The Ziggurat of Doom

Ziggurat Of Doom.jpg

The Ziggurat of Doom is an example battle for Warhammer Fantasy 1st edition within the core rulebooks.

In the darkling woods of Dwarfstrangle there stands a most ancient ziggurat. Solitary and forgotten the crumbling mound passes century upon century undisturbed until the day in question. Upon this day, the day of this adventure, the 5 dwarves Sigurd Strongarm, Sigrat Blackbrow, Sigrun Slendershank, Skeggi Brokenback, Saugorn Brittlebone and their leader Thorgrim Branedimm break the peace of sleeping millenia as they stumble, hurredly, into the sunlight of ine open glade. Indeed the Dwarves have reason to hurry for they. are fleeing for their very lives, away from the forest, away from the Goblins whose cries even now can be heard in the glade. "This looks as likely a place to make an end of it", says Thorgrim, "We defend this old temple - for I'd sooner die here with a weapon in my hand than die running with- an arrow in my back".

All the others murmur their agreement in the sullen way of Dwarves, and the company deploy themselves on the Ziggurat ready to meet the onslaught of Goblins.

This is technically the very first lore in any Warhammer setting, ever. Only fitting that it begins with Dawi and Greenskins.

Each Dwarf has enchanted stats, and their leader has a full three wounds. Despite the point of the scenario being supposedly to make a last stand, in most cases the Dwarfs will survive. The Dwarfs get 4d6 rocks to throw at the Goblins as the Goblins climb the Ziggurat, the player with the Goblins has 3D6 to start with the first six being Hobgoblins lead by a Hobgoblin named Guthnog with enchanted stats plus 1d6 more regular Goblins for the first three turns.

Goblins get two points for every Dwarf killed, Dwarfs get one point for every turn survived. After twelve turns the Dwarfs win instantly.