess wants and more). She herself is very loyal, and a very skilled warrior. She's also got a small chest which she is self-conscious about apparently.

Knight Princess got a backstory with the addition of the enemy Boss Dragon Knight. Two generations ago, there was another Tower event and Knight Princess's grandfather, Prince Knight, rescued her grandmother and had a child. The Dragon Knight of that era, a human who rescued Dragon Queen (then Dragon Princess), killed all the other Knights and Princesses of his era in a dark sacrifice to empower Dragon Queen leaving Knight Princess's parent (unspecified if mother or father) an orphan. Dragon Knight was not made king as the Dragon Queen had no respect for him, and although it is possible he fathered the Dragon Princesses of this generation it's also possible they are from other men as Dragon Queen had her own harem while Dragon Knight was cuckolded time and again. By rescuing Knight Princess, you must fight and defeat Boss Dragon Knight at some point in the future to avenge her grandparents and honor the Towers. It's not known how Knight Princess would interact with the Dragon Princesses. A second version of the story exists, where Dragon Queen and Boss Dragon Knight are ancient beings mythologically synonymous with death itself in every culture in the world. Her grandparents were recent victims, and her swearing revenge is made much more daunting.

Knight Princess is one of the Princesses most likely to come with you in rescuing others. She is portrayed as a strong independent woman but isn't tsundere about it, although it's unspecified how she feels about your likely polygamy (she may end up with her own harem of Princes on the side for all you know).

Her first Dowry is her Grandfather's Sword, which guarantees victory over evil. No, you aren't allowed start calling chastity evil. Theoretically, you can use this weapon to easily render much of the rescue process assured (although not necessarily easy, and not everything that is an antagonist is evil).

Her second is the Knights Crest, which commands the loyalty of any other Knight you have beaten in battle and spared. Suddenly, Towergirls goes from waifu-simulator into a teamkilling game...this can actually be used with Boss Dragon Knight to make him your subordinate.

Her Lust Gift is the Lover's Handkerchief, which makes both lovers FAR more aroused the longer apart they are. This can be combined with Human Princess's portal rings to great effect, if that's your thing.

  • Harpy Princess

Shiny-stuff loving Harpy who is a cute motherly (and lonely, emotionally vulnurable) type who is capable of carrying her Knight for aerial sexing. However, the risk of her getting distracted by her magpie-like disposition and dropping him mid/post-coitus is listed as one of her drawbacks. She is extremely protective, and may in fact make it safe for you to leave your harem alone to go rescue princesses. She actually enjoys laying eggs, although she's also turned off by messy sex.

Harpy Princess's first Dowry is the Golden Feather, which grants you the ability to fly (it's unspecified if by wings or Superman-style magnetic howdoesitwork).

Her second is the Phoenix Ashes, which upon your death will bring you back to life as a Harpy (jury is out on if you retain your gender and become a bird-person, or are now for sure a female).

Her Max Lust Gift is the Swan's Down, which allows you to lower the age of anyone it is used on. It's possible you can become eternally youthful while still getting a tan this way, although that is only interpretation.

  • Boy Princess

Because we want Pixiv interested too! Boy Princess is, as you would have guessed, a small ladyboy in a dress. Not even a Prince technically, he is simply the "Princess" of a large number of peasants who consider him royalty (whether as pop-culture royalty or as a literal royal remains to be seen). He will not maintain his youthful feminine appearance as he ages, thus those interested in him for a...particular fetish may want to consider an age-affecting Dowry from another Princess. Those picking him gain rulership of a very large population of poorly trained but profitable farmers. Boy Princess is into "Poor Little Farm Princess" style sex, including large insertion and bukkake and hates being in a dominant role. For those not interested in him for actual sex with him, it's possible to allow others to take part instead of yourself. Note that it's not stated he is gay (or is any Princess given sexual orientation), making Boy Princess the most important Princess for his Max Lust item.

His first Dowry is the Plentiful Horn, a cornucopia which somehow affects the aging of living things. This is entirely open to interpretation on its use and effects.

His second is the Haystack's Needle, which makes non-combatants into trained soldiers (making this "princess" one to consider for more than just...that fetish).

The Max Lust gift is the Rooster Bell, which swaps the sex of a chosen being. Useful for straight male Knights who want his Dowries or to sex one of the Gen 3 companions who is not in their interest range, and for straight female Knights is mandatory.

  • Orc Princess

Rough, rowdy, big-butted she-Orc who considers Sir Knight "her property." She has the heart of a conqueror, and earned her title not by being the daughter of some Orc king but instead by removing the head of anyone who challenged the title and made it watch from a pole as her horde of followers and worshipers pillaged and destroyed the defiant fool's people.

By marrying her, you have simply decided that you are making yourself her property rather than any traditional oath of equality and sharing. While there may be a route to get her to see you as her king rather than her servant and champion, it's a rough one that entails being her equal in battle as well as proving an equal competence in pleasuring her. That does not mean however that you can simple get on top and make her your property with a large penis; you must actually prove competent in using it and everything else available to you.

Despite this she is more interested in smaller lovers than larger ones, possibly because it's more impressive when they can do as she desires, and she's not fond of tusk-touching. Seriously, don't ask if you can touch them. It's awkward.

She also has no interest in monetary pursuit or possession, instead seeing HER (your) kingdom in terms of land controlled, amount of submissive and useful underlings, and useful things like animals and armaments of war.

Her first Dowry is Primordial Dust, which will give you the strength you need to be by her side in both in battle and bed.

The second is the War Manual, which makes every fight give loot! The munchkin's dream...

Her Max Lust gift is the Grunting Totem, an object that passively makes everyone around it aroused. Perfect for the victory orgy!

  • Dwarf Princess I & II

A pair of Dwarf women, the bearded one (Dwarf Princess II) is the oldest child and only daughter of an ancient Dwarf King who had hundreds of children, while the beardless one (I) is the youngest daughter of a similar King from another part of the world. Both are industrious creatures fond of drink (so don't even TRY and outdrink them) who are quick to violence if they do manage to reach intoxication, and find shaving anything to be abhorrent (and thus have a likely similar fetish with Drider Princess for hairy men). II has a beard more impressive than any Dwarf, while I is short even for a race of short stature. Both are very self-conscious when stripped of clothes and like rough drunk sex.

I's first Dowry is Fungus Vodka, which makes the imbiber serene and also think everything around them is much larger than it is (so, basically a way to assure sex that won't result in you having two black eyes and internal bleeding).

I's second Dowry is Dire Brandy, which gives you the ability to see through clothes. Not exactly the most useful thing unless you're a voyeur.

I's Lust Gift is the Golem's Belt, which makes the submissive partner in a relationship unable to remove themselves from the dom's genitals making the dominant partner in complete control. Whatever you do, do NOT let Orc Princess get ahold of it.

II's first Dowry is the Sleek Collar which makes the wearer become VERY masculine.

II's second Dowry is the Slick-Cologne, which makes the wearer become VERY intelligent. These two together may seem great, so long as a Knight can keep their pride under control.

II's Lust Gift is the Sly Comb, which has the power to make everyone aroused. Somehow. Mustaches must be magic when you marry a Dwarf...

  • Amazon Princess

Not just a wild woman, but actually a giant (not quite 80 feet tall though). She will hug you, and squeeze you, and love you, and call you George! She is specifically as large and powerful as a Dragon, and with the unspecified sliding scale of princess sizes this could mean somewhere between 7 feet and 20 feet tall (raising the question of how the fuck did she get captured in the first place?!). A bit further in the scale of domination than Orc Princess, Amazon Princess will use your body as she desires without any input from you until she is satisfied.

She is extremely jealous and is not willing to share you with anyone else. She will simply place you within her cleavage to travel (or get you away from grabby Princesses). This possessiveness has changed from incarnation to incarnation, however in general she simply will attempt to use her strength and size to ensure you only belong to her and is willing to fight anyone and anything to get her way. She's also got hips for miles...almost literally.

Her first Dowry is the Lion's Pelt, which makes you impossible to track. This is more useful for ambushing or for sneaky-knights, although its use is limited in rescues.

The second is the Ivory Sweat, which will make you her equal in size and might. This is VERY useful not only for dealing with her on her terms, but also if one wishes to romance the Dragon princesses on their terms.

Her Max Lust item, the Beastkin's Mantle, will allow you to shapeshift into any Dire animal. This is useful not only for those who want a more wild time in the sack, but is extremely useful for rescue tactics, can enable the knight to survive the perils of romancing Mermaid and Harpy, and so on.

  • Ghost Princess

You mean Skeleton Princess can get nakeder?

The incorporeal Undead of the Necromancer's army, not interested in tomes they could not turn the pages of, wandered in a ghastly mist of pilgrims across the landscape of the mountains north of the High Forest Kingdom eastward. During their travels a single ghost wound up at the center of their congregation, drawing the others through the force of strong personality and will in the otherwise sleepy and listless vapors drifting in the direction of the wind. Her living past was no longer a part of her, save the desire for a large garden. This alone however, the act of moving with intention rather than being moved only by the winds of the frozen hills, was enough to draw the others to her. Although a mute due to the fact her mouth was sewn shut before her death for reasons no longer known by any still in the world, the others came to know her desire and scant recollections as they had few of their own and exchanged them with each other wordlessly.

Those who did recall things sought to please their new Princess (a title granted by a royal servant of some lost land who only remembered caring for one in life). A tailor who only remembered the last dress he ever created wove a replica out of the hair of the spirits of women who tended to the Ghost Princess, phantasmal miners killed while digging for metals and gems gave their last haul to a jeweler who's throat was cut by a thief that worked them with purpose and presented incorporeal jewelry rivaling those in the hoards of Dragons to her. The memories of lost lovers who's recollections of the flesh had not faded, those of gluttons who still recalled the tastes and textures of food and drink, those of layabouts who lived in the moments of sitting on a bench and smelling the air carried from fields of flowers and the bakeries of towns all made their recollections available for the pleasure of the Princess, as fresh as if she was really there. Upon finally reaching their destination, the chateau estate nestled in the foothills of the Necromancer's mountains where the family of a merchant in her throng had all perished at the same dinner from a cask of poisoned wine intended for another family. Here they tended the gardens and retook the overgrowth before setting up court within the manor, still containing the original furnishings while wayward spirits brought luxuries from foreign lands as they joined her massive duchy. Every entrance from fence to door is locked and bolted with powerful chains, although this is designed to keep the living away rather than spirits. At night even the average mortal can see the great eternal party where the contented dead rest from their wandering to swap stories from their lives and dote upon the glorious Princess at the center of the subtle celebrations. Humans who attempt to enter the Garden are often ignored, or pushed out by a thousand unseen hands if they offend. Would-be thieves simply vanish, and the Paladins of humanity do not consider the calm and peaceful haunting to be evil and thus leave them be.

As mentioned above, Ghost Princess was not a princess who died but rather is the Princess of Ghosts elected by the people. This makes her quite a bit more legitimate among the undead community and makes her backstory much less tragedy and more potential. Ghost Princess is completely mute, and if angered can pull some spooky poltergeist shit that'll turn your hair white no matter how many otherworldly abominations you've faced; so unless you fancy a clown doll and a tree forcing themselves on you, conduct yourself like a gentleman.

On the other hand, then there's THIS headcanon; THIS

That being said, Ghost Princess is extremely clingy; if you can find a way to give her corporeal form, either through her own Dowry or others, then she'll be unwillingly to part from you and anyone else she's fond of. She'll remain cold to the touch, although Kobold's heating rock can mitigate that. Even if you don't find a way to touch, she's perfectly fine with watching others and will please herself. While she may not be envious of your flesh, she IS of your ability to speak; she's not fond of loud noises, so no banging banshees and don't tap on piano keys.

Dowry #1 is the Bride's Veil, which allows thoughts to be heard. While the obvious use is to allow Ghost Princess to speak, there's something to be said for using it as a Lasso of Truth.

Her second Dowry is the Moonlight Glass, which allows something to become selectively corporeal as its main use is to make ghost princesses body solid for you it can also make you able to not be corporeal making you a ghost and be with her that way as it can go either way

Her Max Lust Gift is the Desire's Mirror, AKA the Mirror of Erised; look in it, see what you want. While the uses for this aren't readily apparent, from an in-universe perspective it would allow the Knight to figure out what the Princesses want.

  • Golem Princess

She's your little ימאָרטאַל שיינע.

Golem Princess is functionally immortal, being impervious to almost all physical damage possible and as a result is most likely (unless you become immortal) doomed to a Bad End herself as she will remain by your side and protect you, even as you rot in your grave and the last stars of the universe fade. So watch your health, okay? Otherwise, she can run out of power requiring you to wind her back up again.

Golem Princess is actually the first Golem to be created by other Golems, making her the first true "born" Golem and has the personality of Rule 63 Baymax (or maybe a more humble Drossel von Flügel) in that she is curious of the world around her and possesses the capacity to actually show initiative and learning.

Golem Princess's first Dowry is the Clockwork Heart, which turns a living being into an automaton. While the most obvious use is as another way to make yourself immortal, although there are potentially other uses. A popular theory is in making the Princesses that make up Primeval Princess into a multi-part giant robot like Voltron, or to turn the Dragon Princesses into sexy mechas.

Golem Princess's second Dowry is the Eternal Key, which reduces fatigue when it is cranked. Useful for sex obviously allowing for the knight to have unlimited energy, but also has non-romance applications as the knight no longer needs to sleep, and can keep walking/working/fighting so long as they remember to turn the key on themselves.

Golem's Max Lust Gift is the Mystical Hole; a magical pocket masturbator which can sync with another thing to give them the sensation of a vagina. While the most obvious use is to give Princesses like Golem or Skeleton a way to feel sex without turning them human using Mermaid Princess's Trident, it can also be used if you ever had the fancy to give males an understanding of the female side of sex.

  • Succubus Princess

Desert-dwelling demoness. She has mastered all forms of the erotic arts, specifically those of dancing, and has a massive harem of both male and female lovers that she has collected. If you pick her, you're her bottom bitch and just one of her fucktoys (which is mostly a case of role-reversal. Not so fun now, is it? Well, maybe it still is, just a little bit. Or a lot). Fortunately, her route no longer typically costs your soul to end up toppin'. You DO however have to become knowledgable about sex yourself, because that position is one you must fuck to keep. She is more than capable of killing the knight via Snu-Snu, whether from immolation caused by an orgasm or from exhaustion in the desert heat.

Her first Dowry, the Sun Diamond, is the opposite of Kobold's Warm Ore as it produces a cool breeze rather than heating up the area. Useful in keeping yourself comfortable around the warmer princesses, and also useful to keep comfortable in hot situations. If your Really smart you could combine the two to make an infinite Stirling engine.

The second Dowry, the Shade Brace, creates a copy of a living thing. Twincest is wincest, plus what better way to fake your own death and kill false mock gods?

Her Max Lust Gift is the Desert Oil, which allows you to morph limbs into other body parts. Ever dreamed of being a shapeshifter? Well, if that dream included having a cock for an arm you're in luck!

  • Goblin Princess

Originally a lusty green breeding-obsessed slut and one of the few princesses who actively encourages you to fuck other women, so long as you knock them up. Later this was mostly-retconned into her being a fairly normal girl who wants a fairly normal relationship, who just so happens to live in a kingdom with the above mentality.

Goblin Princess comes from a race specializing in the enslavement of other races, who have a high sex drive and rate of reproduction along with minimal restraint. Goblin Princess herself is an oddity, desiring a monogamous relationship (despite being in a constant state of arousal and desire to become pregnant). This makes her one of the princesses that requires most of your time dedicated to her, surpassed only by Dog Princess. Her people come with her, ensuring your kingdom quickly becomes populated by a race of horny little bastards who would give their lives to bring any pleasure desired by their princess. As a result, she's quite haughty and may irritate other persons of importance in your kingdom, although her playful and affectionate demeanor may also endear her to them. Fancanon suggests that at max lust, she is open to polygamy as she views other princesses as HER wives.

Goblin Princess's fetishes are playing with male testicles, and becoming pregnant which mostly requires you to have a family before her Gift is yours. Masturbating however is a surefire way to anger her. In these regards she is similar to Insect Princess.

Her first Dowry is the King's Crown, giving you the CHA bonus needed to make any wife accept you sleeping around, which is obviously quite helpful in a harem game (and mandatory to take Dog Princess).

Her second is the Breeding Contract, a Goblin custom that makes any being you impregnate your property. This can be used in a variety of evil ways, but the main use is being able to turn the tables on any dom princesses.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Stud's Draught, which gives you copious volumes of ejaculate that can impregnate anyone. ANYONE. Don't ask how it works, but thanks to Goblin alchemy you can make babby with a fleshless skeleton, a robot, a Lovecraftian horror,incompatible species and even other boys. Consider it the ultimate purity of mankind, and give those Dragons the middle finger (except the princess ones of course). Can be used with other Dowries to ejaculate a fortune of gold coins to make Dragon Princess 1 happy.

  • Drider Princess

A sweet and gentle Drider girl who everybody is terrified of because she's half-spider, Drider Princess lives within the "Cold & Dark Kingdom" where various horrors and mutants have been driven to from the cruel outside world for their nightmare fuel visages. Drider is VERY lonely, and rules over her aberrant people while wishing to make a better life for the denizens of the dark coldness of the Cold & Dark Kingdom.

Marriage to Drider Princess has an unusual curse/perk. You will be SURROUNDED by her smaller spider minions, at all times. They're on your back, behind you, on your shoulders, in your hair, inside your armor, on your horse, in the hay you sleep on, and outside your window (to be fair, he built his web while you were reading this page). These spiders are hers however and will not bite you. In fact if you can overcome your own fear you can use them to intimidate your foes as well as have some little tailors on hand if you tear your cloak or have a hole in your underthings.

A quick, simplified description is needed of spider sex. Keep in mind there is much variation in behavior and anatomy in different species, so this only covers the average practices.

Male spiders approach a female they wish to mate with, and the female either shoos them away (males are none too-persistent when the much larger females are not welcoming) or approaches him in a position where he has access to her lower body. Most species of spiders have the female accepting males based on the hairiness of their legs (why isn't known). The male deposits his semen into a small silk pouch, and then uses his pedipalps (the small arm-like digits on the sides of his face, which males and females (who posses smaller ones) normally uses to hold prey) and pats it into her sexual vaginal opening, called an "Epigynum". Spiders usually have two epigynums, which may have finger-like digits that cover them or a more familiar "hood and lips" covering. As she lays her eggs, the spider's sexual vagina passes semen through a tube into its second pair of vaginas, which exclusively lays the eggs. While it's generally believed that females eat the males after breeding, it's actually only true for most species that they do this under conditions of extreme stress. The same situation that researchers would see them usually breeding in.

So yeah. That's how you shag. At least you get an extra choice of orifice! On a related note, the anus is located in the same region as the spinneret. Drider Princess is, in all size charts, just a bit larger than Ace (the average human), making her approximately 7 to 8 feet tall via her larger lower body.

Hope you're trusting that she's relaxed, because her fetishes? Bondage and sensory deprivation. It's not specified if she's exclusively the dom however. Just don't get anything in her eyes (so no facials) or you may wake up in another session with no clue if it'll be a happy ending, or a bad end.

Her first Dowry is the Octagonal Amulet, which allows you to grow extra body parts so you can grow eight legs and be a spider too! ...or have eight penises... Interestingly, you could actually utilize this to grow a second head. In case you ever wanted that.

Her second is the Amethyst Gossamer, which allows you to pick the Max Lust Gift of any princess and keep it without having to save them. Get Boy Princess's Rule 63 item, Goblin's Drought that allows you to cum buckets and actually reproduce with Drider Princess regardless of questions of genetics, and so forth.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Silk Robe, a comfy garment that increases your sensuality, which interestingly due to vagueness of the statement both means that it will heighten sensation experienced and sensation given. Perfect for almost any princess combination.

Early versions made her rather dangerous to the other princesses, but this is now gone.

  • Mimic Princess

Wait, when did we get two Human Princesses?

Mimic Princess is quite literally a Dungeons & Dragons-style Mimic mimicking the form of a "former princess" - it's left to headcanon whether this means that she ate the Princess originally in her Tower, she molded her appearance on the form of a dead/married Princess she saw on a coin or a portait in order to lure Dragon Princess into kidnapping her, or if she just used to share her dungeon of origin with a princess and learned to mimi her form after she was rescued long ago. In all cases, it's generally accepted that she takes humanoid form for the same reason normal mimics feign being chests; to lure "canned food" (foolish knights) close enough to eat them. She was originally a comedic Bad End choice which became a legitimate princess later as people became interested in the idea, with fans expanding more on her than any other original character concept giving her a very multiple-choice experience on who she is and how she develops.

Canon from Gats is that Mimic Princess is three Mimics, one being her "hair" who is the best actor of the three, one being her "body" who has trouble not drooling over yer meats while close, and the final is her "dress" which will function as a traditional Mimic and eat any hasty and lustful Knight that tries to get under her dress before learning her name. Mimic #3 also functions as her first Dowry item (that is to say, Mimic Princess has an infinite amount of space within her dress to store objects and will willingly return them un-digested like a cartoon character if you give her two spaces to herself on the cart during the rescue). Fans have depicted romantic liaisons with Mimic (where the Knight isn't eaten) not involving Mimic #3, and the official Gats image of Mimic Princess wearing the "Pasties" reward doesn't have Mimic #3 in the picture at all.

Popular fancanon is that the three Mimics that Mimic Princess is made of share a hivemind granting her advanced sapience the average low-INT Mimic would normally not have, and that the Mimic "kingdom" is just a large number of Mimics naturally drawn to her that are then influenced by her mental state and degree of learning. The original idea for her kingdom, the "Big Large Kingdom", was a bad lie similar to having a "supermodel girlfriend from Naggaroth Canada" which the gullible Knight would believe, although some people have interpreted it as her clumsy description of the dungeon delve she was abducted from. She brings absolutely no Power (let's face it, columns of bouncing treasure chests and doors on horseback shouting orders would be silly), has no Lust (making attaining her Max Lust Gift a major time investment), and no starting Love ("cheating" is probably more of a broken diet than a broken heart however). The plus side to this she is extraordinarily wealthy, coughing up ten and more dungeons worth of treasure from that growling gown of hers!

Further fancanon is the increased intelligence the three "she's" possesses comes with more advanced shapeshifting ability, meaning the normally asexual aberration Mimics can indeed become properly female (rather than just imitated externally) for you and can be sexed (whether you can produce offspring, let alone intelligent offspring, without the aid of the Goblin Princess is in doubt however). She dislikes the Missionary Position, likely because it excludes Mimic 1 and 3 from the act. Her main fetish is "roleplay" referencing her Mimic nature, although some anons interpreted this as her wanting to learn what you have to teach about being (Knight's race here) making most part of Sir Knight's building of the Lust meter simply civilizing her from an animal that lies in wait for decades for a Kender to come close to instead being a sophisticated lady. Mimic's second fetish, "vore", can also be taken different ways depending on how you want to play the game. It could be you'll go through more servants than a slumming vampire nobleman as she eats anything other than (or even including) you, or maybe she just responds to high-quality food with affection and can be weaned off of manflesh with bacon at Hobbit-style meals at Hobbit-style times. Your choice.

"Okay, let's pretend the duke and his wife are coming over. What do we do?"


"No! No no no, we..."

"...talktoguests. 'Such fine day, was nice opera, have some cake.'"

"Right! Then-"


"...yes. Very good, then we eat cake...NO WAIT, I'M NOT CAKE!"

Further fancanon says that an evil Knight will end up with their realm mostly made up of Mimics, the kingdom becoming a hellish landscape of eyes and mouths on every surface with giant pulsating organs replacing trees while a good Knight teaching Mimic to be a proper maiden results in the people under the royal Mimic discovering items that appear overnight which their lives easier, like new bins in their homes that consume waste, elegant and unbreakable chairs which pull themselves out, and even peasants having beautiful mirrors which make pleasant smalltalk about the weather.

Mimic's first Dowry is the Wonder Chest, which has unlimited space for belongings. It may be possible that you can fit a building and amenities inside, providing you with a home away from home and the ability to bring your family/army wherever you go (as long as Mimic #3 behaves herself anyway).

Mimic's second Dowry is the Theater Masks, which when worn switch the fetishes of both parties. This item is a must for any Princess who's fetish is unpleasant to you, ironically including Mimic herself (game-breaking for the fact type 2 Pirate (the mature version) has enjoying anything for BOTH her kinks, allowing you to give one of those to any Princess allowing you to do anything at all you want to make both happy). Disliked things still apply, so giving Skeleton Princess a fetish involving her posterior will result in no nookie (or maybe a secret shameful forbidden fantasy they will masturbate to and feel a little disgusting afterwards for thinking about).

Her Max Lust Gift, the Growling Choker, makes the entire body of the wearer into an erogenous zone. While the immediate uses are sexual and for use with difficult to please Princesses (or for hungry Princesses like Slime, Dragon 1, and Mimic if Bad End is your Magical Realm) it could also be used offensively against foes or torture victims. Barring a Princess's door or withholding the locations of the Deathapault plans is much less likely when everything hits like a football to the groin.

  • Dragon Princess

The ever popular, ever drooling, fire-breathing first Dragon Princess. Dragon Princess 1 is the youngest daughter of Dragon Queen, the master of the Grand Tower Kingdom (and she is possibly also the daughter of Boss Dragon Knight, royal nanny and butler) and being the baby of the rather large family has resulted in her having the ambition to stand out from the rest. Dragon Princess 1 wants to have a larger (personal) hoard than any Dragon before her. However, she has a massive appetite for both food and sex, and is willing to use anything to sate herself although she would prefer to use her hoard for both cravings making her goal an uphill battle against herself.

Dragon Princess 1 is the "boss" of the first group of Towers, and technically is an inattentive captor rather than a forced captive. That being said, by being a Princess behind a locked door at the top of the tallest tower behind loads of minions in a land where all sapient life regardless of culture tries to adhere to the tradition of happy endings makes her a candidate for marriage by "rescuing" her.

Although Dragon Princess 1 includes smaller (or larger) lovers as her fetish, the appetite issue and the fact she will consider her Knight and the other wives (barring her sisters (maybe)) to be part of her (very edible) hoard constitutes a vore-risk if you cannot keep her satisfied with more gold, some livestock, maybe a peasant or two in the worse harvest years...she also has a very low Love score, meaning her loyalty is questionable despite her Lust being maxed out (meaning she's ready anytime). Players who don't find that consumption is a theme of their own Magical Realm often simply make her an adorable glutton that wants moar and isn't ashamed to ask for it. Some fan works include the Knight teaching her restraint. In comparison to Mimic, who eats people out of ignorance, Dragon Princess 1 would do so only out of a weakness of resolve. Her other fetish is tongue play, which interestingly makes her a giving lover rather than the selfish one her hedonism would imply. Her major dislike is "throatfucking", furthering the idea she really has no desire to eat anyone.

A particular anon figured out a combination of Dowries and bonuses to give Sir Knight an unending amount of coins as ejaculate, theoretically keeping DP1 pleased forever. This later earned a fapfic, and the idea was attributed to being a creation of her sister, Dragon Princess 2.

Dragon Princess 1 is mostly depicted as having (very large) breasts and lacking a cloaca (as with the other Towergirls females) and comes in as the most popular princess for artists. Her size varies as does her stature; some artists draw her as only slightly larget than the Knight while others despict the Knight barely the size of her hand. Some depict her as a fat cat-like Dragon who walks on all fours, others as a slightly voluptuous and fat biped.

She possesses a maxed out Wealth and Power stat, although it should be noted a great deal of that Power comes from herself and the Wealth is her hoard which not only may be something you don't want to merge with the royal treasury, but will also be the bulk of her meals most likely.

Her first Dowry item is the Draconic Ruby, which gives you protection from fire and heat while also enabling you to summon her to you. For Knights who wish to use her as an adventuring companion this is almost mandatory, and taking it will negate any fire-based damage the Knight may take while rescuing (sadly, you must still use the Cart to rescue Princesses although DP1 only takes up a spot in the first Generation only and after that gets a free ride in the passenger's seat).

Her second, the Encrusted Chest, allows you to fill spots in your Cart with Dowries instead of Princesses. Adventure to rescue the Princesses for a bounty rather than for their hand in marriage, and let them pick their own spouses through politics rather than suitor boldness! Using this as your freebie Dowry, you thus could take three Generation 1 Dowries in addition to Dragon Princess 1. Very useful for Knights looking to become the fabled Loyal Knight. However, as only the first Generation thus far have Dowries, this item is only good in Generation 1.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Drake's Bane, an edible magical pyriscence serotiny (only germinates seeds after being lit on fire) plant. Upon being eaten, Drake's Bane causes the eater to have an immediate orgasm. Theoretically this plant, as a reward for keeping Dragon Princess 1 happy long enough for her to become fully content, eliminates or at least lessens the difficulty of keeping her in that state allowing your wealth to grow without being eaten (much), and keeps her mostly sexually satisfied. The question is why she didn't give this earlier, or otherwise when she would have had time to find it when she spends all day dumping treasure chests in her mouth and licking you...

Generation IIEdit

Generation II

  • Dawn Elf Princess

Dawn Elf Princess is the Princess of the Dawn Elves of the Flowering Bewilderness, a forest cast in otherworldly light that dims or brightens rather than rises or sets, where things you can't even comprehend are all around (Is it a plant in a breeze that only affects it or a slow moving animal? Purple or blue or maybe translucent and sitting on a black rock? Where out of all the colors and shapes around it does it begin and end? How is it you shrank and grew a beard while staring at it, and why can't you remember your name?), where you can always hear songs and movement without a source.

The Dawn Elves are among the most Fey beings that exist, with logic and biology that refuses to be a part of the rest of the world. Everything they do is an art, even a scout bleeding on the ground after can amaze his Orcish killers as they watch in amazement while the red (with rainbows like gasoline in the light) pool forms into moving scenes of battle and plunder that they can almost hear and feel as if they are a part of the story...until they're run through by Dawn Elf warriors as they stood stood staring at the first Elf they killed for a good hour until he was noticed missing.

That's not to say everything is beautiful. The things you see reflected in their blades on a wall, the twisted words they don't say in their happy songs that you still somehow hear, the things behind their eyes as they smile frightens you somehow more than they ever could intentionally cause.

The Princess herself is the greatest artist among her people. She dances and you swear that she is completely still while the rest of creation rotates around her, your hands digging into something to keep from falling off the world. She cooks, and you can taste the very atoms individually sorted into their proper places for the presentation. She paints, and you see a thousand small pictures in every square inch of canvas. As she makes love, you experience things no mortal ever has. Nothing you can ask is more than vanilla sex to her, and anything she wants must be handled by her as you don't understand the experience in the slightest. There is nothing she cannot do it seems, physically or otherwise (if you thought you were having spirit sex with Ghost Princess, wait until you hold hands with Dawn Elf Princess) with her magic and her unbelievable set of muscles in her small frame. Beyond that, her people say they invented the idea of smoking plants (it is quite possible this is actually true) and simply the Elfweed the Princess herself had in her possession at the moment of her capture is more than you could ever indulge in even with Dorian's Painting. Unfortunately, the sensory overload can be very unsettling as you may find yourself with a feeling of vertigo on every type of sense you possess. You swear that if your genitals could think, they would be scared of what is happening (although the first part of that statement feels strangely like you are denying the truth of the second). She herself is very relaxed, and that makes her a stable comfort in her bizarre court. She enjoys a good tussle as well, perhaps not quite understanding limits as play-fighting as well as most would like. She is quite amused by the obsession the different races of Elves have with Orcs, and any interaction between her and other Elves or the Orc Princess is uncertain (if mutually amusing). The Princess mostly enjoys sex in nature rather than under a roof, with your bodies painted in natural dyes in designs and patterns she finds pleasing. Her refined palette however makes any ingestion of your natural, non-Fey secretions to be VERY unpleasant however.

Her Idol is Aurilla, the Elf Goddess of Luxury. If worshiped, Aurilla makes your kingdom into a haven of pleasure. If renounced, you will never be able to wear clothing again as it turns into body paint (this understandably makes adventuring more difficult).

Her Max Lust Gift is the Eden's Fruit, which forever makes your body fluids irresistibly tasty for both Dawn Elf Princess and others. Overcome Dawn Elf Princess's aversion to swallowing and Slime's opposition to watersports, give Mimic a goose/golden egg scenario, produce nectar for Insect Princess, and more! Beware of use with Vampire.

  • Assassin Princess

Currently, there are two versions of Assassin Princess which are irreconcilably different characters despite only minor changes. Some have suggested there are two Assassin Princesses, one being the daughter of the leader of the Assassins with the newer version having Princess as an earned title given due to her accomplishments, or that one is the biological daughter of the leader of the Assassins and the other being adopted. Still others suggest some of the Assassins are mercenaries while the other assassins are sworn to service from loyalty. Some say that the ambiguity is preferable, since the less you know about them the better the theme.

For the Ninja version: somewhere deep within the Human kingdom, there lies a Hidden Castle where the most skilled killers in the world are trained by the Assassin Kings. The killers admitted into the League of (those who hide in) Shadows are known for their 100% success rate on any mark. When a bounty was placed on the heads of the Knights at the start of this Tower event, the obvious choice to send was the greatest of their number, the Princess of the Assassins called Assassin Princess fittingly. For the first time in her life she abandoned stealth and waited where she knew the Dragons would find her. Once within her Tower, she waited for the Knights to come to her. However, there are many ways to "kill" a Knight. By becoming King, you would no longer be a Knight and thus no longer be a Mark thanks to the specifics of the contract. By becoming Undead, or possessing something that would allow you to return to life her task would still be complete. This is only however if she chooses to count you as slain; she could always burn Dorian's Painting were she to want more than just temporarily causing you to "die". If she does spare you, this will cause a rift in the Hidden Castle. Never before has a target of the Assassins been allowed to remain in this world, and although the family honor would be unsullied by technicality, there are some who would see it as an insult to their legacy, particularly if you were the parent to their heir. The Princess herself was bred for stealth and single-minded pursuit of her targets. Without being on the hunt, she doesn't quite know what to do with herself and is quiet, shy, and in formal situations is awkward both physically and socially (when someone trained not to ever make a sound is encouraged to drink and talk to dinner guests, it can be expected that recounting slitting the throat of the parents of a duke on behalf of his father-in-law to the man's wife may slip). Romantically, Assassin is dutiful and will remain by her not-Knight's side protecting them from any inferior killers. As for sex, old habits die hard as she refuses to disrobe fully and will not accept a nude Knight either; she knows too well how easy it is to kill someone who's senses are blocked by sex, and all that metal you wear shouldn't be left alone to be booby-trapped by an amateur. Her past has also given her some interesting fetishes; sex completely in the dark (not blindfolded, pitch blackness) as well as some breatheplay (more used on you than the other way around, although she may be curious).

Her Idol is Starl, God of the Nightward. Worshiping him makes your kingdom into a massive hidden city with a thriving nightlife of booze-dens, burlesque, brothels, gambling halls, and anything else that thrills after sunset. Renouncing him makes your ejaculate thick to the point of being a choking hazard, but it also has memory-clouding properties making you a good source of a very useful potion in almost any situation.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Dark Sash, which allows you to hide undetectably within the clothing of anyone. Useful for spying on any treacherous underlings, avoiding combat within Towers, making quick escapes if things go badly, and seeing what your wives get up to when you aren't around...

The second version of Assassin has the same interests, dislike, Idol, and Gift as her Asian-inspired self. This version is more Assassin's Creed than Strider however. The Hidden Castle is the location of the most religious sect Humans in the High Forest Kingdom, as well as a group of assassins who kill on behalf of the unspecified central Church authority. She is trained in all forms of combat and can disguise herself as anyone, blending into a crowd to disappear and travel anywhere in the world she needs to be without effort. She is still out to kill you and with over 300 targets eliminated on her record she almost certainly can, and this time its a matter of dogma and possible corruption of authority rather than just a bounty. This version is much more stoic than the Ninja, and almost never speaks or drops her ice-cold death stare (except around horses, which make her squee like a little girl, making having Centaur Princess a possible way to make her drop her mission long enough to make her doubt her orders).

Either may be chosen, both if you feel that interests you or if there's potential for a better plot (and/or better sex).

  • Nomad Princess

Another male "Princess", Nomad is simply femininely beautiful rather than just a youth.

Nomad is the Princess of the Many Hands, a very VERY widespread band of Human Nomads, who can be found peddling their wares and plying their trades everywhere from Frozen Church to the Winking Dark. Nowhere in the known world or beyond is lacking the touch of the Many Hands. The Many Hands have no true enemies, for their services are useful to anyone. Even the Colossal Caravan sees them as the source of the rare and exotic trade goods they sell in foreign lands, as the Many Hands would rather cooperate than compete.

Through the Many Hands, everything passes; rare minerals no scholar has ever seen, autographs of Knights and bricks from Towers long since passed, the fossilized remains of anything that ever lived (and is no longer moving), the souls sold to Demons and discarded during battles for control of the Hells, bodily fluids of Eldritch Gods, anything you can think of and everything you can't. Whenever a Knight finds themselves in need, they can find a Many Hands tent to sell off their broken shields, stock up on chocolate dicks and fireproof condoms, and use a magical typewriter or altar to reflect on their journey.

Nomad Princess himself has an amazing collection of goods even for a Many Hands merchant, and is very well known; any being you meet is at least willing to talk if Nomad Princess is there to vouch for you. Unfortunately, Nomad only fluently speaks the complex language(s?) of the Many Hands, and on top of that has an accent that makes anything he does try to communicate incomprehensible anyway. That doesn't stop him from cheerfully babbling away however, and through his tone and hand gestures most people (other than you) seem to at least get the gist of it eventually. Furthermore, Nomad Princess cannot give up on his people's culture and will forever be a Nomad, traveling from your lands to any (and maybe all) others before he comes around again.

Unlike Boy Princess, Nomad Princess is both shapely and not under-endowed. Nomad Princess is especially fond of public sex and being shown off, as well as use of anal beads. Be careful though, as his journeys tend to result in course gritty sand getting everywhere and there's nothing he hates more than a bit of sand getting anal-there.

He may or may not be a relative of Crazy Hassan.

His Idol is Anasyrma, Goddess(?) of Androgyny. Worship will bless all of your people with amazing (if maybe dangerous) attractiveness, while renouncing him will make you agelessly androgynistic.

His Max Lust Gift is Cactus Juice, which will make the booty of the drinker big, supple, and smooth (and if nothing else, all genders and orientations can agree they love a nice butt).

  • Pirate Princess

Yet another Princess who received a retouch, fancanon is that both are the same character with something of a Bermuda Triangle effect causing her to exist in either in her young or mature state in the Tower, with you being able to choose which you want upon rescue (which somehow makes the timey-wimey ball have the Dragons abduct her sometime in the past or future but still exist in the present).

Pirate Princess is royalty in the same sense that Ghost Princess is as she was dubbed "Princess of the Seas" by her people, the scoundrels of the massive Thundering Fleet flotilla of ships that make up a massive roaming city. She is NOT one to mess with. The sight of her fleet strikes fear into anyone who sees it, and she is merciless to those who betray her in any way (when she says "I'll keelhaul you", it isn't an expression; she really will). Like Nomad she won't settle down, and will continue to hunt the world for riches and slaves anywhere they can be found, whoever she can take from. Even your own kingdom is not safe from her, as she will continue to raid anyone and everyone regardless as soon as she is rescued. Her younger self is very much the dom, who loves the feel of latex and fucking others with a strapon (whether they want it or not) and refuses to be submissive. She possesses no starting Love and little Lust making her very difficult to earn romantic attachment with, although she is very powerful and very rich.

Her youthful/original Idol is Teatchis, God of the Punishing Seas. Worship will make all the lands you control turn into ships that merge with her fleet, making your people safe from her depredations as well as being difficult to attack (this is especially useful in the Ravenloft-style setting some use). Renouncing him will make anything you wear feel like tight latex.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Lost Doubloon, which will force anyone into a wager with you; heads they dom you, tails they're your slave for the night. Very useful for those who enjoy the idea of dominating Princesses like Amazon or submissive Princesses like Boy, but don't like always being stuck in one role.

Her mature self has seen her power and wealth diminish as her hostile nature fades. She is more of a treasure hunter than a raider, and if there's gold in her vicinity she'll find it. She is DESPERATE (read D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E) to be married by literally anyone be they man or woman, adult or child, human or talking house-boat-cat, and has become more than slightly bitter about her solitary state until now. Her Love stat is maxed, making her extremely clingy and eager to please although her almost non-existent Lust means she needs a LOT of loving. Luckily, she doesn't care what kind. With the exception of Netorare (cuckolding her by sleeping with someone else) she will do anything and everything and enjoy it, making her fantastic for multi-partner sex regardless of who the other partner is. Her new Idol is Santun, Goddess of the Heavy Drink. Worship turns your kingdom into a fleet like Teatchis, renouncing will make Pirate Princess uneasy with being part of a harem and drink more heavily the more wives you have.

Her Max Lust Gift is still the Lost Doubloon, but now it will allow you to alter your Wealth or Power up or down by one point for every Princess you marry making Pirate Princess very useful for Generation 3.

  • Ogre Princess

Another Princess who's actual royal credentials are in doubt.

The mysterious Ogre Princess is worshiped for her strength and intimidation by the equally mysterious people of the Rolling Cloud Kingdom, and has been ever since the day she wandered into their lands looking for a nice place to claim as her own. Ogre Princess is not very bright however, with comprehension time far exceeding even Zombie Princess (who at least has the excuse that she does EVERYTHING slower). As a result Ogre Princess simply believes the Rolling Cloud folk are an overly friendly people, and has settled in their lands in hopes of teaching them to improve themselves athletically since any people as kind and welcoming to a stranger as they have been to her would be easy for someone to take advantage of after all! Despite her massive and brutish appearance, Ogre is quite fast in addition to strong and is very gentle when given no trouble. She trains often in all physical disciplines, and is just as able to win a race against any horse as she is to hit a target accurately at long range with a javelin or discus (or a tree, or a boulder) as she could swim, jump hurdles, or do almost anything else you can think of. If you can find a challenge she can't beat, it will wind up in her training and upon mastering the discipline she will teach it to anyone who willing to learn.

Sadly, when not actually pushing herself, she is quite clumsy and prone to accidentally breaking things either due to a lack of focus and awareness of her surroundings, or having difficulty going between light and overpowering strength. As a result she is prone to breaking things, although thankfully not people.

Although not quite a druid, Ogre Princess is very fond of nature. Seeing a little bird can brighten her day, and seeing a dead one can ruin it. Ogre Princess is very powerful and quite affectionate, although she has nothing in the way of wealth; most things she touches break, and what she doesn't ruin she's prone to giving away or even simply forgetting.

Ogre is particularly fond of the natural smells associated with the body; her ideal lover radiates the musk of one who's worked out recently, and is ready for to hit those showers (in fact, group bathing of her Knights and the Princesses is MANDATORY). She's also fond of a good smack on the bottom (given or received), as she feels that it's a great romantic gesture and enjoys the rush of adrenaline it brings. That being said, she's quite aware of the difference between celebrating the body and hygiene; she's not against butt stuff, but a proper wash (overseen by herself) is needed before anything else can occur. Whether this is a result of a bad past experience or not is best left unspoken.

Her Idol is Shride, Goddess of Athletics. Worship will make the people of your kingdom gentle, healthy, and athletic (very useful for almost any combination but has interesting applications towards Zombies). Renouncing her will make you fat and tall like an Ogre, although whether this comes with an Ogre's natural strengths isn't clear.

Ogre Princess's Max Lust Gift is the Crunchy Ring, some kind of...magical onion ring? It increases your natural sweat and pheromone production, which has interesting applications when combined with things like Dawn Elf's Eden's Fruit.

  • Zombie Princess

The Zombies from the army of the Necromancer many years ago were tasked by him to bury themselves at the foot of the mountains where he was marching his army, where the grass gave way to snow. This is due to their tendency to freeze and their weakness to the lightning magic the barbarians of the northlands possessed. Almost as soon as they were out of sight they wound up out of his mind, and they remained unmoving in their self-dug graves until those who still possessed a degree of intelligence became restless. Still loyal to the Necromancer, they passed the time by ordering their more mindless brethren to continue digging, turning shallow graves to a tomb to a city to an entire underground kingdom. Eventually a section of the kingdom collapsed under the weight of a small village established above them, and the terrified Humans fled from the unending sea of confused Zombies that had sunk their village. The armies of Man were busy dealing with other threats however, and the Zombies were left unmolested long enough to build a kingdom above ground as well as below which came to be known as the Deafening Under Kingdom.

Lacking the ability to engage in diplomacy both due to their inability to speak (clearly) and their naturally servile nature, the Zombies who held the highest ranks in the Necromancer's army created a new kind of Undead which was technically a Zombie but also a Flesh Golem as it was made from the parts of Zombies hacked to pieces by adventurers and guards that scouted their lands. The Zombies dubbed this new being their Zombie Princess and immediately swore loyalty to her. While still slow-minded and naturally obedient to those with a strong will, Zombie Princess was still able to speak and control her cannibalistic urges while also not being contagious to others. Diplomacy is difficult and many meetings are held while two Paladins glower at her, their weapons at the ready should they get a reason to bash the woman's body to pieces and incinerate her soul with the power of the sun, while between them a Human diplomat calmly waits with hands together and a pleasant (if forced) smile while the Princess slowly works out what was said by him prior, formulates her words in her mind, then slowly speaks in response.

After being joined by the lusty Skeleton Princess, Zombie Princess made headway in Undead/Notdead relations as the eloquent and charming Skeleton did the talking while Zombie presented (half of) a friendly face and no hint of malice. This continued until both Princesses were kidnapped by Dragons and left in Towers.

Zombie Princess is relatively poor, with only a small amount of wealth coming from the Zombies, although she is surprisingly affectionate and not difficult to please. She is VERY serious about her body maintenance, as it is what keeps her from rotting further or being a danger to living beings. What things she can't control, like the fact half her face and one of her legs is worn almost entirely to the bone (with the remaining tatters of fat and muscle carefully trimmed and hidden to give off as little horror as possible), she is very sensitive about and although her emotional response is hard to judge and slow in the coming the shame is still as strong as any other maiden would feel. If treated properly she is kind and gentle, and her Zombie nature makes her naturally subservient. While not an S&M slave (outright), she is nonetheless happy to be told what to do and given parameters to act in. Her people are far more extreme in this regard than her, with the intelligent leaders that created her only wanting to carry out the will of their masters (you, Zombie Princess, and your other wives) and the bulk of them are simply ambivalent towards their existence or in the extreme cases without much independent thought at all. The massive sea of the Undead she commands is staggering, and although walking through her kingdom from the shanties on the surface through the caverns so massive you may as well be outdoors on a dark night may be unsettling it gives one a sense of just how much you control.

Zombie Princess is absolutely TERRIFIED of fire; although she is intelligent enough to not flail around and knock over the flames and light the building she is in on fire, presenting her with a torch would still elicit a minute or so of a widening gaze before a slow and loud whimper that constitutes the closest she can come to a scream comes. Keep sources of flame behind glass, secure, and/or away from where she walks or rests to keep her comfortable.

Besides her phobia, she IS still a Zombie. Although she is smart enough not to eat you (and by her command her people would mostly know not to try as well), she does still enjoy the act of biting. A bit too much. A quick hug will almost certainly have teeth grazing your ear, sex will probably be marked by teeth-marks all over your shoulders or well-chewed pillows, and sleeping in embrace together will probably have you wake up with your finger being gently nibbled like a lipless baby on a pacifier. Letting her indulge herself (although still making sure that she remembers herself and doesn't draw blood) would no doubt please her greatly. Being a Zombie she suffers from minor rigor mortis as well as numbness and difficulty with controlled movement. As a result, trying advanced kamasutra positions is more likely to embarrass her than bring any kind of pleasure. Keeping things simple and taking charge will alleviate that burden on her.

Her Idol is Goerica, Goddess of Plagues. Despite the implications, worshiping her will actually keep your citizens from dying due to disease or accidental deaths (the latter may be especially important in your romancing of the more...exotic Princesses). Renouncing her will give you a fetish for biting and being bitten; this can be especially dangerous and may in fact lead you to an unwelcome Bad End.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Frankenstein's Bolt, a mostly useless item that delivers a tiny but sensual shock when touched to the skin. This may be interesting to give to Drider Princess while she has you tied up, but all applications are fairly minor. Those who use Golem Princess' Clockwork Heart on themselves may find some use as one of the few ways to regain any sense of touch as an automaton.

  • Plant Princess

Princess of the Overgrown Throne Kingdom, a nation of plants that come in varying degrees of sapience. Plant Princess is quite content in her life of doing absolutely nothing, and from the moment she germinated has never had anything resembling ambition or drive. Her people are evidently much like her as well since her Power stat is without a single point in it, with the Princess herself preferring to die than to fight. If that wasn't bad enough, Plant Princess requires you to bring her with everywhere you go, being physically carried on your back if need be.

That being said, the passive benefits to the Overgrown Throne make up for it; the people, Princess included, produce their own meals naturally and plant life is nurtured by their presence (particularly by the Princess), giving you abundant harvests with half of your farmers not needing their cut of the product. Beyond that the Overgrown Throne folk draw in animals as well, giving you agriculture and meat stores that no other Princess can offer.

Plant Princess has a fetish for tentacles (it can be assumed it's her using them on you or others, although nothing specifies she would turn down their use on her if you had them from her Idol) and "being watered" (open to interpretation if this is watersports or ejaculation, being the second princess with bath sex as a turn-on, or most likely you just have to use a water can on her once every so often).

Her turn-off is "stray roots", which taken literally has absolutely no context to matter for you other than to keep her happy and comfortable. Stray roots are when a plant's roots pop above the surface in search of sources of water, when they reach something they can't break past like a rock and go up instead of down, or when the ground is changed or leveled and roots are exposed without killing the plant for a prolonged period of time. In other words she needs steady comfort rather than being jostled around like Yoda, needs you to till her (not a euphemism), and don't think you'll be visiting a desert anytime soon unless you have some planned methods of keeping hydrated. She enjoys eating, and although she can conduct photosynthesis there may be implication she is a gourmand. This, along with her abilities to increase crop production, make her a great combo with Mimic Princess as not only will you have an ample supply of food to cram into the Mimics but at higher levels of Mimic's teaching (as in "will make conversation rather than attempting to eat the other individual") they may have something to bond over. Furthermore, Mimic Princess's Wonder Chest Dowry can make keeping Plant Princess with you very simple.

Plant Princess is moderately wealthy, is fairly lusty (although since one fetish is naughty tentacles while the other is keeping her roots from drying it, that may not be something to be pleased about), and isn't as emotionally distant as one would expect a plant woman to be. Combo with the Glass Conch Dowry from Mermaid Princess to keep Plant Princess perfectly happy. Plant Princess combos best with Boy Princess from a gaming perspective. The Haystack's Needle from him will convert the listless plant people into an army, the strength of which is undefined although this act of removing the primary negative of Plant Princess makes her very appealing.

Plant Princess's Idol is Chloelle, Goddess of Growth. Worshiping her ensures your kingdom will always have bountiful harvests, possibly increasing your Wealth (although it is unstated). Renouncing her will cause your back to grow tentacles for your own prehensile fondle action.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Budding Rose, which has a hypnotizing scent. The use of this is open for debate, as "hypnotizing scent" is vague; mind control, or just smelling good? Does it smell good, or do you get to smell good without you having to wear it?

  • Witch Princess

Witch princess is the rightful ruler of the Midnight Mansion Kingdom, a place that all who come upon it regard as "spooky and/or scary." Presumably it is a place filled with haunted mansions and dark brooding castles where creatures of the night dwell and sane men fear to tread. Despite (or perhaps because) of her spookiness, she is an excellent magic user (as her name implies) capable of conjuring great and powerful spells to devastating effect. Furthermore it is noted that her potion brewing skills are top notch, allowing her to create powerful narcotics (along with Arcane Princess and/or Dawn Elf Princess, this may allow the player to begin a drug empire). As an adept magic user, she constantly seeks to improve her skills and push the boundaries of what is possible with magic. As such, the protagonist is subject to her experimentation which may or may not be legal and/or lethal (look to other Princess bonuses to keep you safe). She is further capable of transforming normal animals into magical familiars (supposedly blessed with a greater intelligence than normal animals which may perform essential functions in rituals, providing obscure spies, or even aiding her in dire situations). Alternatively this most likely leads into her first fetish which is "bestiality" implying that she frequently enjoys sex with her own animal familiars (combine this with Amazon Princess's Max Lust Gift, the Beastkin's Mantle, to give Witch Princess a step higher on the Challenge Rating than she's used to). It also may indicate that she is more willing to "sharing" her "husband" with the less Human races as they include her paramount fetish, and that Knights such as Cat Knight may have an easier time building a relationship. Her second fetish is "cowgirl," possibly a reference to Lilith, a common folkloric demon or witch who was cast out for refusing to have sex with the first man in any position but with her on top. This is further supported as her major turnoff is the missionary position, i.e. with the man on top.

Of strong note in her description is that while she may appear to be Human, she is anything but, implying that she may be a demon or some other malevolent entity merely wearing a human form. Alternatively in the Towergirls lore (and in much real life folklore as well), Witches may simply not be considered true Humans given their extraordinary abilities.

She worships Pridellius, God of Death & Magic. If worshiped, your kingdom will gain a plethora of magic schools, again in line with Witch Princess's desire for magical advancement and skill. If renounced then the player will be cursed to turn into a were-creature every night. The type of were creature is unknown but most likely based on the knights personality or preferences. It is also unstated whether the player is in control of their wereform or if they go on a mindless violent or sexual rampage (although it's not outside the realm of possibility for the more intelligent Princesses like Dragon Princess 2 or Witch Princess herself to study you and attempt to do away with the undesirable effects). In either case, so long as one remains in good graces with her, Witch Princess will most likely be able to stop the rampage or "quell" the player's lust (again, given her bestiality fetish).

She has little Love to spare and is also one of the less horny Princesses. Her kingdom lacks Wealth, most likely because her primary exports are spooky and/or scary in nature, and few would be willing to enter such a place and trade for such wares (regardless of how useful they may be magically). Her kingdom has max Power, implying that her own magical abilities are very great, or that her spooky scary kingdom is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Her max lust gift is the Black Broomstick which vibrates under the owner's command. While an invaluable cleaning tool, it is most likely that it may be "activated" while she "rides" it thus allowing for sexy and mischievous activities.

  • Fairy Princess

Hailing from the Meadow Wilds Kingdom, Fairy Princess is not quite what most women had in mind when playing as children.

Fairy Princess is an affectionate and sweet bubblegum-colored small Fairy, but has only one major personality trait; she wants sex. Now. She doesn't have a care in the world and probably won't regardless of situation, other than the fact she wants sex now and isn't getting it. She'll dry(and wet)hump you until she gets what she wants (because nothing ruins an attempt to intimidate some Trolls better than a small woman grinding herself against your ear and moaning in a squeaky little voice), with the only other thing in the world that matters to her being playing practical jokes on you (and sometimes others). When her attention span does drift from those two activities she becomes curious about the world around her, leading her to explore and find new things (living, dead, and inanimate) although she does so mostly in interest of finding applications towards her other two interests. On the plus side, she can give you the ability to fly temporarily which can be extremely useful in rescue situations, and in romancing Harpy Princess. On the downside...practical jokes and temporary flying.

She has no Power to speak of, and only a modest amount of Wealth or starting Love. Her strong suit is in her Lust, and if you can please her by doing lewd things to her in public (although your image might take a major hit after you start hitting pubs and teasing a tiny squealing winged Fey to orgasm) she'll quickly grant her Max Lust Gift, only through which you can (safely) have sex with her. Her second fetish, cum inflation, also requires the ability to have sex without killing her (which will require most likely a more copious amount of semen than male Knights can naturally produce with female Knights having no real way to satisfy this without Boy Princess's Rooster Bell). She absolutely detests cum on her wings, either due to vanity or the fact they would render her unable to fly until they dry and she scrapes it off. For any Knights who find the idea of sexing a tiny woman to be creepy, Amazon Princess's Ivory Sweat can make her grow to be your equal in height making her an ordinary magical winged nymphomaniac with no sense of shame or restraint.

Her Idol is Panthus, God of Trickery. When worshiping him your kingdom's mirth increases tenfold making it a happy land straight out of something further on the cutesy level than your average Disney cartoon (more in line with a Christmas special North Pole most likely). Renouncing him will cause you to JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS, more specifically "leaking cum when you see someone you like" making this a particularly difficult curse to live with in comparison to most others.

Her Max Lust Gift, the Pixie's Stockings, allow the wearer's orifices to be stretched quite a ways without pain. This not only enables you to have proper sex with Fairy Princess herself without it being snu-snu, but can be used with Plant Princess or young Pirate Princess to make "catching" less displeasing if that's not your thing. The difference between this and Supple Moss from Slime Princess is that this specifically makes the stretching painless (although Supple Moss likely still does until a certain size threshold), while the drawback is it only works on openings rather than the whole body. If nothing else it can let...less endowed Knights utilize things like Centaur's Idol renounce without it making you ineligible for other Princesses, and female Knights can use this to lay with the Rule 63 Amazon or Dragons without fear.

  • Centaur Princess

The Centaur King of the Stamping Moorland had many daughters, with Centaur Princess stuck as the middle child of a large lot. Not particularly clever, beautiful, ambitious, not the youngest, not the oldest, not the strongest, not the ugliest, not the anything-est. Nobody noticed or expected anything of her, so when she was taken with wanderlust and left home for other lands no fuss was made about her absence. She was taken by the Dragons and left in her Tower not long after leaving, but as soon as she gets out she intends to accompany her brave Knight on adventures to parts unknown. She obviously doesn't require a mount and can serve as one if you're not in 400 pounds of steel (although a ride in the cart when she's tired, maybe a roll in the hay every so often would be nice).

She also may not have been the smartest of her sisters, but she is a quick learner. Anything that seems important she'll do some research on, and if given access to books will plow through them as long as time permits. The ability to demonstrate random bits of knowledge allows her to be a useful traveling companion, since you may find the wagon axle broken under the weight of a Dragon Princess with Centaur Princess coming to the rescue with knowledge of how to fix wagons acquired from a story she read once about a pioneer family, or you may get bit in the throes of passion by a poisonous Princess with Centaur knowing exactly how to use their venom to make an antidote, even coming out with random useful facts about the biology of Princesses you meet (like "That's a Mimic" or "Don't let the 79 foot tall woman be on top"). She practices archery in her spare time, and can hit a target while moving making her handy to have around in a fight.

That being said, she isn't the bravest woman you could want and spooks quite easily meaning you could end up alone in a desperate fight or a mounted charge may turn into a mounted retreat. In a particularly bad Tower experience, you may end up having to rescue two Princesses as a result.

Furthermore, unlike the others she does have a mating cycle. She will only go into estrus during certain times of the year, although she could be coaxed into willingness at other times using your own seduction or possibly a teaser (for those unaware, or who don't read Life With Monstergirls, female horses you want to breed with a particular male may be unwilling to mate with him and will kick and injure or even kill your favored male, so putting her in a pen she can't turn around in and bringing in a male to her front that appeals to her will make her randy enough to allow the unfavorable male to mount her). Uncharismatic Knights could probably use Nomad Princess to tease her into readiness, could use Boy's Rooster's Bell Dowry to make a Princess into a Prince to get her ready, or just go with the fact orientation is undefined for most of the Princesses and let another woman get her ready for a threesome. Another (possible) downside is the ever-mentioned horse pussy issue. As for the sex itself, she REALLY doesn't like any biting so keep Zombie Princess away and avoid that renounced effect because Centaur Princess probably doesn't want to bite you either. Her body lends itself to doggy-style though and if asked that's exactly the position she wants. Either due to or in spite of her horse nature, use of a riding crop on her gets her going too (although nothing says who uses it on who). Jockey costume optional, although she may want you to leave the armor on (or wear it herself. Hope one of the other Princesses has an extra dress in your size...).

Centaur Princess has absolutely no Wealth, having left home and her inheritance being split between her many siblings anyway, and the issue of her mating cycle makes building her lust iffy. On the plus side she will love you deeply and she brings a decent amount of Power with her possibly by herself, with mercenaries, or maybe because her family really does care for her after all (hopefully, if you want to add her people to your kingdom). Fun fact; Centaurs have two rib-cages, and Centaur Princess will have both an udder and boobs. Isn't monstergirl biology fun?

Her Idol is Wondle, God of Scholars. Worship will make all your kingdoms parks amazing places to visit (so not useful but interesting). Renouncing him will give you a horsecock. I wonder what most people will pick...

Her Max Lust Gift is the Capricious Bow, which functions as Cupid's arrow except it leads to one night stands rather than just attraction (although who's to say they won't call each other?). Not exactly the most useful item domestically unless you want to make your Princesses have sex with each other without asking them or wreak some havoc in your court (blackmail would certainly be a neat reward, as long as nobody becomes aware you have it). In rescue situations though, you may find it a breeze to sneak through a Tower as every enemy in your path is busy fucking one of their mates (beware odd numbered groups). For extra fun, make a baby boom by asking Centaur Princess herself ride through your kingdom and snipe everything that moves.

  • Gorgon Princess

The Slivering Mausoleum Kingdom is home to the Gorgon/Medusa race (Gorgon is canon, but someone will always disagree). It is a small bit of land made up of abandoned temples and monuments.

The Princess of the Gorgons is a master architect and sculptor, and collects antiques so unique and priceless they make the hoards of the Dragons, the bazaars of the Many Hands, and the Great Caravan's finest gallery all pale. Although the Princess obviously isn't quite willing to let you sell off her amazing collection so you can feed your chocolate dick addiction, she creates statues on a daily basis that would cause masters from the rest of the world to weep at their unworthiness and complain on a Necroputer about how she's overrated. The problem is trying to figure out what's a statue, and what's something turned to stone by the gaze of the citizenry; the former is amazingly valuable, the latter...not so much. More horrifying really (at best, niche). As a result, Gorgon Princess has a great deal of Wealth although not as much as would at first be apparent. It's unhelpful that Gorgon Princess is EXTREMELY persuasive and convincing, and as much as you know not to look in her eyes...that's really what she wants. It's not only her method of killing though, she really does enjoy eye-contact whenever possible to put some excitement in her. Obviously she's vented that particular fetish out on stonified victims, which has actually given her a fetish for the feel of stone itself (the fact she's a carver helps, although it's best not to think about whether what you're holding was made or pried off of someone). It's only her eyes that will turn you to stone though, if you want to risk it you can always try the trick of looking just over her shoulder or at her eyebrows to make her THINK you're looking her in the eye. Or just stare south with an excuse.

Zombie Princess's Idol worship will protect you and anyone else in your kingdom from her gaze (accidental death, so long as she isn't trying specifically to kill that person, although it's possible all that will do is render her gaze attack temporary depending on how you play it) as will Dorian's Painting from Skeleton Princess. Golem's Heart from Golem Princess can turn you into a Golem and thus be immune to her gaze, the Shade Brace from Succubus Princess (make a copy of yourself) with the Humming Stud (share sensation) from Skeleton Princess would allow her to turn your clone to stone and let you feel the lewd things she does to it. Slime's Life Pearl or Mermaid's Humble Trident would allow her to turn you into stone yourself for lovemaking then allow you to return to your fleshy self (although the former may just make you living stone, depending on interpretation). Unfortunately you may need a partner to check up on you, because her "stone cold" demeanor means not only is she not as outwardly affectionate as one may want, she's also not necessarily willing to turn you back. Afterall she only needs you ready to go, not necessarily moving...of course that's only if you don't give her incentive to turn you back. Time to be more than a walking dick! Compliment her hair and kiss those snakes one by one in the morning, make a game out of guessing what she carved and what she made eyes at, and so on. Unfortunately she's low in the Love department, so you're going to want to be very careful and take your time with this one. Her people's neat trick makes her Power fairly high, and she's pretty lusty too on top of that giving you incentive to find a way to beat her power.

For those who think "No problem, I'll just bang her with a marble strap-on and make her wear a blindfold", that's a no-go. She won't wear a blindfold. Period. She's not into that, it's a turn-off, no means no.

She has an accent with prolonged hissing, although it's the kind that's short enough to not get annoying or make a conversation longer and many would find it cute.

Her Idol is Marbellum, Goddess of the Arts. Worship will make your kingdoms art and architecture the envy of the world. Renouncing her will make your genitals hypnotic and cause a physical dependance on them.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Perseus Shield, which will give you an erection that can safely last for days. While this may not prevent ejaculation, it will give you the ability to power on despite it. Combine with Golem Princess's Eternal Key to never need to stop.

  • Frog Princess

Princess of the Emerald Glade, the kingdom of the frogmen (obligatory French joke here). Sadly, she does not sing 1930's style jazz music.

Frog Princess is peculiar not only among the frogfolk, but among people in general. Bring her a rare and exotic butterfly to eat and she'll chide you for killing something so beautiful needlessly. Bring her to a fancy restaurant and realize too late they serve frogs legs on the menu, and look up to see her ordering them herself (frogs do eat smaller frogs afterall). Her anatomy itself isn't quite clear; she probably has boobs considering she wears her giant lily pad like a dress to cover like a normal woman, although it's possible she may have a transparent torso she's hiding like many kinds of frogs and it may be a turnoff or at least something to get used to if you can see her heart beat and food pass through her colon as if she was cut open (if that's your fetish, you may want to consider seeking psychological help). Frogs usually lay slimy eggs that hatch into tadpoles, but there's also a type of frog that gives birth to live young (not placental, but still skips the egg step and goes straight to the little fish-like babbys). There's also a type who gives birth through holes on their back, and a kind that gives birth through their mouth. You may be in for a surprise needless to say. She definitely eats bugs (and birds), and will keep the skies clear around her, but then again she also seems to eat pretty much anything she can get in her mouth. It can be quite startling to see her shove and entire loaf of bread the size of your head in that massive stretchy lipless and toothless mouth and realize you aren't quite sure about how big a thing she can get in there...fortunately though there's nothing indicating she's into vore. Quite the opposite in fact, she's very much the victim and any food-oriented Princesses are a direct danger to her. She's gullible enough to think little of any danger signs, and relies more on the fact nobody would want to eat her than any ability to fight off those who would do her harm. As a result, it's important to ensure that Amazon Princess understands she's a friend, that Mimic Princess is educated and that her tastes are more for pies and poultry served hourly than whatever moves, that Dragon Princess 1 has an ample supply of gold or otherwise whatever food stores you have, and so on. Ironically, Harpy Princess may be the best Princess to pair with her as Harpy doesn't have predatory instincts either, but does have protective ones. With Frog Princess's extremely high Love and Lust stats she may actually endear herself to the softer side of anyone who could be a danger to her however, and will certainly be one of the easier Princesses for you to please. She only brings a modest amount of Power and Wealth, although they are in equal measure.

As for perks, instead of slime that can give you salmonella poisoning or warts Frog Princess's body naturally produces oils that are good for your skin and are wonderfully fragrant; anyone that is intimate with her may as well be getting a nice massage. Any psychedelic effect from ingesting her slime is unknown, but she probably wouldn't mind you licking her to find out. She also has a very long and slightly sticky tongue, and her fetishes both involve it. She loves giving oral sex with special emphasis on that tongue, and the deepest most sensual styles of kissing are enough to blow her mind. If she can fill your mouth with her tongue, or you can show her what you can do to hers with yours, she'll be amazed and satisfied.

That being said, she really doesn't like inflation. She may dislike the habits of her own race, it may have something to do with a particularly cruel way to do away with frogs (her people or something she'd observed others doing to animals), or it could just be she doesn't like the sensation of being full of air or liquid. Keep any ejaculate meager, and whatever you do don't swallow air when kissing her and lose control of it (of course that can be said with anyone).

Her Idol is Perogelch, God of the Rivers. Worshiping him will make your kingdom have an abundant water supply everywhere which is safe and tasty to drink, something very important if trying to mix the lands of Nomad Princess or Succubus Princess with Frog Princess or Plant Princess (or just if you really don't like it being dry and want your peasants to have an easier job farming). Renouncing him will make your limbs rubbery and able to stretch (admit it, you immediately thought of pirates or "scientists" inferior to the genius that is DOOM).

Her Max Lust Gift is the Lily's Pad, a bed shaped like a lily pad with a flower on it that absorbs water from the environment so you can have intense sex without your skin drying out or chafing.

  • Angel Princess

She'll catch you if you fall.

Created by an unknown entity fully-formed, Angel Princess was made ruler of the Heavenly Sanctuary Kingdom and tasked with observing the world on behalf of her divine creator.

She was designed to be wary of lewd beings, although she is innocent enough to have difficulty recognizing it. She is also extremely trusting, in keeping with the theme of naivety. Once she has recognized someone as a lech however she is unlikely to give any trust or affection to them again.

She has a flat 0 in Lust with getting massages for her wings and being a gourmand as her likes, making her extremely difficult to please and requiring a great deal of time investment. While it doesn't mean sex is wholly out of the question, it does mean it should be romantic and socially acceptable if it occurs.

She thankfully has substantial Love, maxed out Wealth, and has a great deal of Power. She would be one of the most difficult Princesses to keep in a harem, as many of the more popular Princesses like Goblin or Skeleton would offend her with their over the top sexuality. Others who are lusty but who's personality doesn't revolve around it, like Kobold and Frog Princess, would be better companions to her. Interestingly Angel Princess could make dealing with Mimic Princess much easier as both are fond of food, and Angel's powers of observation could help watch out for any "accidents" involving late night snacks and night watchmen.

Angel's actual culinary predilection is somewhat broad. She isn't picky, and by her definition anything edible is good. In truth she's addicted to the fare of mortals, although it is unstated if the vice of Gluttony is something she is blissfully ignorant of committing, or if she must repent and counts it as a guilty pleasure. She's certain to be craving food that would make Anthony Bourdain cringe at any rate.

Some have noticed that her eyes are closed while she has rings of orbs around her and on her clothing. Some have theorized she may have no true eyes on her face with either empty sockets or mock-eye markings, with the wheels being her eyes like an Ophan angel described in the Old Testament of Abrahamic religion (flaming wheels made of eyes who guard the throne of god). Others have pointed out her idol may indicate the orbs are pearls, simply meant to evoke the look of an Ophan. It is ultimately up to the player, and Gats, which is true (if not both).

One of the main boons of Angel Princess is her voice; hearing the sound of her singing removes corruption and purifies the soul. Spiritual knights may find this to be a benefit without comparison, sinful knights may find it useful to hear her sing and wash away and regrets they have about debauchery or wicked decisions made regarding other affairs.

Her Idol is Dei, God of Pearls. It isn't clear if he is her creator or merely her patron. Worshiping him will make your people rich in food, song, and purity giving you a spiritually enlightened land. Renouncing him will give you the cock and semen of a demon which is addicting to any who taste it. This would greatly hinder romantic pursuit of Angel, but would make dealing with some of the more tsundere princesses much easier.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Worthy Harp, which when played will draw others into obedience to you. Unless stealing this Lust Gift through another Princess, there is the irony that only knights unlikely to use it for evil are likely to get one of the better bonuses to aid in their wickedness. There's always the possibility of turning thuggish enemies who block your way to a princess into guards however.

  • Monkey Princess

The dragons must have had a hell of a time catching this one. Monkey Princess hails from the Peaceful Peak Kingdom, an isolated mountain where she rules over the small population of the Monkey folk as their solitary ruler.

Monkey Princess is a fighter, enjoying a good scrap between friends and seeing sparring as a mark of friendship. Her expert martial arts training and ability to multiply herself make her a challenging foe to most enemies, unfortunately she and her people see fighting as a way of paying for goods. Warriors may find a vacation into the lands of the Monkey people fun as a fistfight can get you a room and a meal at an inn instead of being booted out of town, but when the Monkeys challenge a caravan leader to a duel for their goods it is easily mistaken for outright banditry. Furthermore, Monkey herself is rather fixated on personal combat, wanting to fight anyone who looks tough to see if they're better than her. Those who don't want a fight with a Monkey find themselves the target of mischief as the challengers play their games at the expense of the stick in the mud. Travelers don't want trouble, but they will probably get it.

Monkey Princess is very poor, with no Wealth stat although she has Love and Lust in equal measure as well as being fairly powerful. She enjoys giving and receiving sexual stimulation with hands (it is possible that as a Monkey she considers her feet to be a second pair of hands). She also enjoys Tantric sex, which is a combination of massage using heat and "energy flow" techniques with complex sexual positions (usually the former as foreplay). She HATES tail-pulling, so unless you want a biting and a beating avoid it.

She herself is freedom-loving and strong willed, without a thought spared for femininity or compunction. Her elegance is shown in kicks instead of pirouettes, respect in nods or bowing instead of curtsies and formal introductions, mirth in chortles and snorts instead of titters and smirks. That isn't to say she isn't aware of how to behave herself in powdered courts, and although she should be kept away from anyone with an air of bravado she can bait into a duel when bored or impressed by their stature.

Her Idol is Nanbi, God of the Sun. Worship of him will make the people of your kingdom into peaceful warriors (similar to Boy Princess's Haystack's Needle), while renouncing him will make you change size at random during sex. While it may seem amusing, suddenly becoming so large during coitus with a Dragon that she may as well be Fairy Princess, or shrinking so Fairy Princess may as well be a dragon can not only be unpleasant but even dangerous. If planning to renounce, Zombie Princess's worship bonus or one of the items allowing lovers (or yourself, if on the receiving end) to stretch would be wise.

Her Max Lust Gift is the Wukong Dong, a golden nubbed phallus with a broad tip. On the plus side, you can stretch or shrink five times your size! Indulge in Orc Princess and Dragon Princess 1's fetish for small lovers while being "filling" and being able to reach around to stimulate them in other areas! Copulate with Fairy or Kobold eye-to-eye! What's not to love? Well, the Wukong Dong must be inside you for it to work...

May or may not be the biggest celebrity on the Necronet.

Hailing from the Torrential Bloom Kingdom, Cat Princess is the future queen of the mighty Catfolk.

She is quite pleasant and has a knack for getting into the affections of anyone in contact with her. That being said, she has absolutely no respect for other beast races and sees them as talking game, being catty (as Gats put it) to them. Given she is an enthusiastic big game hunter, this is a very big problem when considering a good half of the princesses in Towergirls. Her goal is to one day slay a being the size of a dragon, showing no non-human is safe with her around. Most of her hunting is done at night, meaning her sleep/waking hours won't always line up with yours.

On the plus side she is very clean and fond of being groomed and pampered while being perfectly happy to reciprocate the gesture. This can get sexual as well, as heavy petting (sexual contact but not intercourse) is one of her fetishes. Her other? "The Pussy". Obviously a pun, but within the context of the game this could have several meanings. She could be turned on by herself or other Cat people, she could be especially fond of vaginal stimulation, or she may be bisexual. Once again, its your interpretation. Her major dislike is watersports, so don't get territorial.

She cannot stand hot weather, and although it won't hinder you getting her Max Lust Gift, she will become moody and difficult to get along with. On the flipside, she will go through a reproductive cycle like Centaur and Kobold. During her time in heat, you better have no plans because the huntress princess WILL get what she needs whether you want it or not.

She is modest in Love and does not have a great deal of Wealth, but her Lust is through the roof and her people are extremely powerful.

Her Idol is Verda, God of Sexuality. Worshiping him will triple the population of your kingdom in a multi-race catsplosion, renouncing him will make you the absolute best at blowjobs (and will you let that talent go to waste?).

Her Max Lust Gift is the Tinkling Bell, which allows you to alter the sexual orientation of others. Use it for mischief, use it yourself to enjoy all your options, the choice is up to you.

  • Arcane Princess
  • Armor Princess
  • Crest Princess
  • Merchant Princess
  • Dragon Princess II

Unlike her sisters, Dragon Princess II is totally independent of your shit. She's smarter than you or anyone else you will ever meet will ever be, and you were confused even before you asked what she was working on.

Good thing she thinks you're cute and worth her attention.

her idol is herself Freyda dragon princess of ice worshipping her gives you either a max lust gift of any princess or a worshiping bonus of any idol renouncing her will give you every renounce effect on you and your own harem

Generation IIIEdit

Generation III

Holstaur Princess (Milk Maidens)Edit

One of the more contentious additions to the chart by most monstergirls fans, since she's not just a busty milky-making cowgirl, she's also a dickgirl. With implications she expects you to milk her of "cream" as well as milk. Admittedly, she comes with a treasure that lets you change her to pure female (or yourself into a dickgirl), but still. Her attendants can make other princesses grow bigger breasts so they start lactating too, but they can potentially turn Sir Knight into a minotaur.

Mouse Princess (The Hourly Sisters)Edit

A brainy engineer. Her attendants are her 11 sisters that she shares everything with, and can build either a stockade that can hold 12 people, or sex machines that generate power from pleasure using volunteers and criminals.

Rabbit Princess (The Bunny Colony)Edit

Assumed to say "ara ara~" a lot. Originally known as Milf Princess (see human picture).

Dusk Elf Princess (Bodyguard Orc Trio)Edit

A timid and easily embarrassed elf who wishes to combat the perception that elves are sluts (if Night Elf princess is included in canon, this is probably not working). However, she often gets accidentally caught in sexual situations. Her companions are her bodyguards, a trio of gay orcs who keep their princess safe from lewdness.

Vampire Princess (The Bat Brides)Edit

Dog Princess (Dog Princess)Edit

Yandere to the max, Dog Princess is way into her Sir Knight. Like, WAY too much. She's nothing less than batshit insane for her Sir Knight and will not allow him to see (including the literal sense) other women, including princesses. In fact, her max lust item is a prison for all other princesses so that he will only have Dog Princess. Dog Princess has no companion, because why would you need anyone but Dog Princess? If you go with Dog Princess know that she be crazy, but if you know how to handle a yandere she will be extremely faithful and the sex will be amazing. (This guide on yanderes might be of use). She enjoys Sir Knight's scent and him coming inside of her, and hates NTR. How she interacts with the King's Crown the Goblin Princess grants you is unknown, but it's for the best to not risk it lest the Goblin Princess, you, or both of you get stabbed.

Djinn Princess (Ifrit Catamite)Edit

Triclops Princess (The Princess's Herd)Edit

Raider Princess (The Draught Wolf)Edit

Eldritch Princess (The Pleasant Cultists)Edit

Lamia Princess (The Kind Shrouds)Edit

Imp Princess (The Devilish Do-Gooders)Edit

Some people are just bad at being bad. Imp Princess tries to be a trickster true to her devilish nature, but all of her pranks end up being good for the supposed victim.

Moth Princess (The Twin Wisps)Edit

Sphinx Princess (Jackal Tactician)Edit

Yeti Princess (The Straw Ro-Lang)Edit

Sword Princess (The Shield Maiden)Edit

Jester Princess (The Puppet Princesses)Edit

Faun Princess (Lyrical Nymph Band)Edit

Crystal Princess (Supportive Geode Dad)Edit

Dragon Princess III (False Knight Companion)Edit

Dragon Princess III is very lonely; her only companion is her imaginary friend, although oddly enough she does seem to have an identical bag of chocolate penises to your own.

Dragon Princess III has deadly poison gas as her breath weapon, and has a naturally difficult time controlling it. Unlike Dragon Princess I who simply wants more gold/food and Dragon Princess II who is perfectly happy reading something from her seemingly unending supply of scrolls and tomes, Dragon Princess III is VERY emotionally dependent.

Surviving her breath long enough to get the max-bonus item that cures it is easier if you go for the lamia princess and get the boon that makes you immune to reptile-style poisons.

Paladin GeneralEdit

Barbarian GeneralEdit

Incubus GeneralEdit

Border GeneralEdit

Jadeite BeastEdit

Lazulite BeastEdit

Sinhalite BeastEdit

Citrine BeastEdit

Physicker MasterEdit

Wizard MasterEdit

Huntress MasterEdit

Funk MasterEdit

Noble CourtierEdit

Squire CourtierEdit

The Squire is a child of indiscernible age and gender who lives and breaths for just a pat on the head and a word of approval from you for a job well done. However, Squire is, while not bumbling, not exactly competent. Squire has only a passing knowledge of the proper names of most things causing the wrong item to be brought when asked for (such as a gladius instead of a broadsword), and in a fight is very much a novice. Despite this Squire does have a bit of luck (maybe the backing of a wizard, who knows how they go about things) and manages to accomplish difficult things even if somehow still screwing something up. Squire hopes to one day be just like you (and for all you know really is you in the past, fucking wizards and their time loop bullshit). Squire gives blowjobs but just wants a pat on the head. But so long as you aren't yelling at him/her, he/she is happy to bask in your noble presence.

Squire brings along a group of androgynous footmen to (wo?)man whatever you tell them to.

Friar CourtierEdit

Monk CourtierEdit

Generation III RewardsEdit

Something of an "achievements" page, by your selections in princesses you are eligible for bonuses. Many are just clothes (again, vidya-style achievements) but some are extra powers, even additional Princesses!


These are simply anachronistic fun clothing items you earn from keeping with a certain theme or fulfilling certain requirements. The Princesses will not object to wearing them if you ask (and nothing says you can't wear them yourself if you wanted).

  • Swimsuit: Maximize the production of semen or milk from someone to earn swimsuit outfits.
  • Slave Gear: Make a character your slave somehow to earn sex slave costumes, and the ability to make one of them a "bottom bitch" who the others will obey (useful if granted to Zombie, which would make a Princess no matter how dominant obey you).
  • Alt. Forms: By having four or more items or bonuses that alter your appearance, you earn an alternate form (such as "Warcraft Orc Princess", "Corgi Dog Princess", "Bee Insect Princess", "Gold Golem Princess" and so on) for characters.
  • Refresh: Give the Undead Princesses the look of their living form (or just "alive" in the case of the composite-being Zombie) by rescuing all of the Undead Princesses.
  • Palette Swap: By rescuing two Princesses of the same general color, gain the ability to change the skin, hair, and clothing colors of characters.
  • Maid Kit: Earn cute maid outfits by denying Dowries and Idol Worship effects.
  • Battle Suit: Earn robot armor for the Humans, both Princess and subjects, by saving all Human characters.
  • Bunny Outfit: Dress up characters like bunnygirls/boys by rescuing at least one character who is winking or has an eye covered on the chart.
  • Lingerie: Earn sexy lingerie by saving all Princesses with a penis. Because let's face it, guys are the ones who subscribe to Victoria's Secret catalog.
  • Party Dress: Sexy, form-fitting social wear earned by rescuing only Princesses that are taller than you.
  • Frilly Garb: Cute, summery outfits earned by rescuing only Princesses shorter than you.
  • Knight Armor: Make your brides into warrior-queens with Knight status by only taking combat-oriented characters. By unspecified technicality, this means the Princesses can then rescue Princesses on later Generations (although only you have the magic cart).
  • White Gown: A beautiful silk dress that legitimizes the bond between you and the ONE Princess you rescue (rules-lawyering indicates you can steal Princesses from other Knights by attacking them or tricking them upon leaving the Towers and still earn this).
  • Nun Guise: Make it a habit by worshiping four Idols or more.
  • Idol Costume: Dress like celebrities by renouncing four or more Idols.
  • Sweater: Acquire an ample supply of nice sweaters by saving only busty Princesses.
  • Barmaid Duds: Make the murderhobo experience complete by acquiring four or more upgrades to your kingdom.
  • Dom Attire: Enter the dominatrix by refusing any Max Lust Gifts or Lust Bonuses.
  • Pasties: Earn a wide variety of pasties and band-aids by saving only small-chested Princesses.
  • Wild Mode: Meaning is open to interpretation. "Unlock the real beast hiding inside your party members-" which could mean feral or dire forms, wild parties and sex, and so on. Earned by only rescuing the less-human characters.

Loyal KnightEdit

Earned by staying true to a single Princess and only rescuing her. Gain new armor befitting your amazing status, a cloak your new queen knitted (or somehow produced at any rate) for you, and being almost certainly the only one with this fucking amazing achievement.

White KnightEdit

A chaste knight, regardless of rescued or married Princesses. Earn the armor, the title, and a whole new class.

Dullahan PrincessEdit

By taking the Heart Band and Mind's Key, the lust items earned by pleasuring both Armor and Crest Princesses, you can merge their head and body back together as an extremely powerful Undead Knight Princess. She has the properties of the two individual Princesses combined.

Primeval PrincessEdit

By combining Dullahan Princess with Arcane Princess and Sword Princess, this ancient ultimate princess is formed. Has all of their strengths, desires, and weaknesses.

Dragon QueenEdit

The mother of the Dragon Princesses, the multi-headed Dragon Queen is the mysterious supreme ruler of the Grand Tower Kingdom who will personally visit you if you "rescue" Dragon Princess 1, Dragon Princess 2, and Dragon Princess 3. Originally there was nothing else to say, and there is no suggestion on how you meeting her would go, like whether she attacks your kingdom as the last boss to slay, if you woo her to become supreme king or queen of Dragons and put Tenchi Masaki to shame in regards to spreading the love from daughter to mother, or if she's just an average mother-in-law that you REALLY don't want to make mad. She has since gotten loads and loads of backstory through the addition of Boss Dragon Knight.

During the last Towergirls event, before your time (for most races the time of their grandparents, although Kobold Princess/Knight would equate this likely to great great great great grandparents and it is likely within the life of the Elf Princesses and Knights for example), Dragon Queen was a mere Dragon Princess kidnapped and held in one of the Towers. After the Dragon Knight of that era rescued her (bear in mind these Knights didn't have your fancy-shmancy future Cart, they had to walk 15 miles in the snow uphill both ways for a key they couldn't carry with their sword), he decided to empower his bride-to-be by using dark magic to give her (partial) control over the Towers. He then re-kidnapped all the other Princesses of his generation along with all the Knights, including the grandparents of the current Knight Princess, and sacrificed them to bring the Dragon Princess great power making her the Dragon Queen. As the years went by, she grew tired of her Knight and began sleeping with other beings, eventually putting her engagement to Dragon Knight on indefinite hold and sending him away to care for her many children until she wanted to see them again (with different children spending different amounts of time with either parent). She doesn't know who the real fathers of any of her children are, nor does she care; she has no plans on dying any time soon and thus has no need of a legitimate heir and as it's simple enough to send her offspring away when she no longer has interest in having them around she has never needed to bother with them more than she wants to. For reasons unknown, when the Towers returned (either by her bidding or some unknown source) she sent her daughters to command each location where they appeared. If any Knight weds the three who took command of the Towers first, Dragon Queen will finally show more than a passing interest in their lives and will travel to see the mortal who made themself such a large portion of her family tree.

There is a second, more recent version where Dragon Queen and Boss Dragon Knight predate not only your grandparents, but stretch all the way back to the first civilizations. The basic story remains somewhat the same, with Dragon Queen and Boss Dragon Knight having many, MANY years of causing death and destruction worldwide and finding their way into every intelligent race's myths (explaining why all peoples respect the ritual of Knights and Towers). The drifting apart happened much later, and the Princesses themselves still remain young.


By doing nothing and saving no princesses at all, you can become the Chaos God of Laziness. Nobody likes you if you do this, because fuck you, you're a lazy piece of shit.

Tower PrincessEdit

By traveling through time to obtain every princess, dowry, idol, and companion your kingdom (which is fucking massive) becomes a living princess made of towers.


Angry letters, sent if you entirely skip a generation by people like the relatives of Princesses who died or were rescued by sub-par Knights, Knights who think you have acted dishonoraburry, your wives for lying and saying you were rescuing Princesses when you were really out bowling with your caveman best friend, and so on. The letters somehow grant your cart, which clearly runs on rage and failure, two extra slots in one Generation (thanks to being unspecified, even Generations you have already completed).

More LettersEdit

Skip two whole Generations for three slots in the Generation of your choosing. You really deserve it this time, you double Smuhg.

Grand BannerEdit

By rescuing four or more Companions in Generation 3, you have created and have complete control over the Illuminati to take over the world. You may have to work every night to keep it going though.

Champ's BeltEdit

Rescue only Princesses that fit a specific theme to gain complete control over that theme, essentially becoming a god with that as your portfolio.

Mystery BoxEdit

Trade in any and all bonuses for a random shot at a bonus, including princesses not found on the chart! Mostly just extra pictures from other project, Bro Quest, that Gats had lying around, and none are actually described. It's a random grab for a blank check that has the "purpose" filled in already with something.

Timey-wimey IcosahedronEdit

By rejecting all Rewards, you can time-travel back to the start of your journey keeping everything you've acquired, from Princesses to bonuses to mutations to kingdoms. You won't get another shot at Rewards, with the exception of the Tower Princess who can only be attained this way.


Rivals, bosses, and in-laws

Yven of the BleuEdit

A Bretonnian/French/HON-HON-HON knight who is obsessed with blue-themed princesses. In vidya/tabletop rules has a 1/10 chance of showing up in your adventure as a random encounter, and a 1/4 chance of showing up once you reach a blue princess.

Yven is swarthy, witty, and crafty. He's not necessarily better than you, but his above-average jack-of-all-trades qualities give him a chance to best you however you choose to engage him, if you choose to at all. You can engage him in a conversation to use reason or charm to convince him to leave or join you, or the princess to come with you rather than him. You can wrassle him or engage him in a duel. You can try to trick him. Whatever you choose, be sure to give it your all because he's pretty good at what he does.

Boss Dragon KnightEdit

Originally a modification to another artist's non-Towergirls piece (which will not be linked here for that reason), Boss Dragon Knight is a powerful warlord answering to Dragon Queen.

The last time the Towers appeared, Dragon Knight (a human Knight themed with Dragon obsession) and Prince Knight (a noble and dashing hero) were among the Knights that rescued the Princesses within. Prince Knight rescued the Human Princess of that day and had a child with her while Dragon Knight rescued his era's Dragon Princess, a multi-headed Dragon with strong aspirations. Seeking to please his beloved, Dragon Knight abducted and sacrificed every Knight and Princess of his generation, including Prince Knight and the Human Princess of that time, in order to make his Dragon Princess more powerful and gain control of the Towers. Dragon Princess, now Dragon Queen, refused to marry him however and in time treated him as a mere servant as the Boss of her minions while she bedded anything that struck her fancy. While it is possible the Dragon Princesses of your time are his daughters, so could almost anything else that visited Dragon Queen's chambers. There's no way of knowing if he really is their father or not (there actually is, but he refuses to accept that fact and will claim he is, or if pressed nobody will ever know, despite any evidence other than proof he really is).

A darker version of this exists, where Dragon Queen and Boss Dragon Knight are ancient beings who came about during or before the first era of oral histories. The basic premise remains, although Dragon Queen and Boss Dragon Knight spent their immortal youth destroying entire civilizations and becoming the embodiments of tyranny and chaos to all peoples. It's thanks to them that the Tower customs exist. In this version, them falling out of love happened very recently (around the same time of the death of Princess Knight's grandfather and grandmother), with the Princesses still as young women born in this age and mature (whatever age of consent for Dragons is) in time for the Tower generations.

Boss Dragon Knight has become a bitter, spiteful failure who resents his position as a slave to the creature he rescued in her time of need and made the ruler of a massive kingdom. Boss Dragon Knight is a powerful martial warrior, although he lacks much beyond that except some minor powers the Dowries his Dragon granted him while she was still his Princess and he was still her Knight. By rescuing Knight Princess, it is mandatory to fight and defeat him although his ultimate fate is yours and hers to decide. By marrying a of the Dragon Princesses you also encounter him, although this meeting goes the way you want it to; the Dragon Princesses have some fondness for him as he is the one who changed them, fed them, bathed them, and otherwise did all of the raising that Dragon Queen was uninterested in. He hates you bitterly for being the success he never was, while Dragon Queen judges you to decide if you are worthy of her daughters. You can kill him to take his place or to end his miserable life, you can cuckold him by seducing Dragon Queen and possibly even destroy his last tatters of pride by marrying her and becoming King of her kingdom, you can endear yourself to him by proving you are a good spouse for his(?) daughters then you can gain a powerful ally full of wisdom and even a father figure, and if you so desire you can play marriage counselor and make him and Dragon Queen reconcile and finally marry as equals. However you go about it, Boss Knight remains a boss encounter.

The Necromancer & The Skeleton KingEdit

An anon on 8chan created backstories and descriptions of the various Undead kingdoms as well as others, most notably involving a powerful Necromancer named Dorian (who is almost never referred to as such). Since then the character has been referenced several times by many others, giving him Towergirls canonicity (as canon as anything really is).

Many, MANY years ago a Necromancer raised an army of the Undead and ran amok through the High Forest Kingdom of the Humans. Undefeated and tiring of the bureaucracy and politics involved in conquest, he ordered the Zombies of his army bury themselves near the pass where he lead his fleshless minions, immune to the cold and the magic of the barbarians who called the mountain passes home, and retreated to an ancient fortress in the frozen north. Called the Frozen Church, it was once the lair of a powerful Ice Dragon Freya and lay situated far from any safe roads where comfort could be found making it all but unassailable for the living. The origin of the name may come from its cathedral appearance, the fact Freya sought godhood, and/or the massive fields of ornate graves kindly Freya dug for foolish Knights who came to slay her. Then one day, a band of Knights who came to for a fight found the structure completely empty, with its furnishings intact. Fear of the Dragon's return and no promise of glory in the frozen landscape kept any others from returning until the Necromancer made it his home. Although the Humans sent armies of Paladins to assail the land and burn any dark tomes the Necromancer may have found, no army was ever able to come within sight of the Church. They returned to their kingdoms, and no word was heard from the Necromancer again and he was mostly forgotten. The Ghosts and Spirits of his army did not remain with the group and without command simply drifted away, held together by the will of a single female ghost. They settled at a Chateau near the entrance to the pass leading to the Frozen Church, forming a massive haunting Kingdom of Ghosts where the female spirit that brought them there became their Princess.

In time the Necromancer became an Undead himself, a spiritual leader to the Undead races. Constructing a wise and powerful Skeleton named the Skeleton King to oversee military matters and a large family of Skeleton daughters the Necromancer retired to spend time with his family...and play video games/troll Humans on forums and fap to increasingly strange pornography on his Necroputer.

Meanwhile, the Zombies left behind wound up unintentionally building their own Kingdom mostly beneath the ground and partially above after accidentally tunneling into a Human settlement. Unable to communicate with the Paladins who came to SMITECLEAVESMITE them, the more intelligent Zombies who served as Necromancer's officer corps(e) used the parts of the slain Zombies to create a Zombie Princess that could attempt diplomacy with the living.

Lured by the promise of freedom from the living, free-willed Undead of all kinds traveled to the lands of the Frozen Church, the Forgotten Garden, or the Underkingdom and swore fealty to the Princesses and Necromancer, constructing thousands of small fiefs and castles in the frozen landscape mimicking those of the breathers in their sunny valleys.

Necromancer's oldest daughter, the Skeleton Princess, spent the most time with him early in his time at the Church when he hadn't finished reading the libraries yet, and when he was away she would unbeknownst to her father peruse the erotic collections and develop a great lust which lead her to ask to be the envoy through which the Undead would establish friendly relations with the Humans. After some time at the embassy with her Zombie cousin, she was kidnapped by Dragons and left in a Tower to await rescue.

With the return of the Towers and the abduction of the three Undead Princesses, it won't be long (by immortal reckoning) before Skeleton King and Dorian act. Much like Dragon Queen and Boss Dragon Knight, the details of the encounter are left to the player to decide. Will you two bond over being perverted lunatics who crave power and watch Blood Bowl together on Thanksgiving, or will you kill him and pose above his body holding your sword in the air as his daughters hold on to your legs?

The Dark QueenEdit

One of the bosses from the fan expansion chart, she is the ruler of the "Stygian" type enemies (basically eldritch creatures and aberrations). She's an eldritch abomination sealed away long ago by some ancient hero, but has now been released from her prison and attempting to summon the god of primal chaos to end the world as we know it. The summoning ritual probably involves sacrificng several princesses, which would obviously bring her to conflict with the knight (if, you know, ending the world wasn't enough), and it's up to the knight to stop her. Whether this is by slaying her or seducing her is up to you. If the knight does manage to recruit her to his cause, he will gain the Defiler of Flesh, a magic "wand" that is based on DnD's Defiler of Flesh, with pretty much the same powers (ie. ability to mould the flesh of the target in almost any way you wish). Slaying her instead gives you a book that allows you to summon powerful abominations to fight for you.

The Dragon Queen's LieutenantsEdit

A more recent development in the Towergirls universe, the Dragon Queen now has four lieutenants that serve her every whim. The Dragon Queen, not content with simply taking control in the present (and thus, securing her future), has sent her lieutenants to the "Continent Historia" with one dark mission- alter the events of the past so that they turn in the Dragon Queen's favor.

1. The Dark Sorceress- Foremost of the Dragon Queen's lieutenants, the Dark Sorceress is [in fact] one side of the personality of the legendary Human Queen. Determined to leave a lasting impression that would hang about forever, the Human Queen undertook a great pact that saw her divided into three separate beings- the Queen (her violent side, which now features on the latest version of the Human Princess' chart), the Mother (her loving side) and the Mage (who is now the Dark Sorceress). While the first two personalities found life to be pleasant, the Mage found her original form's legacy to be far more impressive than anything that could've come from her. Eventually, she came to loath humanity, culminating in a desire to extinguish her forebear's legacy by any (and, if need be, all) means necessary. Now, her chance for vengeance has come- she has been sent back to the "Era of Humanity" [the origin point for the Crest Princess and the Armor Princess], where she will unmake the Human Queen's legacy by turning the soul of the Human Queen's Heir irreversibly undead, thus damning the Human Queen's lineage to undeath and rewriting history.

2. The Mad Necromancer- Next of the Dragon Queen's lieutenants, the Mad Necromancer is a spectral being of unknown origin (though rumors persist that he was the fool responsible for unleashing the dark god Pridellius, that he was the former Fairy King driven mad, or a fusion of both) who is hell-bent on finding a way to raise the dead from the fey (which, currently, is impossible!). To that end, he has been sent to the "Era of Heroes"- the time that brought the five heroes of old (another development that is recent, and gives more importance to the Beast mounts) and sent the Dragon Queen into shameful hiding. Through his dark work, he intends to not only gain more intelligence on creating a method to make the fey undead, but also stop the five heroes from getting together and collecting the Dragon Shards- the broken remains of the Dragon Queen's gemstone horns -before they are taken to countless kingdoms as heirlooms.

3. The Arcane Puppeteer- third of the lieutenants, and easily the closest one to the Dragon Queen (as well as her closest [and only] friend and former nanny), the Arcane Puppeteer was a guardian given to the Dragon Queen while she was still a princess, apparently before a cataclysm that ultimately doomed the Dragons to extinction [the princess excluded]. For years, the two stood shoulder to shoulder, working together to recreate the dragon race. The queen's endless attempts largely ended in failure, though it did create several lesser drake species. In a fit of unbridled fury, the Dragon Queen neglected her failed creations, which came to turn against her and left her for much greener (and decidedly less painful) pastures. Her forces dwindled, yet when the time came, the damage caused in the Era of Heroes was undeniable. Knowing that she could wipe the world clean if all the lesser drakes had been loyal, the Queen has sent her clockwork companion back to the "Era of Awakening"- a time where kingdoms new and old paved their various ways to glory, but also a time where the Queen failed to create the dragons as she recalled them. The Puppeteer has been sent back with one mission- keep the lesser drakes under control... given its gift in possession and subterfuge, as well as its complete loyalty to the Queen, any adventurer will be hard-pressed to humble the machine (despite its care-worn appearance).

4. The Beast King- last (but certainly not least) of the lieutenants, the Beast King is the last of the Primians- less of a species, and more of a select group of "first beings" (i.e. the first human, the first arcane being, the first elder race, etc.). As his kind was allowed to transcend the mortal plane (or, in less favorable cases, ended up hunted down and slain by would-be heroes), the Beast King was charged with preventing the mortal races from succumbing to war's cruel tendencies and thus drowning Corona in an endless tide of bloodshed and misery (as the three eldest races- the Dragons, the Gigants and the Primordials -had done before). At first, his reign was an enlightened one, and the king only wished for Corona to know naught but peace. Ironically, he succeeded, but his unprecedented success would prove to be the greatest failure of all time. For a brief while, the people of Corona lived in harmony, refusing to harm each other. Alas, as the years turned to centuries, the people began to ignore the Beast King's warnings in concern to war and strife, instead opting for independence and turning their greedy eyes towards their neighbor kingdoms and slaying their opponents (real and imagined) without thought. With his "people" gone from this world, the Beast King abandoned the brittle peace that his kind had worked for, instead allowing the mortal races to slay one another- to him, they were already dead. Heartbroken by his success having turned sour, and filled with naught but spite for the kin he had amongst the firsts (who, in his eyes, abandoned him to a Sodom of endless suffering), he instead works to recreate something that, in all honesty, was never real- a "paradise" where all obeyed him. He intends to become king of ALL Corona and will do whatever it takes to make this happen. To that end, he has allied himself with the Dragon Queen and journeyed to the Era of Kingdoms, so that he can reshape the world in his own twisted image. Alas, it is a dream that is doomed to fall apart; contrary to what he believes, the Beast King isn't quite God-King material (though his refusal to accept advising or reason has long since blinded him to that fact); even worse than his twisted mind is his deformed body, which has been reshaped like clay in the hands of some demented celestial sculptor, making him look more like a chimera than anything of a normal beastkin.


The Setting

The Gats canon in regards to the setting is that the Towers are ancient and no being understands them, or knows anything about them. They simply appeared and the Dragon Princesses took advantage of their location. Even beings such as Angels and Eldritch horrors have no knowledge of the Towers before they appeared, and are easily contained within their walls until their door is opened by a knight of...well, something similar to virtue at any rate.
Fancanon has produced three general ideas of the setting to Towergirls.

In the Noblebright version, the kingdoms are somewhat akin to the world of the Mario Bros. in that anything other than the fact the kingdom exists and the princess's castle is within it somewhere is not consistent, and does not need to be; the kingdoms of the princesses are conveniently located near yours and any you marry will share a border with yours because the story relies on that. The island/continent (depending on princesses rescued) is shaped like a princess crown. If the plot requires there be a Tower Kingdom Gorge to jump over, there will be. If there should be a desert, there will just happen to be one. The Towers are simply ancient things, and have about as much explanation as why the Master Sword pedestal exists.

In the neutral version, the setting is somewhat like a happy Ravenloft. There are numerous kingdoms, although the world geography is unpredictable and bound to an unknown will. If a peasant leaves your kingdom following the road, they may very well wander that road forever, finding wild berries to stay alive (if the land wills it) until they turn around and find themselves only just out of sight of the village they left from or else reaching another kingdom at random (even if they end up in the kingdom of bunny-men). Each time a princess is married and their kingdom is added to your own, a new path that was possibly always there appears leading to that kingdom which is just over the hill and within sight of your castle and nobody ever noticed before. Nomadic princesses such as Orc and, well, Nomad, result in the addition of a swathe of territory that leads to many other kingdoms and can safely be returned to by following the roads, as if you somehow always knew. By uniting all the kingdoms and forming Tower Princess (the manifested will of the plane) the knight permanently unites the world, or until their heirs and successors (if any) tear it apart again anyway.

In the Grimdark(ish) version, Dark Souls and Norse mythology is what's channeled (as well as a bit of Warhammer Fantasy End Times). The world is at the end of its cycle, and is dying. The knights, the last great heroes in the deathrattle of the last age, are fighting the last great darkness while their gods leave for a higher plane. Upon reaching the end of their quest however they realize that they are destined to survive, and bring their new peoples (who are going to revert back to the stone age) into the new and reborn world feral. Once in the new and reborn world they ascend to become the king and queen gods with their brides and husbands and their children forming each grouping of race's pantheons. The way they rule their kingdom from the beginning of Generation I to the collapse of the old world will dictate the future of their races; will Mimics become a race of friendly Changelings? Will Orcs get more dappa? Will Dragons become even bigger polysexual nymphomaniacs than humans ever dreamed of being? Will there be a breed of men born undead from phantasmal wombs creating a race of the Fucking Dead? Will Mermaids become Werehumans? You decide, you nigh-omnipotent prevert you!

There is another interpretation which is that Towergirls is in a multiverse; everyone's own version is canon within it. You, reading this right now, have a canon universe or canon universes in Towergirls.

Other PrincessesEdit

The following are fan creations, and not part of the core game that Gats made. But as Gats said, everything is canon and any of these can be included at the discretion of the player (consider them mods to the main game).

Merrow PrincessEdit

The deep sea counterpart to Fish Princess. She's actually pretty nice once you get past the whole "freaky deep sea creature" part, and does her best to not appear creepy (though how well she's succeeding is up to your interpretation). Like many deep sea creatures, she has a highly elastic body and can swallow things several times her size, but luckily she appears to have no desire to harm you. Although she may have some trouble controlling her appetite considering she did apparently swallow your boat.

Night Elf PrincessEdit

Part of the budding Lewd Edition Expansion of fan-princesses, alongside the Merrow Princess above. Rules a kingdom of dark-skinned elves who have, like her, totally embraced the stereotype of elves as irredeemable sluts. Essentially a near-naked dominatrix black-skinned elf with a thing for pregnancy; her turn-ons are BDSM and impregnation, and abstinence is her turn-off. She considers you her property and won't take no for an answer, comes pregnant/will always be pregnant (given how elves in some settings have ridiculously long pregnancies, she might very well be pregnant for the forseeable future), has an insatiable sexual appetite and is into really kinky shit. She was pretty much born out of the lore for Drow, out of Dragon Magazine, that they get pregnant as readily as orcs do, have multiple kids at a time, and find pregnancy super-orgasmic, but skipping the whole "the babies kill each other in the womb until only the strongest survives, something that gives mom super-intense orgasms" thing. Her companions are more traditional non-pregnant BDSM-mistress Drow.

Day Elf PrincessEdit

The other elf princess from the fan-expansion chart, completing the theme naming for elf subraces (Dawn, Dusk, Day and Night). She's the High Elf equivalent, and the polar opposite of Night Elf Princess; one is chaste, romantic, dislikes premaritial sex and isn't ready have children yet, while the other is horny, slutty, dislikes abstinence and has an impregnantion fetish. She has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, and worships the god of valour. On the other hand, in typical elven fashion she's also haughty and stuck up. Worshipping her god gives your kingdom a highly trained citizen-militia (reference to Eldar and Warhammer High Elves making heavy use of such forces), while renouncing it turns your ears into your greatest erogenous zone.

Possum PrincessEdit

Poppy O'Possum makes a Towergirls appearance.

Wyvern PrincessEdit

Totally different from Dragon Princess, anyone who tells you otherwise is a fucking moron. Never forget that.

Bobbit Worm PrincessEdit


P'Orc PrincessEdit

One of the first fan princesses. The P'Orcs have been referenced repeatedly, so they at least exist. P'Orc Princess is a cute pig-girl who's the last of the P'Orc royal family. She's an incredibly good chef, and her two potential classes are Iron Chef (use kitchen utensils as a weapon) and Cookin' Mama (Be able to create delicious meals that can feed huge numbers of people), but she won't cook meat, and despite her bacony taste, she really hates biting. Her Max Lust bonus will summon the rest of the P'Orcs to your kingdom, for good or for ill.

Scorpion PrincessEdit

Her dad might be The Rock King.

Final Fantasy PrincessesEdit

Remake due out in twenty+ years.

Squirrel PrincessEdit

+Loves nuts.

-Doesn't want to give them back.

Gargoyle PrincessEdit

Any "Broadway" jokes are prohibited.

Flumph PrincessEdit

Forgotten after Gen 3, then added to Gen 5

Orphan PrincessEdit

Poor, poor Orphan Princess...

Kitchen PrincessEdit

A spin-off to the Kobold Princess above, done apparently in response to some anon who liked fat/stuffing pics. She is basically a big-bellied brown Kobold wearing a busted pot as a crown. Kitchen Princess's stats are almost identical to her Kobold Princess counterpart, aside from the fact she has maxed Love and no Wealth.

Wakfu PrincessesEdit

Gnoll PrincessEdit

What can be said that you aren't already thinking?

Goat Mom PrincessEdit

She's a goat who's a mom and also a princess.

Owlbear PrincessEdit

Canuck PrincessEdit

Panda Princess (Emperor's Harem)Edit

Loves cuddling and eating fruit in the snow, doesn't like unprotected sex, pregnancy, or loud sneezes.

Clown PrincessEdit

Warhammer PrincessesEdit

Fair word of warning- there's a lot of these girls, and several sub-factions within (as Warhammer is want to do... and this is just the 40k stuff! ...imagine if the Fantasy Battle and Age of Sigmar versions had their own Towergirls...). *Still in progress*

Towergirls VidyaEdit

Towergirls: The GameEdit

Towergirls: The Game is currently planned to be a JRPG/Grand Strategy Game combo with Visual Novel Elements for Story Telling. As of the writing of this article the Demo Consists of several dungeons, with a separate mode for testing out the strategy and barebones kingdom building elements. Future updates will add in the grand strategy and kingdom building elements as they are coded, tested, and finished. The game plans to cover at least the first Generation's princesses as well as NPCs, Lore from Nougats's personal design documents, and a variety of quests to pursue during the dungeon crawling segments. It will start with Gen I and work its way from there, distributing via free downloads.

Game Download, Official Forum, Art/Lore Preview Blog, and Patreon. They also have a public Discord channel.

Gats is currently doing new charts and distributing them through this game.

Towergirls: Kingdom ConquestEdit

Towerfag announced work on a game about a month before Towergirls: The Game was announced (T:TG had been in secret production since shortly after the death of Chapter Master, where as T:KC was announced and begun in thread at the same time). At one point, Towerfag tried to claim that Towergirls was public domain, and Gats was forced to contact him and sort things out, as well as start firming up the copyright and licensing. This began a period of 2 years of negotiating through a memorandum of understanding, with Gats assisting with art labor to give the game a more authentic feel. Then, in September of 2017, Towerfag claimed in the towergirls infinity-chan thread that Gats did not own the copyright, and encouraged and stated that other people could make their own for profit games using the designs and likenesses of characters designed by Gats. This forced Gats to terminate their previous agreement and DMCA his Patreon. This lead to a court case that was dismissed without prejudice for reasons of jurisdiction in January 2017, and then the reopening of the case in the district of Northern California (the home of Patreon at the time) a few months later. The case is still on going.

Towerfag remains DMCA'd, but has begun rebranding his property as Princess & Conquest, although the extent of the rebranding is overall low effort, with many of the princesses still very clearly looking like their Towergirls originals.


Because afterall, it's a harem game!

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