The Best Candy Ever

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"I'll see if I could grab some for you, OK?" Little E said as he was led by his hand inside the Sister of Battle's house. All around him were devotional pieces, statues, and paintings of the glorious God-Emperor; beautifying renditions of the master of humankind. He shifted his attention back to the sister, who was moaning joyously and swinging her hips left and right. She turned around and, her eyes locked on to his, gently pulled him through a hallway and in front of a door. He looked over her toned and lithe frame, barely garbed in an exotic cat "costume." She smiled from ear to ear and chuckled before saying, 'I just want to eat you up, you cute little thing!"

"I'm a Ripper! I'm supposed to eat you up! Rargh!" said Little E as he flipped down the mouth of his costume and attempted to look as vicious as possible, which was responded to by the sister grinning widely, in a manner beyond humor. She took a hand off of his costume's paw and opened the ornately decorated door. Little E moved his costume's head up to see a lavishly decorated room lit by glowing candles and the orange glows of incense. The most prized icons of His Eternal Majesty were located within. In the center of the incense-hazed room was an ornamental bed that seemed like the most comfortable - and coolest looking - bed Little E had ever seen. With amazement in his voice, he inquired, "Are we going to sleep in there?!"

All the sister did was grin and bite her lower lip, eyes fixated on the young boy.

"Oh, we won't be doing much sleeping. Not at...all," said the Sister of Battle. Little E looked up at her, then did not as the ripper costume obscured his vision. He moved it out of the way once more and showed her a face brimming with eagerness. "Yeah! We're going to stay up all night and watch movies and play games and eat candy and-" he was cut off by the sister's finger pressing on his lips. "Oh yes, my child, we will be up all night!" She squatted down and wrapped her arms around him, then lifted him up off of the ground. As she carried him inside her bedchambers, Little E breathed in the heavy, strangely smelling incense. "What is this stuff? It smells funny." She replied, "It is special incense, used during the most sacred ceremonies of my order. But tonight, I doubt it will be appropriate for so grand an event." She walked over to the bed and sat Little E down on it, before backtracking and closing the door. "Where is all the candy?" he asked.

The sister of battle turned away from the door and walked slowly to the bed, hew body swaying lightly from side one side to another in each step. She walked over to Little E, placed her hands on his shoulders, pushed his back onto the bed and pressed her lips against his. She moaned lightly and then withdrew, soaking up the bewildered expression on little E's face. "It's all right here." Eyes wide, he swallowed audibly. She once more met her lips with his, both of them closing their eyes for the oral embrace. She parted her red lips enough for her tongue to slide out, and she slipped it into Little E's own. She felt him shudder with the intrusion as her arms moved around to his back, attempting to find the zipper to his costume. They both moaned sensually as she slowly unzipped the ripper costume. She withdrew and then looked into his cute, nervous, yet divine face before pulling him up and slipping him out of his costume. She scanned his perfect, nubile body garbed now only in a pair of sweatpants.

"I, uh, only wore pants just in case it got hot..." said Little E sheepishly. The appropriateness of his statement eluded him. The Sister of Battle then turned her attention to her own wrappings when she reached behind and leisurely undid her tiger-striped top. Halfway through the process, she turned her back to him and finished the task, dropping it to the floor. She then leaned forward and pushed her perfectly curved rear towards Little E and slowly slid her bottom off to also be left on the floor. She turned around once more, one arm supporting her perfect breasts, the other guiding her own finger up her thigh. "What say you?" Little E stared, fixated on her beautiful frame, absorbing every nuance before looking into her white hair flanked face. "Um, you look really pretty, and I feel funny."

"You look magnificent!" the sister replied. She stepped forward and then gently fell down on the bed beside Little E. She rolled over on her back and looked him over from the side. As they both drew in breaths audibly, she scanned his profile and eyed a bulge in his remaining coverings. She drew a hand and gently caressed Little E's cheek as he turned to look at her with his adorable nervous smile. She slid her hand from his face, to his neck, lightly brushing one of his little brown buds and then down to his stomach. He trembled in unknown anticipation, supremely curious. She then slid her hand to his waistband and parted enough from his flesh to let her hand enter. Her fingers gingerly probed and found their juvenile prize. He gasped a she gently toyed with his boyhood, rolling it in her fingers; stroking it with finger and thumb as he drew in sharp breaths. "This is, ah, good candy."

The Sister of Battle withdrew her hand from Little E's pants and got up on the bed. Sitting up on her knees, nearly glowing with divine longing, she said "do you want even better candy?" Little E crawled on the bed and then laid himself back down, head resting on one of the pillows. He nodded shyly, She then crawled on top of him, her toned legs supporting her above Little E's body, nether regions aligned. She lowered herself over him and kissed him, letting her tongue slip into his mouth and dance with his own. Her free hand moved down and pulled his pants down off of his member, small yet plainly engorged. She withdrew and positioned herself upright over his pelvis, her own genitals eagerly awaiting holy union. Using her hands to hold his quite firm member in position, she dipped herself onto him until the head of his boyhood met her own slick sex. As she slipped it into herself, she winced as it parted her tightness while he moaned loudly as he experienced divine sensation that crept across his body.

When she filled herself with the entirety of his glory, she leaned forward over him, resting on her elbows beside his head. She bent her neck and kissed the top of his quivering head. "It feels," started Little E before the sister began to mover her hips up and down on his petite shaft. With their every move, both trembled at the sensation of their lovemaking, sending pure, sacrosanct ecstasy throughout them. Both the Sister of Battle and Little E groaned pleasurably as she moved herself up and down slowly, savoring each wave of sensation. She pressed herself down on him, his head between her luscious breasts. She arcs up enough to see his eyes, which open and peer into her own. They both smile at each other sweetly. He then turns his attention to her mounds and raises his hands to hold them. He gently touches them, roving his hands over them until reaching her nipples. He raises his head and begins to suck one of them while his other hand tweaks it's twin. The sister closed her eyes and moaned at the ample attention. She then resumes to move herself along his short but wonderful length, eliciting even more escaping moans. With each motion, she gradually increases her speed. Little E, nearly overwhelmed with sensation, abandons her chest and wraps his arms around hers, only able to experience the event.

The Sister of Battle's pace further accelerated, now ramming his member into herself. Little E's only response was to hold on to the beautiful women, letting out ecstatic cries with even the slightest movement. Her wetness dribbled down his sex and onto him, mixing with their perspiration. "I-ah-f-feel-oh! Ah!" was all Little E could say between his gasps, brought forth by the tidal waves of divine pleasure. He felt his member begin to pulse, rapidly throbbing in the sister's wet crevice. The sensations of his trembling sex translated into amazing sensation for the Sister of Battle, who felt the imminence of her climax. She shoved his sex into her and barely said, "My!" She withdrew and instantly slammed him into her once more. "Grace!" She then lifter herself one last time and then fell onto him, with Little E summoning his strength and all of his control to just drive himself into her. They trembled and cried out as they reached the apex of their union. He folded down, and her on top of him as the surges of holy pleasure receded. In between deep, quick gasps, Little E forced out of his lips, "This is the best candy ever."