The Scourged

The Scourged
Scourged Shoulder Pad.png
Origin Seekers of Truth
Warband Leader Gallus Herodicus
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Interrogation, insanity
Allegiance Tzeentch
Colours Dark blue and dark red with gold trim

The Scourged are a Chaos Space Marine warband dedicated to Tzeentch. Formerly known as the Seekers of Truth, they served under the Inquisition. This service amounted to murdering civilians the Inquisition deemed undesirable. Over time, this took its toll on the chapter, their services reducing their morale so low that that entire chapter began questioning their devotion to the Imperium.

Every night their Chapter Master, Gallus Herodicus, would pray to the Emperor for guidance and the ability to ascertain when men spoke the truth and when they spoke lies. The Emperor never answered his prayers, but one night Tzeentch was listening in and decided to grant Herodicus' request. Tzeentch, in his wisdom, made it so that not just Herodicus, but the entire chapter would know when someone in the galaxy lied. The chapter only remained Loyalist for a matter of days before going rogue and vowing to tear down the Imperium of Man and the bedrock of lies it was built upon. Obviously afflicted with crippling insanity, but really, it's not their fault. They understand the truth now. That they managed to get ANYTHING done is a testament to how awesome these moralfags are.

The Scourged appear in both the fourth and sixth edition Chaos Space Marine codices as an example of a Tzeentch-aligned renegade chapter. Like The Flawless Host, a single model appears painted in their colors, in this case a Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armor. 8th edition gave them a brand new dark red color scheme in the Chaos Space Marines codex.

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