The Sentinels

The Sentinels
Sentinel Legion Badge flower draft.jpg
Battle Cry "For the Watchman!" or "For the Warmaster!"
Number IX
Founding First Founding
Successors of N/A
Successor Chapters WIP
Chapter Master N/A
Primarch Je'She of the Watch
Homeworld Harrdid
Strength 105,000
Specialty Defensive operations, Civilian protection, Siege warfare, Prolonged campaigns
Allegiance Loyalist
Colours Coal grey with white text overlay
This page details people, events, and organisations from Warmasters Triumvirate, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the Warmasters Triumvirate page for more information on the Alternate Universe.
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The Sentinels are the IXth Legiones Astartes, led by the Primarch and Warmaster Je'She of the Watch



Pre-Primarch History & ReunionEdit

Created by the Emperor of Mankind himself beneath the mountains of the Himalayas, the geneseed of the IXth made just like any other Legion. Due to it’s maturity before other geneseed variants, such as the XIXth and XXth legions, the IXth were employed during the last months of the Unification Wars. Used as reinforcements among the already battle-hardened companies from older genestock, the IXth quickly gained a reputation for almost fanatical determination to the cause.

So eager were they to prove themselves not only to their older brothers and the Emperor, but to the younger legions as well; often volunteering for impossible campaigns, and achieving victory at all cost. They were not as effective as the vanguard, unlike those of the Ist or XVth, but rather their true skill was that of shieldbearers, guarding flanks and resisting enemy counterattacks. Due to the nature of such tactics, the IXth lost men as quickly as they could make them. The lack of veterans compared to other legions gave the IXth an air of idealistic fanaticism. The young recruits just as willing to die for their cause as much as their deceased predecessors. These nigh-suicidal tendencies gained them the moniker, ‘The Shields of Death’.

This fearsome reputation gained admiration and derision from their brothers in equal measure. For the Solar Auxilia assigned alongside the IXth, only the most fanatical or stoic regiments welcomed their placement. For others, fighting alongside the ‘Shields of Death’ meant making the ultimate sacrifice for victory. The IXth demanded it.

"Me and my squad were pinned down while trying to take a ridge. Fire was coming in from nearly all sides. Transmissions were down, and I had lost half of my men. Out of the smoke came a single legionnaire. He took cover beside us, asked me the situation, looked up at the ridge, and said, ‘If your squad shall die like mine did, then it shall be a glorious day indeed. Follow my advance.’. He got up, in full fire, and ran straight up that ridge. We won that day and took that damn ridge, but I will never forget those words of glorious despair."

– Anonymous Solar Auxilia Sergeant. 795.M30, during the battle of Luna.

By the time the Shields were reunited with Je’She, they were only roughly a score or so of bone-ragged companies. They made planetfall alongside the emperor to save their Primarch from being overwhelmed by orks. What they saw was awe-inspiring. Their genefather, in nought but iron plate and a primitive glaive, holding back tides of greenskins with his back against a mighty gate. With only a handful of human soldiers left at his side, him and his men held back thousands upon thousands of wrathful xenos. Their genefather was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his people: death. For the IXth, that was all they asked.

Upon reunification, Je’She looked upon his legion, bloodied and determined to prove themselves above and beyond, and vowed to instill a new fanaticism in them. One not of mindless self-destruction, but the creed of protecting those that relied on them, both humanity and their brothers. Self sacrifice was noble, but foolish in the long run. For the IXth were shieldbearers, and shieldbearers they would continue to be, but now their creed was that of humanity, not of fanatical validation. They would be humanity's shields, their protectors, their Sentinels.

The Great CrusadeEdit

A Sentinel Legionnaire during the latter days of the Great Crusade

Upon reunification and during the course of Je’She’s first campaigns, the primarch began to modify his legion’s organisation. Keeping the majority of the original structure, he did however put immense efforts into changing the culture and mindset of his legion, instilling values of stoicism and humanity into his legionnaires. He encouraged creative pursuits, reasoning that a good warrior is a well-rounded warrior. Before long, the Sentinels were nearly unrecognisable from their fanatical origins. No longer was the fire unchecked, not locked away, but merely redirected towards different goals. The IXth became known for surviving against the odds, holding the lines until their enemy broke themselves attempting to break through. Siege masters with few equals, they ground down fortresses and rebuilt them even greater. They showed mercy when necessary, but left nought but rubble when they had to, and in their wake left cities even greater than their forebears.

Under the leadership of Je'She, the IXth distinguished themselves as prime examples of the Crusade's ideals. They were relentless in their drive to reunite humanity. They're initial diplomatic approach was received mixed approval from other legions, but proved to be an effective course of action in many cases. However, their military record was as long and prestigious as any other legion. While they did not bring worlds to compliance as fast as other legions, such as the Emperor's Dragoons or Silver Blades, they were noted for leaving behind worlds in much further stages of reconstruction and compliance. Noted for their humanity and selflessness, they became well loved throughout the Imperium. Their campaigns spread across the galaxy from the Segmentum Obscurus, across the Ultima Segmentum, and into the fringes of the Segmentum Tempestus. Their expertise in defenses and siege warfare lent them an edge in taking civilized or warlike empires. Breaking through every weak spot and exploiting every mistake in the enemy's defenses with deadly tenacity.

The Sentinels fought with most of their brother legions throughout the Great Crusade. They forged strong ties with many of them, especially the Silver Blades, Titan Marchers, Emperor's Dragoons, Loxodontii, Golden Mountains and Chosen of Hecate. Their infantry based tactics allowed them to work well with other legions in whatever position necessary. In the latter days of the Great Crusade, many warhosts were pulled back from the front to man the Imperial Ring, a blockade of fortress worlds around the edges of the Segmentum Solar. The intention was reinforce the Imperial territories and in extent, protect the Emperor interred upon the Golden Throne after Ullanor. However, this was perceived by certain legions as a power play to consolidate control over worlds critical to the Imperium of Man. This aided in an already rising of tensions between legions and Primarchs.




Legion DoctrineEdit

Tactics and StrategiesEdit

Strategies: The Sentinels are primarily concerned with taking and defending key strategic locations. Heavily concerned with Imperial civilian safety. Emphasis on static emplacement, unit coordination, and siege tactics. Specializing in prolonged warfare.

Tactics: A range of tactics are used that are related to siege warfare and defending populations, a mixture of heavy and light infantry is often used to hold formation and to probe enemy vulnerabilities, with vehicle and aerial support on the attack. Other tactics include a build up of defensive structures and positions with heavily embedded infantry, with artillery and aerial support on the defense. The protection of civilian populations are enacted via evacuation or infantry with vehicle support.

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