Thramas Crusade

Thramas Crusade
Date 007-009.M31
Scale Regional
Theatre Horus Heresy
Status Dark Angels victory
Night Lords Dark Angels
Commanders and Leaders
Konrad Curze Lion El'Jonson
Night Lords Legion Dark Angels Legion
Konrad Curze missing.
1/5 of the Nights Lord Legion killed.
Legio Ulricon destroyed.
First Captain Sevatar captured.
Moderate Dark Angels losses.
Billions of citizens massacred.
The capture of Curze and the break-up of the Night Lords Legion into smaller independent warbands.
The Dark Angels would then split; with the Lion joining Imperium Secundus while the bulk of the Legion would go on to engage the Death Guard.

The Thramas Crusade was a 3 year campaign of the Horus Heresy led by the VIII Legion, the Night Lords, against the I Legion, Dark Angels.

In order to distract the Dark Angels and keep them out of the war, Horus ordered his brother Konrad Curze and his legion out to the Eastern Fringes to ruin everyone's day/night/life. So Curze fucked off and spent 2 years playing a hit-and-run game while slaughtering the sector, with the Lion and Dark Angels were unable to catch them.

After a while Curze offered a parlay to the Lion on the world of Tsagualsa. With them they brought their honor guard, including Sevatar and Shang with Curze, and Corswain and Alajos with the Lion. The talks ended in battle as Curze revealed to the Lion that he had foreseen the destruction of Caliban and the existence of the Fallen, and that because of the delay caused by this campaign when the Dark Angels could have been fighting elsewhere, the Lion would never be trusted ever again. The Lion, not giving a shit about how he looked in the future ("loyalty is its own reward") then apologised to his brother before striking him a lightning fast blow, which then devolved into an all out brawl. As the brothers fought, so too did their honor guard. Curze was slowly choking the life out the Lion, Sevatar decapitated Alajos as he tried to call for reinforcements, and Corswain stabbed Curze through the spine. As reinforcements arrived from both Legions, the bloodied and injured Primarchs were dragged away, screaming abuse at each other.

After the shit-show of the talks, the Lion would take a break from fighting the Night Lords to engage the Death Guard over ownership of a warp device known as Tuchulcha, which could allow instantaneous travel between two point and give the owner the edge in maneuverability. Therefore the Dark Angels could now successfully ambush the Night Lords fleet and kinda just fucked up their mojo in general.

Once again the two Primarchs fought, this time with El'Jonson putting Curze into a coma. The Night Lords were forced to flee and Sevatar took command for the time being. He had decided that they had fought enough of Horus' wars for him and needed to break free, whereupon Sevatar murdered most of the Legion's Captains who didn't agree with him, and then ordered the remainder of the Legion to split up into six Grand Companies and go their separate ways, effectively breaking the Legion into a raiding force where they could rape and pillage to their hearts' content.

While Sevatar did this, the Dark Angels managed to track him down and launch a second attack. Sevatar launched a counter attack and led the Atramentar (his Terminator elite) aboard the Dark Angels fleet. The First Captain managed to help his Primarch Curze to recover from his coma and the awakened Night Haunter met with the Lion and fought yet again. Thanks to the distraction from Curze, the Night Lords were able to organize a retreat and flee. However Curze, Sevatar and several warriors were left behind.

Curze would later escape from the Lion yet again while the fleet was in orbit over Macragge and performed a one man commando operation against the realm of Ultramar for a couple of years. At least until he was captured by the Lion one more time at the cost of one of Macragge's cities.

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