The wet dream of selena agna

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The Wet Dream of Selena AgnaEdit

"The Emperor protects. The Emperor is father. The Emperor is life. The Emperor..."

"Is not here Mon-keigh."

Canoness Selena Agna had been shamefully taken alive by the Eldar scum who now faced her, a female Farseer who appeared to be of few years for her kind. Her dark hair, tied back in a simple tail, shined in the dim light of the interrogation chamber, as did her disturbing, yet alluring, alien eyes.

She was, as was the case with most Eldar, sickening in her alien perfection. She was slim, fit, and carried an aura of refinement. Her face was not marked by a single flaw. Selena desperately wanted to change that, but with her weapons gone, being stripped to her undergarments, and hands bound, that wasn't an option.

"The Emperor is always with me, xenos witch. Now either question me or kill me. In fact, just kill me, as I'll never talk no matter what torture you devise."

Unexpectedly, the creature smiled at her, her eyes sparkling with amusement. "Oh, we'll see about that."

With that, the creature did the strangest thing yet: she began removing her armor, taking piece after piece of protective mesh and wraithbone from her body until only a sheen dress remained.

And then she began to approach her prisoner

"You see, mon-keigh, your kind have denied me something very important; the love of my dear mentor. Because of you and your ilk, I may never see Taldeer again. For a long time, I considered avenging her by destroying you all, but then I came to realize: you owe me a debt. If you're all dead, I can never collect. And you will grant me my first payment."

They were now inches apart. Selena had no idea what to expect. Would the creature reach into her mind with her foul psyker powers? Would she attempt to strangle her? Would she...

Then came the kiss.

It was like a bolt of lighting. The Canoness was literally struck senseless by the complete madness of the fact that this xeno's lips were pressing ever so delicately against her own. They were soft, gentle, and warm, so very similar to those of a human. Her conscious mind lost, Selena found no will to resist, especially as the kiss deepened. The Eldar seer's mouth and tongue force apart the lips of their captive and then thrust inside.

Selena felt her face begin to heat. The alien's tongue within her mouth was such a strange feeling. It probed her teeth, her gums, even gently caressed her own tongue. The taste was like a fine tea, sweet with a hint of bitterness to it.

She suddenly found her own tongue probing the Farseer's mouth in return, desperately seeking more of that strange flavor. The alien's slender form moved closer, her body heat warming the exposed flesh of Selena's belly.

At last the kiss ended, the Eldar pulling her mouth away from Selena. A thin line of saliva connected their damp lips.

"I am Caerys, Farseer of Ulthwe. Please, what is your name?"

"I... I..." In a rush, Selena's mind crashed through the fog that had covered her mind. With all her might, she tackled her captor shoulder first, pushing them both to the ground. "What is the meaning of this witch!? Are you playing games with my mind? What could you hope to accomplish with this?"

Kneeling over her captor, who had not ceased smiling despite her predicament, Selena couldn't help but notice her body. The dress she wore was very sheer, leaving none of her curves to the imagination. Her skin was a pale grey-white, like marble or perhaps a thick cream. Upon closer inspection, Selena could see that the psyker's nipples were erect behind the cloth. Once again, her face became flushed, and she returned her gaze to the creature's eyes.

Caerys reached her hands toward the Canoness, and gently placed them on her muscular stomach. Each finger felt electrified, forcing unwanted gasps out of their target's throat. The heat in her face began to spread throughout her torso. Her tiny, fragile hands began exploring the human's body, tracing her abdominal muscles. Her hands still bound, Selena could do nothing to resist, flinching away from the touch, her holy rage beginning to unwillingly ebb in the face of these strange sensations.

"Please," the Farseer repeated, "What is your name?"

"I... I am Canoness Selena Agna, xenos witch! L... learn my name well, for it is the n... name of your death!"

"Selena... please, relax. You will not be harmed. You will not be questioned. And perhaps this may be enjoyable for you."

Those delicate hands had finished their probing of Selena's stomach, and had begun to massage her chest. Each squeeze the offending hands gave the Cannoness' ample bust sent a wave of pleasure through her chest. Her cotton bra's fabric did nothing to dampen the sensation.

Her breathing began to grow heavier, and she panted in reply, "I... won't bow to you... psyker scum! I... won't..."

Caery's hands slowly slid around and began to unhook her undergarment's clasp. Her nimble finger made short work of the device, and soon the room's cold air met the Sister of Battle's seldom exposed breasts. Her hands returned to their work, and the Canoness returned to her gasping. The sensation of flesh to flesh contact was more intense than she thought it would be.

Slowly, gently, the Farseer worked her way out from under her captive and laid her flat, all the while continuing to kneed her target's large alien breasts. Selena hated her body for its weakness, willing it to resist but failing as more waves of pleasure met her brain.

When her prisoner was finally in a position that suited her, Caerys removed her left hand from its target, and replaced it with her mouth.

The hot, wet breath of her captor rolled over the Sister's highly stimulated skin, as her agile alien tongue began to dance over the mound of soft flesh, tracing the aureole, flicking against the now stiff nipple, sampling the taste of human skin for the first time with amazing eagerness.

Selena let out a soft moan. The sensation was so foreign, she had no real defense to throw against it. Her emotions were pouring out, past her years of training and conditioning, like a burst pipe. She wanted to kill this foul beast. But she also wanted more...

Caerys seemed truly pleased by this sound, and seemed to take it as an invitation. Her mouth left the breast it had been so enjoying, and made a veritable buffet of Selena's body. Her neck, her ears, her armpits, her abs, every inch of her hairless, athletic body, a vision of human perfection, was taken in by the soft, wet flexible wedge of the Eldar's tongue.

But Caerys was not satisfied, it seemed, even though she left Selena covered in saliva and sweat. Her tongue traced the Sister's side, along her leg, and finally around to her inner thigh, where the Farseer planted a soft kiss as she reached for the rim of the Cannoness' panties.

"N... no! D... don't do this you... filthy..."

Another lash of the tongue to her inner thigh silenced Selena and Caerys began to pull the simple cotton panties downward.

"Don't... please... Caerys..."

The Eldar's smile could have lit an entire Hive City when the human spoke her name. "But Selena, how can I stop now..."

She finished removing the undergarments, exposing her captive's now damp womanhood to the world, "...when it so clear that you want more?"

Selena's breath heaved like some kind of animal as Caerys' hands finger walked along her inner thigh and played along the edges of her lower lips. She kept the area shaved clean as a matter of personal hygiene, and found herself wishing she had grown a veritable forest of hair to deter this creature. And yet the witch was right. She wanted more. A lifetime of celibacy and service to Emperor, and she wanted this blight upon humanity to give her even more pleasure. She even wanted to return it, to taste the Eldar's body as she had her mouth.

As if reading her thoughts (a distinct possibility, a small part of her brain realized) Caerys moved away from her teasing for a few moment and removed her dress. She was like a class sculpture, perfectly formed, her entire body without a single flaw. She too lacked hair in her pubic region, and her hand slowly slid along her taught, flat stomach to pass over her own nethers. The fingers returned to her face with a light glisten, and she tasted them. "It seems you're not the only one who is growing excited, mon-keigh. I seem to be a bit damp."

The Canoness watched this action with wide eyes, and found drool began to build up in her mouth. Every experience of her life screamed at her for her heresy, but it was too late now. She wanted to know that taste. The taste of the most forbidden fruit a human could be offered. She had already failed the Emperor, her sisters, her very race, what harm could it be now?

Caerys moved back to her still prone prisoner, and swung her leg over the Sister's head. Slowly, she dropped to her knees, bringing her alien taint within centimeters of Selena's face. The scent was like nothing she'd known before, a spicy musk that indicated the witch's arousal.

Falling forward to her elbow, the Farseer's face approached Selena's own womanhood, her breath like a summer wing.

"Now, my dear human, you may feast to your heart's content. As will I."

All semblance of rational thought finally vanished. Selena's tongue lanced toward the Eldar's vulva, parting them with ease, and thrust into her vagina. The flavor was sweeter than she ever could have imagined, the fluid's within like a glorious wine, and no matter how deeply she drank there was always more. She probed the vaginal walls with ravenous hunger, seeking more of the intoxicating flavor. Caerys began to emit small groans of pleasure as the Canoness's frenzy increased in intensity.

Still moaning, she thrust her tongue into Selena.

It was like nothing she's ever felt before. The feeling of Caerys tongue inside her body, of the witches lips and teeth and breath stimulating her entire pelvic region, was so... alien, that it was indescribable. Except, of course, that it felt good. Better than anything else in her life. Better than a victory on the battlefield, than a prayer to the Emperor, than the praise of her superior. All the things that had ever brought her joy paled in comparison to this hot, wet sensation.

And then Caerys found her clit.

Selena felt like a bomb had gone off in her chest. Heat spread through her body until she felt like she was on fire. Her muscles began to spasm, her legs bowing as if trying to find something to latch onto. And through it all she kept her feverish licking, desperate for more of the Eldar's sweet nectar, wondering if her own was as delicious to the alien.

It seemed like an eternity that they lay there, their moans growing louder and louder, their bodies putting out so much sweat and other fluid that it was practically beginning to pool around them. Finally, with a massive shout, Caerys climaxed, her insides clamping around Selena's tongue with powerful muscles and drenching her face with so much of her glorious liquid love that it was impossible to even think of devouring it all.

A few moments later, the Canoness too reached her climax. The explosion of feeling, the tightening of muscles all over her body, was so intense that she couldn't help but scream in pure ecstasy. It was if the Emperor himself had taken her into his arms.

Their strength spent, the two completely collapsed. With some effort, the Farseer crawled off her captive, flipping around so their faces could meet again. For nearly a full minute, they stared into each others eyes. Caerys licked the Canoness' cheek, tasting her love juices mixed with human human sweat gleefully. Selena returned the favor, running her tongue along the inside of the Eldar's tapered, elven ear. Finally, they shared a long, passionate kiss, and fell asleep together, bathing in their afterglow.

Some hours later, Selena found herself alone on a barren battlefield, dressed in her power armor and with all her equipment returned. Clasped in her gauntleted hand was a note, written in perfect Imperial Gothic, with three strands of black hair wrapped inside.


Know that humanity has not repaid its debt to me in full yet. I will extract further payment from others, but as a reminder of your generous donation, please keep these tokens, in the hopes that we may make another transaction in the future.


She would have to burn the note, of course. But... perhaps she could find a suitable hiding place for the hair. Who would suspect a Canoness after all? Pocketing the gift, she set out. She would have to find a beacon and signal for rescue. Making up for this heresy would be a lifetime effort, and the sooner she got started, the better.