Tomb World

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A Tomb World is a planet with a Necron tomb on it (and by "on" we mean "in").

The Necrontyr Empire once spanned the galaxy, but after the Wars of Succession, the disastrous War in Heaven, the biotransference into Necron bodies, and the sharding of the C'tan, the empire was left weak and the galaxy was a mess. The Necrons thus decided to go to sleep and let things settle down, so they sought refuge in great tombs, preparing to wake up in sixty million years' time to retake a healed galaxy.

In that time, the galaxy didn't just stop moving; since the vast majority of the inhabitants of the galaxy (basically everyone but the Eldar, who were too busy having orgies/staying away from Slaanesh to remember them) never heard of the Necrons, they didn't know to check for them when settling planets, and so any inhabited planet (and any uninhabited planet, for that matter) could be a Tomb World. However, as of the 41st Millennium, the sixty million years are up, and the Necrons are starting to wake back up. Most of them are not keen on sharing their world with the upstarts who have moved in during their slumber.

Notable Tomb WorldsEdit

Kaurava 3. Seems cozy if you're a desert tortoise or a Necron

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