The Seven Steel Thanes

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Led by the mysterious Sheoldred, Whispering One, the black-aligned faction has one goal: enslave. Believers will serve. Unbelievers will be made to serve. All will bow to Phyrexia. Geth, the undead lord of the Vault of Whispers, had embraced Phyrexia long before the rest of Mirrodin knew the threat. Now, he controls a vast army of undead in service of their goals.

The Seven Steel Thanes is the New Phyrexian faction associated with black mana. The seven thanes dominate control of the forces of black mana in New Phyrexia. They are not united. Each thane is a warlord vying for the position of Father/Mother of Machines. Sheoldred used to be top dog in this competition, but Elesh Norn swooped in and laid waste to her domain. It is unknown how this (and possibly other offscreen) events altered the political landscape of the forces of The Seven Steel Thanes.

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