The Crimson Twins

The Crimson Twins are a couple of trueborn twins working for The Ravenous Eye Kabal as enforcers, artists in the Wych Arenas and as bodyguards for their father Avantiak. Pain and Misery were named the Crimson Twins after the Arkalon Massacre.


Pain is the younger of the Crimson Twins, coming out of her mother's belly 3,51 seconds later than her sister, Misery. She is the daughter of the Archon Avantiak and a Succubus from the personal Wych Cult of The Ravenous Eye Kabal. Being the younger of the Sisters she relatively early in her life discovered the usefulness of her innocent-looking face and adopted her personality to match it. Somewhere along the line of this personality twist she came to enjoy the act of teenagehood and it is unknown whether she is acting at this point, or is actually displaying her true colors. Pain can usually be found leading a team of Wyches or Bloodbrides which take on the title of "The Crimson Daggers", where she takes command in her Sister's absence. In addition to her unbridled love for her sister, Pain has also developed an almost yandere love for her Father Avantiak. As opposed to Misery she could never dream of hurting him, nor the notion that he would hurt her.

As loving a child and sister as she is, Pain truly excels on the battlefield and in the arena. Alongside her sister she stands at the top of the hierarchy of the Wych Cult of The Raven's Talon and is joyful in the extreme when allowed to display her supremacy. She also has a strange love for beasts of any kind, however no one, not even Misery, has yet understood why...

Pain can usually be seen fighting in her Wych Suit when fighting alongside either her sister or Avantiak. If neither are present she usually borrows a suit of Ghostplate Armor from her father in order to not expose her skin to others than her family.

"Can I keep it daddy? I'll feed it, and train it and walk it every day!" - Pain, sitting atop a Carnifex during the Tillian Incident

"Come on sis, don't be so cold. What is wrong with travelling on the same raider for once?" - Pain

"Where is the fun, fighting in those junk suits? Come on out here so we can fight eldar on man, what do ya say?" - Pain during the Grixos Assault

"Oh, I am sorry Dad, didn't know this was your screamingbag" - Pain during the Hoxos Campaign

"You scum should be happy to be killed by a cute girl such as myself!" - Pain


Misery is the older of the twins and is like her sister a warrior queen of the Wych Cult of the Raven's Talon. The polar opposite of Pain, Misery is sophisticated, composed, calculating, well-mannered and deeply involved in the politics of her Wych cult. Raised and taught in the ways of the Commorragh nobles by Avantiak while serving as a throne maid, she later turned her attention towards the arenas housing her sister. It did not take long for Misery to rival her sister's prowess, and even exceed her in the ring. However as Pain laid broken upon the pavement, Misery put up an uncharacteristic display of mercy, offering a hand to help the ravaged Wych back upon her feet. Since that day Pain started clinging to Misery, using her influence as a trueborn to make sure they were on the same realspace raids and stalking her in the streets of the Dark City like an overly attached girlfriend.

As opposed to Pain, Misery has come to despise Avantiak over the years. The reason for this dates back to her discovery of her father's personal gallery during her childhood. Having heard tales of the treasures stored within the gallery, Misery's curiosity finally overtook her after months of gossip and she snook out during a time of curfew. In his galleries she not only discovered a holographic projection depicting her pregnant mother's painful deliverance and her torture at the hands of the Haemonculus Tariak, but also the disfigured corpse of her mother, whose body had been swollen up to disgusting proportions. Her face a hundred percent intact.

Regular dark eldar would not have minded the murder of their parent, but the way the murder was carried out was too humiliating for Misery. Ever since that day she has carried with her a burning flame in her soul, only extinguishable by the death of Avantiak,_The_Ravenous_Eye. Unfortunately, her father has recently kept her at an arms length. She still serves as his lieutenant, leading realspace raids and keeping check on politics where he can't, but the right moment to strike has yet to present itself.

"What is this hunger if not a curse? We are controlled by a fear of perishing and gladly plunge others into the abyss to avoid falling ourselves. But this is the way it has to be I am afraid, and if it is the requirement for my survival then I shall offer up your souls in tribute. Prepare yourselves, worms" - Misery during the Battle for Tirinok Reach

"Rejoice Mon-keigh, for today your miserable life will become part of something greater than it could ever have hoped for. Oh, come now, running won't help. Destiny claims us all eventually." - Misery at the Assault of Vraknov

"Warriors are born from the flames of hatred. What do you hate, human?" - Misery at the beheading of Colonel Blakton

"No Pain, I am not going to attend an orgy with you. The thing that happened on Villiach was just an accident, alright? Combat drugs was all. Get off my back, will you?" - Misery

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