The Rape of Raege

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"C-commissar?" Enigma gasped.

The assassin was still joined to the woman by his engorged member, and was still thrusting into her on pure muscle memory, though each movement was getting slower. Raege still wore Lelith's skin over her groin and legs since as they were still in coitus it couldn't be removed.

"Shit... shit..." the raven-haired commissar gasped through gritted teeth. "Y-you weren't supposed to... shit..."

Enigma's mind raced. Even an assassin feared the boundless authority of a commissar, and Raege was a notorious hardass even among her colleagues. Why was she here? Why had she been masquerading as the eldar wych? Had she replaced Lelith as a mission? WAS there a "Lelith" at all?

"S-stop... you... I'm ordering you." Raege's voice found a stern, cold tone despite the shudders of pleasure.

Enigma considered. He was already in deep, in all senses of the word. His professionalism demanded he follow orders and go through with the mission. But something dark had awakened within him, something that said fuck authority, and fuck their rules. The Temple has its own rules.

"No" Enigma grunted, starting to thrust harder again.

"What... t-the fuck did you..." the commissar gasped as his force pushed her down towards the ground again.

"I said NO" he snapped. "You... still... belong... to ME. And you... will not... talk... back"

Raege opened her mouth to protest, but the assassin's hand was suddenly back on her throat, and his other hand forced her down to all fours again. She growled and grunted, trying to bite his hand, but he responded with a casual swat across her face, and kept thrusting. Her womanhood was not as nice and soft as Lelith's, it was more leathery and muscled, but it was still good. Grabbing hold of her right arm again, Enigma twisted it painfully behind her back, making the commissar cry out in pain.

"No more talk"

She could not help it. She could not fight it. A very loud, angry part of her sure as the warp demanded she fight it, but in the end she told it to piss off. She had not spent years feeding false information to two separate temples of the Officio Assassinorum in the pursuit of getting one specific assassin into this exact situation just to back down because her cover had been blown. In any other instance she might have done just that. But she had a particularly fat piece of masculine equipment stretching her thigh-to-thigh and shoving it to the very limits of her depths. Best of all, it was exactly how she had wanted it; rough, aggressive, completely disregarding her status and position and giving it to her on the mere graces of carnal animality.

She would not have dared to approach anyone for this. A sullied reputation was one reason but even worse was that she would have a sullied reputation and end up getting someone whose nerves could not stand up to the pressure.

Her body drove back into his, rolling her hips vigorously. Everything was turning out better than expected.

The assassin gripped her other arm at the wrist, then hauled back on her arms until her hands were pressed together behind her back, her body lifting up off the ground. She pulled at her arms, fighting him only in play but not in spirit. The response was delicious; he yanked even harder, threatening to pull her shoulders right out of their sockets. Several muscles pulled harshly and she let out a ragged scream. His hips pounded into her, lap slapping to ass, noises of impacts like the cracking of a whip filling the air.

"NnNH! S-STOP, YOU FUCKER!!" she screamed. Her words said no, but her body and her tone said "by the God-Emperor give me more."

"Make me," came the cold, taunting retort. She couldn't find it in her to reply, merely bucking her hips eagerly. Her juices dripped down her thighs, his balls smeared with them as they pummeled her clit with each rough fuck.

She screamed, she cursed, she struggled, but for every verbal assault or physical attempt to pull her arms from his wrenching grasp she gave an urgent roll of her hips into his bruising thrusts. He slammed to the hilt into her, over and over, the sharp sting of the fat head of his pole punching against her cervix each time doing nothing to diminish her need for more, more, *more.* Her fingers clutched to his wrists, nails biting into his skin, her eyes slammed shut; body tensed, mouth flew open, and with a throaty scream of ecstasy that had Slaanesh looking up from Hir trillion-soul orgy party in the Warp to see what was going on, she came *hard.* Walls clenched and tugged at his rod, which refused to slow down. Driven to even greater heights of sensitivity by the mind-blowing climax, each thrust threatened to mentally break her like a twig. Her juices gushed down his length, splattering down to the floor and hanging in sticky bands of honeyed sweetness from their constantly colliding loins.

And then, just as the surge of ecstasy had finally abated, she felt him pull out of her, her sopping-wet folds and soft-pinks gaping from the hard stretch she had endured. She snapped her head around to glare at him.

"What the fuck are you stopping for?!" she snapped. "Get the fuck back- AAH!" she screamed, interrupted by one hand whipping away from her wrists to backhand her across the face, her head snapping forwards again, a brilliant red imprint across her cheek. Enigma yanked her head back, a fist in her hair, pulling her back up against him, as his other hand began tearing at the synthskin still covering her legs.

"What the fuck did I say about not talking back?" he snarled. "Go fuck yourself," Raege growled in reply, gasping as his hand left her hair to squeeze at her throat, choking her. "Why would I? I have you for that, now." He tossed the synthskin away, glancing down. Her trademark leggings had been left on, attached to a garter belt.

"Th-this is... treason... I'll..." Raege stammered, her lower lips still dribbling his hot seed down her legs.

"What. Did. I. Say." Enigma snapped, backhanding her with his free hand, leaving a large red mark which made her scar flare up.

An unintelligible string of curses flew from the lips of the commissar. She'd enjoyed this... she still was... but the assassin was proving to be more assertive than hoped. More unruly. She tried to get to her feet, but he spun around, once again grabbing her into an armlock. She struggled, kicking and screaming, but could not escape.

"Where's your ship, commissar?" He whispered in her ear.

"W-what? Why wo-"

"Where" he wrenched her arm again, and blinding hot needles of pain stabbed through her eyelids "is your ship. I know you have it here somewhere. Now where?"

She bit her lip and tried to force herself to remain quiet. She wanted to stay here, to continue this game of will against will (and let Enigma think he was easily winning). But she was blacking out, and choking...

"S-southwest three clicks... e-eldar... lander..." she gasped. "They... didn't... know..."

Enigma nodded. Quickly and leanly he was already fully dressed, though he left the commissar wearing only her garters and socks, her hair mussed up and sweaty. The remaining dark eldar forces had long since fled, as had the freed captives, so Enigma didn't have to worry about an audience. Swooping down he picks up Raege's synth skin and other details, to conceal what had happened here. Then, with his prisoner still firmly armlocked, they walked.

It only took a short while, despite Raege's struggles, to reach the spot. Enigma stopped occasionally to finger the struggling commissar, making the pleasure weaken her resolve. Soon, Enigma had detected the disguised landing craft and tied Raege to a tree as he vanished into the vegetation. The commissar struggled to get free, now feeling the game was getting out of hand.

Her struggles were for naught. Before she could even loosen one hand from the cuffs, Enigma returned. There were flecks of blood on his forearms and he massaged his shoulder a bit.

"So much for your guards, waiting for your return." he shrugged. Raege just glowered and spat.

"You're interfering with an important, top-secret mission, you stupid..." He yanked her up from the tree painfully.

"Keep that up and I'll gag you" he mumbled. "Now let's go."

The assassin pulled his quarry over to the sleek, jagged looking vessel, the private landing craft of "Lelith". It had rested here since the initial assault, well camouflaged and guarded by some elite, hand-picked guards, all of whom had either long ago fled or were now quite dead thanks to Enigma. The assassin forced Raege to enter her personal code into the ship, which quietly unlocked and admitted them inside.

Inside the lighting was dim, like with many dark eldar vessels imitating the constant dusk of Comorragh. Softly glowing panels and glo-lines offered illumination enough, but Enigma still commanded the commissar captive to raise the light a bit, and soon they could see a lot easier.

"Now where are they?" Enigma grumbled, pushing Raege back against an uncomfortable metal seat.

"Where's what? If you think I'm going to-" She was cut off by another slap, making her see stars.

"Where. Are. They." Enigma growled dangerously. He pushed a hand into the satchel he'd carried over his back here, and it came out holding the empty, floppy synth-skin disguise of Lelith. "Where? I know you have more, bitch."

"I won't-"

"Yes you will. Now stop wasting time."

Raege swallowed, her throat sore. This WAS getting out of hand now. The synth-skin technology was extremely secret, and it had barely been within her power to secure some. And she would much rather just have fucked this man, then escaped without him knowing. But he had her now, and this was already out of hand.

She quietly nodded her head to a closed-off alcove, protected by a security door of sadistic eldar design. Enigma yanked her back to her feet and virtually dragged the bedraggled commissar over, forcing her to enter the right code sequence to avoid the security frying them both. The door hissed open, and Enigma and Raege entered into a small chamber with a couple of floor-to-ceiling tubes with opaque surfaces. Once again the assassin forced her to enter the right codes, and the tubes slid open with a hiss of pressurized gases and a smell of chemicals. Raege raised her voice to protest this most blatant of violations of secrecy, but another rough slap silenced her.

Floating in the tubes were several synth-skin disguises like the Lelith one Rage had worn. Her backups and extras, each worth millions of thrones, and being virtually impossible to produce. There were extra Lelith skins, as well as a few others. A redheaded human with tattoos, a pair of uncorrupted eldar women with different hair colors, even what looked like a slender blue-skinned tau.

"Well well well" Enigma grinned. "This has potential."

Enigma regarded the weird objects in the tubes with interest. He would think these... things... were created using polymorphine, or something similar, and he was very familiar with that credo. As he considered, there was a familiar commlink beep. Too familiar, an Imperial tone in the middle of this gloomy dark eldar ship. The assassin looked over at the cuffed commissar, who now had a look of slight panic on her face. Quickly, Enigma located the transmitter, a small hand-held pictcaster. He quickly tapped in an acceptance code, and the pale blue hololith image of a young woman appeared. She was slender and burdened under the large helmet of an Imperial sanctioned psyker, but with unusually lively eyes.

"-mmissar do you read me?" the girl said through some commlink static.

"BOONE NO! SHUT IT OFF SH-" Raege started, but Enigma deflty stuck a wad of cloth into the commissar's mouth before she could scream a warning.

"What was that commissar?" the girl (evidently "Boone") said.

"Nothing important" Enigma replied.

"Who is this?" the psyker sounded uncertain all of a sudden.

"My name is Enigma, offico assassinorum agent clearance theta-25414 draconis. There's a problem. The eldar forces are in disarray and the commissar's cover is blown. We need you planetside stat."

The girl Boone nodded. "I... alright. If the commissar needs me, I'll be there!"

Enigma smirked slightly, hiding it from the commlink. He had a very high clearance, almost as high as the commissar herself, and this girl Boone was evidently a trusting sort, as many sanctioned psykers were.

"Good" he said, turning back to the comm. "Meet us at the commissar's cover vessel. The xeno forces are routed, don't worry."

"Understood, sir! Boone out!" The comm crackled and died.

Enigma felt the murderous glare form Raege even before he turned around.

Enigma didn't have to wait long for the familiar sound of a small landing craft zooming ahead. He spent that time studying Raege's synth-skins, and teasing the bound commissar's nipples. Against her better knowledge, she was becoming aroused again, moaning through her gag as the assassin fondled her.

"Don't worry, soon." He said, exiting and waving down the woman approaching from the landed imperial craft.

She was quite pretty, Enigma realized, quite unlike a normal psyker. With a slender but soft figure, clean red hair framing a cute face and a nicely shaped bust, this Boone seemed a definite cut above the rest of the sallow-skinned, large-veined gloomy crowd. Enigma gestured for her to follow him towards the dark eldar craft, having carefully hidden the xeno corpses he'd left in his wake firsthand.

"So is she alright? Can you help her? Should we call for a med evac?" Boone seemed to bubble with talk constantly.

"Just come, everything will be clear inside." the assassin shrugged.

As they entered the ship, the assassin opened the door into the private alcove and gestured for Boone to step through. The psyker girl froze as she saw Raege nearly naked, hogtied and gagged on the bed, and the commissar's pleading eyes were warning enough.

But then it was already too late.

Enigma had been right behind Boone from the moment she stepped in, and now he gave a quick thrust to the nerve cluster in her neck. The psyker's knees buckled and she gave out a soft yelp as she almost fell, before the assassin grabbed her by the arms. Another chop stunned her enough that she couldn't focus what psyker powers she had (something Enigma was trained to fear), and then she was dragged half-conscious over to the bed. Enigma grinned as he tugged at his pants, and flopped Boone face-forward onto the bed. With his member once more ready for action, Enigma grabbed the dull beige smock Boone wore and with a flex of his well-trained muscles, tore it open.

His hand trailed down her soft rump between her legs, tickling the pysker's womanhood through her plain, conservative panties. Boone moaned and moved weakly, and the assassin saw this as a sign he was safe. With a quick tear, Boone's panties came off and were discarded onto the same pile as her smock and Raege's Lelith skin. Then Enigma pushed into Boone, his man-meat pushing the small girl wide open as he thrust deep into her and began pushing back and forth.

Raege screamed against her muffle, but Enigma ignored it.

Enigma found himself surprisingly gentle with the psyker girl, against his own expectations. Lelith... Raege had awakened dark, primal, violent feelings in the normally stoic assassins, urges which he had believed had been stamped out by his rigorous assassin conditioning. But Boone was different, and he felt almost insulted by the idea of treating her as rough. Firm, of course, and kept under stern watch so she didn't scheme against him, but for now he was as gentle with her as he could.

The psyker girl was spread as wide as possible to accommodate his manhood, and each undulation of his body sent a wave of discomfort through her which made her moan and yelp occasionally. Still, Enigma resisted the idea to turn that discomfort into pain by forcing himself even harder, and instead he established a slow, rhythmic thrust.

Raege blinked through a fog of anger as she watched the treasonous assassin force himself into her psyker aide. While she was naturally outraged and ashamed that her private thrill ride had derailed to involve poor, sweet Boone, there was also a darker urge. A small voice inside Raege told her she liked seeing the psyker spread out and taken, and that she should have planned it herself . That voice, although small, made the commissar's nipples become erect and grind pleasingly against the fabric of the dark eldar bedsheet.

Enigma enjoyed Raege's stares of indignation, and responded by altering position. Sitting down on the bed, he hoisted the slight psyker girl up to sit in his lap, still impaled on his sizable meat. Now bouncing up and down against his body, Boone's yelp of surprise had fully become groans of lust as the large member penetrated every part of her. Filled to the point of bursting, she couldn't resist the intense heat and trembling buildup any longer, and she screamed out in orgasm.

Enigma followed her a few moments later, filling the redhead with seething, bubbling liquid which steamed out with each thrust. Boone's psyker implants sparked and frazzled as they neutralized any harmful uncontrolled emanations from her mentat powers, and the girl's screams slowly turned into quick, breathless moans. Enigma grinned, and gently slid the girl down onto the bed, letting his member slip out of her.

"Nice. Very nice" the assassin said as he regarded the commissar and her aide laying side by side on the bed. "You girls really have a wild side for a pair of Ordo agents."

He considered what to do next.

"How about" he said, looking at Raege "we spice things up a bit?"

Gently stroking Boone's soft back as the psyker girl lay on the bed panting, Enigma scratched his chin. If he was right, then this entire charade had been the commissar's idea and it may not even be properly on record. He could have the to girls all to himself for all he knew. He felt himself growing stiff again thinking about it, keeping the two around as pets for his pleasure. Raege had noticed the assassins rising manhood and grunted as if she wanted to speak. Enigma figure it was time to get back to the commissar, and so tugged the wad of rags from her mouth roughly.

"Fucker by the Throne I'll tear your balls off and burn..." Raege growled, and Boone's eyes went wide.

Enigma tut-tuted. "What did we agree on? I'm the master, you're the slave. I give, you take. I talk, you shut up. If you break our agreement, maybe I'll break my part too?" Raege shrank visibly as she saw Enigma nod a little towards Boone.

"F-fine, but-" the commissar began.

"We can chat later" the assassin shrugged.

With a quick turn he pulled the hogtied commissar over to face him and unceremoniously shoved his erect manhood deep down her throat. She still blinked in arousal as she felt the meat brush the back of her throat and the taste of cum trickle down her tongue. A muffled yell escaped her and Enigma stared down on her.

"Use your teeth and all bets are off. Your friend will get the rough ride."

Raege went wide-eyed and quickly mellowed. Instead of the angry, violent stares she became downcast, her thin, scarred lips wrapping around Enigma's shaft as he began thrusting back and forth into her.

"Good girl." Enigma grinned. "Even a rabid dog can learn tricks"

With his strong, firm hands he gripped the side's of Raege's head, burrowing his fingers into her sweaty hair. He began pushing her head back and forth, since she was tied-up and couldn't get the leverage to do it herself. Raege moaned, but accepted the new position of sex toy glumly.

The sheer kink and wondrous implausibility of having a commissar cock sleeve made Enigma aroused quicker than he thought. Soon his member twitched within the commissar's mouth, ready to empty its load. Raege looked apprehensive, ready to take what was coming. But then Enigma had an idea, something that would be even better. As he came closer and closer to release under the force of Raege's wet, firm lips, Enigma lifted Boone up with his free hand and dragged the still-limp psyker girl over next to him. Raege's eyes darted to the side, but she had no time to react before Enigma pulled out of her mouth at the moment of orgasm. Pushing Raege and Boone's heads together in front of his member, Enigma roared as he came, emptying a shower of steaming hot liquid in the faces of the two. Raege yelped in surprise, and Boone whimpered a little as the white spunk soiled their hair and skin. Slowly, the ejaculation died down, and Enigma moaned in pleasure as he emptied the last spurts into Raege's raven hair.

Regarding the two soiled girls with a triumphant grin, Enigma saw the fiery hate in Raege's eyes, and the doe-like acceptance in Boone's. He liked this, he really did. But he also wanted more. He wanted to humiliate these girls in new ways, ways that would bind them to him permanently. Turning from their questioning looks, Enigma strolled over to the neglected storage tubes. Opening two specific ones, Enigma removed the contents and turned to walk back to the bed where the commissar and psyker were stirring weakly.

With a flourish, Enigma held out the empty, flabby synth-skins he'd removed in front of the two girls. One was a redheaded eldar girl with red facial tattoos and a somewhat harsh face. The other was a taller, paler eldar woman with long dark hair and an attractive soft face.

Enigma grinned at the stunned looks on his two slaves-to-be.

"Well, whos' it gonna be?" he chuckled.

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