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Tibalt is some little pest that earned a spot on Sorin's shit list. And they fought. Now you may be asking who won? A vampire that is easily one of the oldest planeswalkers, or some brat who's only planeswalker card is considered the worst of any planeswalker (see below)? Well incase you haven't figured it out, Sorin kicked his ass. Is also one dapper motherfucker.

He's probably named for the Romeo and Juliet character Tybalt, and/or that character's namesake, Tybalt the Prince of Cats, from Reynard the Fox. Neither is all that flattering.

The professor did a video on him [1]


Tibalt is arguably THE WORST planeswalker (keep in mind that we are using other planeswalkers as a baseline, not cards in general). Why is he so bad? I mean he has the lowest CMC of any planeswalker (second-lowest now.). Well he only has a starting loyalty value of 2, which on its own isn't so bad. Kiora (the Crashing Wave) costs twice as much, has a starting loyalty of 2 and she is pretty cool. His ultimate can end a game in your favor. His second ability however is best suited for decks of a certain niche or against certain decks. He is bad because his only + ability is only +1 and it sucks (Admittedly, Sarkhan the Mad doesn't even have a +), and because Tibalt can't protect himself or provide card meaningful card advantage.

Our boy Tibalt is back in War of the Spark! And his card is... well it's still terrible, but at least he can protect himself a little bit more? His incarnation in War of the Spark is one of the new "lower rarity" walkers introduced to spice up the set. He's a 2 generic 1 red Uncommon rarity walker with 5 starting loyalty and has a -2 ability, which makes a 1/1 red Devil creature token that can ping something for 1 when it dies. Like every walker in this set, he has a unique passive ability, which prevents opponents from gaining any life. 3 mana for a 5 loyalty walker is pretty nice, but between his complete inability to gain any loyalty outside of Proliferate, the lackluster minus ability, and the too narrow effect of hosing life-gain decks, Tibalt remains as unimpressive as ever. That being said, he does occasionally find a place in Standard red sideboards, as he is the only Lifegain hoser in the format currently, so at least he sees some legit play. Despite his apparent suck streak never being broken, he ends up living through War of the Spark, appearing in the special post-War Chandra comic to deliver some bantz to taunt Chandra.

Tibalt also has a test card. In this card tibalt has 3 loyalty abilities, and each loyalty ability lets you cast 1 of 3 spells chosen at random.

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