This Is Not A Test

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This is Not a Test is a game. Think Necromunda meets Fallout, and thus Awesome.


How It PlaysEdit


You roll for initiative, if you pass you get 2 actions with that mini and choose another. If you fail you get only one action and your opponent gets to roll initiative for one if their minis. It is a fairly simple evolution of strict I-go-You-go which works ok.

Campaigns/Levelling UpEdit

List of WarbandsEdit





Your Brotherhood of Steel expy, the Preservers are known for their ease of massing Relics and Power Armor, though there is a divide between tech users and armor users. They're benevolent towards other Wastelanders as a whole, in contrast to the Rogue Reclaimers.


Rogue ReclaimersEdit

Rogue Reclaimers are a breakaway from the Preservers that believe only they have the authority to use pre-Fall tech. As a whole, they are a more one-dimensional warband, trading in a lot of tech diversity in exchange for the ability to equip nearly the entire warband in Power Armor...even if certain rookies get the salvaged models held together by duct tape.