T attached to a circular shackle
Alignment Neutral Evil
Pantheon Dawn War
Portfolio Underdark, Torture, Imprisonment
Domains 5E: Death
Home Plane Prime Material Plane (Nerath, Underdark)
Worshippers Torturers, Denizens of Underdark

Torog is the Evil D&D deity of torture, imprisonment and the Underdark.



During the Dawn War, there was a deity named Torog. He had perfect health: any wound dealt to him, including those that would slay a god, would heal in moments. His disability to feel pain or pleasure drove him away from his fellow gods, he began to experiment with pain, causing it on others to learn from it. During his fight with the Primordial Gargash, he sustained wounds that would slay greater gods many times over. He mocked Gargash, and began to hew away at his limbs and horns, and killed the Primordial with his own spines.

In his death throes, Gargash cursed Torog twofold: his wounds would never heal, and he would be bound to the Underdark for the rest of his existence. This, combined with the distance between him and his peers slowly drove Torog to a deep bitterness and contempt for life. The last time he had contact with his fellow gods was when they comissioned a prison for the Primordials and Tharizdun, the Chained God.


Torog is the god of torture, imprisonment and the Underdark. He revels in the pain he causes on others. Torog is a bit unusual for a god for several reasons: instead of scheming from the Astral Realm or the Abyss, he resides in the Underdark, directly below the world. This affects his discorporation; instead of just leaving his body the King that Crawls turns into a massive swarm of vermin and leeches, which all hide until his body reforms. He also makes no use of Aspects or other mimicry; if you deal with Torog, you deal with him in person.

Those who venture into the Underdark are wise to pay tribute to the King that Crawls: there are plenty of small shrines dedicated to the King that Crawls, and by paying tribute to the lord of the Underdark they hope to stave off his wrath. To this day, entire surface kingdoms cast large offerings in gold and silver into the Hole, a massive pit in the world located where once stood a debauched nation, dragged under by Torog.


Throughout the Underdark, Torog has five dens where he and his followers practise the art of torture. The largest of these locations is Gargash, the Living Den: build from the body of the one to bind Torog to the Underdark, and being constantly attacked and chained so that the Primordial won't rise again.


The few and insane that join in his service are subject to prolonged torture to see if they are worthy. Those who rise in the ranks of King that Crawles become more apt at torture along the way. Torog cares little for his followers, as he does not need them to enact his will on the mortal world: he uses and discards them as he sees fit, the dead being dissected and put together as Wrackspawn. Any can petition the King that Crawls to become an Exarch. This involved undergoing centuries of torture, so only the most powerful entities can rise to this position of power. There are four known Exarchs to Torog, those who are not currently on a mission for their lord are undergoing their torture until they're needed.

  • The Abnegator is a Primordial currenly undergoing his torture as the Restless Heaps; Torog has torn him apart and turned him into his very own torture den. He also serves as a guard between the Underdark and the Elemental Chaos, preventing the latter from spilling in in a spectacular and destructive fashion.
  • The Cringe is on a mission from Torog; to trace his lord's route when he first tried to escape the Underdark. He also serves the King that Crawles in other means is deemed needed; orders are given by being carved in the backs of servants sent for the Exarch.
  • Duon-Eel the Thrice-Slain, hero of the Dawn War, has only been used once as a messenger to Lolth: he has been locked away in torture ever since.
  • Jerran is being trained to be an Exarch: once a wrackspawn, she earned her name and gender back after many years. Torog ordered the others of her caste to torture her to her apotheosis in a different dimension: if any of them were to return to the Underdark, it would be a sign that Jerran is ready.

Only a few join willingly; the most of Torog's servants are abducted and conscripted into service. It is a common superstition that invoking the King that Crawls' name, he rises up from the ground and kidnaps you.


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