The /tg/ Heresy

This is a fan AU/re-write of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, focusing on the events of an alternate Horus Heresy.

The Hektor Heresy began with a "make your own Primarch" thread, but gradually shifted tone from "tell us about your guys" to "re-write the 40k-verse". Writing is mainly archived here at 1d4chan. This main page serves as an index for the project. Some "problem pages" have been generated in the process of developing the Hektor Heresy, but most of them are now under the jurisdiction of the Ordo Editant.

The project is on hiatus as of early 2018. If you'd like to get involved, contacting Lumey on his Talk page is probably the best option.



The storyline diverges shortly before the creation of the Primarchs. Rather than the original 18/20, we have an all-new collective of Primarchs, each with their own Space Marine Legion. These guys wage their own Great Crusade, with Hektor Cincinnatus emerging as the Warmaster at the end of it all. Hektor throws the Empire into the flames and starts the Heresy.

Aside from the beakie stuff, there's changes to Mars, a re-imagining of the Squat, the blood-sucking Vetrovnak, and a good lick of Imperial Armymen besides.

Fitting it togetherEdit

The Saga of the Hektor HeresyEdit

Main article: /tg/ Heresy Timeline

Writing the timeline has proven to be one of the more difficult tasks, mainly because it requires a lot of herding cats to get anons to agree on what happens when Legions interact. (We also had a bit of a problem when the guy who proposed Hektor slowly dropped out.) It's getting there.

IMPORTANT: The Great Crusade keeps to more or less the same timetable as the OU. In the middle Crusade, the Imperium makes slower progress, because the squat Core Worlds don't join peacefully, but in the last decades of the Crusade the extra gene-seed in the AU allows it to make up lost ground and get on track for Ullanor and everything after on schedule.

Atlas of the Hektor HeresyEdit

For those who want to understand how things fit together in space as well as time. If you're adding new dudes, please make sure to work out where they hang out.

The ImperialsEdit

Aquila by Hidet1001.jpg

Right now we're looking at the forces of the Great Crusade: that means Space Marine Legions, Titan Legions and Imperial Army. Making those gives quite a few clues about the Space Marine Chapters and the Imperial Guard, so some progress has been made there. Rogue Traders start in the 30Ks, so they can come too. The Inquisition starts at the end of the Heresy, but because it was set up by Malcador that event is "hands off" - you can assume that Inquisitors will exist and be as powerful and idiosyncratic as in the OU. We also expect to see Sisters of Battle in due course, but we haven't got up to establishing their context (how the Imperial Cult becomes the Ecclesiarchy and what happens next) yet.

Space Marine LegionsEdit

Mahrine by joazzz2-dax65ky.jpg

The /tg/ Heresy project has created eighteen new Legions led by eighteen new Primarchs and assumes that two "went missing" due to their heretical actions early in the The Great Crusade. Each of the Primarchs created in the project is intended to be an original creation (or at least an original mixture!), rather than a "what-if?" based on a character from the OU.

Successor Chapters

We're still working to flesh out the SPESS MAHREEN side of the AU with more Successors. You can help!

Want to add your own? Here's a template for Successor Chapters

Imperial ArmyEdit

A few things to remember about the Imperial Army:

  • Firstly, it's way crazier than the Imperial Guard. The Great Crusade picked up whatever crazy dudes it found and sucked them off their homeworlds so that they could make trouble on the Imperium's behalf, rather than in newly-Pacified territories. IA units could be armed with anything from cold steel to high-tech pseudo-power armour and genehancements.
  • A lot of the established "Imperial Guard" equipment isn't used. Not only is there no standardisation, but the mighty flashlight hasn't come into common use. (The "default" option is the autogun, but don't feel bound by that!)
  • The only real "rule" for the Imperial Army is that regiments ought to be about three thousand men, because this is the standard transport capacity during the Great Crusade.
Imperial Army Formations of the /tg/ Heresy
Ardito Highwatch - Auron Infantries - Carlisian Shock Troops - Chelob Hammerers
Ciban Chasseurs - Dolsene Rifles - Elsinor Favored Sons - Exirans - Fischetti Numeri
Gethsemane Regiments - Glasgan Fatalis - Haeltoth Starguard - Kondrus Aeroguard
Markian Corps - Motroit Enforcers - Narakan "Scumdogs" - Rosskan Strelky
Skoptsi Redeemers - Vaartes Fated

The MechanicumEdit

The tech priests of the AU have a different, but still tragic, trajectory. The fanatical Fabricator-General Kalkas Tygian devotes himself utterly to the Emperor and Orthodoxy, but gripping the Mechanicum so tightly causes many to slip through his fingers! Of course, Mars still has giant stompy walkers:

Titan Legions

Imperator Titan

The Titan Legions were second only to the Space Marines in the Great Crusade, and that largely because these immense war engines lacked the Astartes' mobility. The greatest Legions were the three pillars of the so-called Triad Ferrum Morgulus, based on Mars:

  • Legio Ignatum, the Fire Wasps, who fought for Kalkas Tygian in the war on Mars and lost many of their god-machines to the corrupting touch of Vilyon Luthier.
  • Legio Mortis, the Death's Heads, battle-brothers to the Entombed and firm Loyalists.
  • Legio Tempestus, the Storm Lords, who throw in with the Traitors.

But there were many Titan Legions native to other Forge Worlds:

  • Legio Antsar, "The Conquerors" are based on the Forge World Al-Sherar. They played a major role in the Great Crusade across the Segmentum Pacificus.
  • Legio Cataegis "The Hurricane Legion" are native to the Forge World Ghalhal. Made up mostly of smaller Titans, Legio Cataegis was surprisingly nimble in the field.
  • Legio Cauteris "The Iron" were once the noble defenders of the Forge World Massalia. They were corrupted by Aubrey The Grey in the early days of the Heresy and committed a great many atrocities against the defenders of the Imperium.
  • Legio Igneus Also known as the "Iron Mountain" legion are native to the Forge World of Olympia. Though they officially only have 8 Titans under their control, only they know of secret underground manufactorums from which they break free of the oppression of the Adeptus Mechanicus and let their minds wander free as they create new and more destructive variants to the Avatars of the Machine God.
  • Legio Nova "The Doomed Stars" are the legion and rulers of the forge world Ferrax. Their two chief principes reign as kings over a planet devoted to serving the titan-lords in a repressive hierarchy. Since Al-Sherar first began building its realm, Legio Nova has held a grudge against the hegemony established; an animosity unleashed in the Hektor Heresy.
  • Legio Unceliga "The Giants of the Deep" come from the mighty ship-building Forgeworld of Chakaris in the Elume Elish region close to Terra.
  • Legio Maleficarum "The Hammer of the Witches" are the dreaded psi-titans of the lost world Tyche, who bring to bear the powers of the Warp against Chaos.

Knight Houses

Knights are feudal mecha warriors. What else do you want? Get in there!

Imperial AgentsEdit

Inquisitor Vera Vinter. She masterminded Imperial counter-measures during the Second Vetrovnak Incursion.

Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders were quite an important part of the Great Crusade, charging out ahead of the Expedition Fleets and fleecing the locals preparing the way for Compliance actions. If you fancy writing some cool rebel who plays by their own rules and mucks around with xeno tech, Komra mercenaries and all the rest of that stuff the Imperium won't let you have, Rogue Trading is the game for you!

Inquisitors Not quite in the story as yet, but don't let that hold you back. You can take it that the OU Malcador origin applies, but things diverge as the timeline moves onwards.

  • Ankorial Telesius of the Ordo Xenos, particularly notable for his actions against WAAAGH! The Beast.


Chaos symbol by xlegendariumx-d5sfxc5.jpg

There's plenty of scope for weird and whacky traitors: traitor Army, Dark Mechanicus, traitor Knights, traitor Titan Legions, etc.

Notable Chaos Formations of the /tg/ Heresy
Traitor Guard Sveran Ravagers - Deiumaran Dragoons - Velschierre Troopers
Traitor Titan Legions Legio Olitiau 'Fell Bats' - Legio Yache
Traitor Knight Houses House Castus - House Drăcul

Other Human FactionsEdit


Main article: Komra

Known to the scribes of the Administratum as Homo Sapiens Robustus, the Komra are a distant branch of the human race that settled in the Galactic Core more than twenty thousand years before the Great Crusade. The hostile environments of their homeworlds have given them stocky frames and thick bones, while their departure from Terra before the development of the Standard Template Construct saw their technology move in a different direction that of the Imperium of Mankind.

Vetrovnak Human ProtectorateEdit

Main article: Vetrovnak

The Adeptus Astartes are not the only engineered super soldier in the galaxy, just the most prolific and successful. Hailing from the Hvar cluster that sits roughly 7,000 lightyears above the galactic plane hovering over a point where the Ultima Segmentum melts into the Eastern Fringe, the vetrovnak are another such breed of super soldiers designed to resist the ruinous touch of the warp. Created in M27 the vetrovnak were born from the wedding of genetic engineering to enhance humans to withstand the rigors of future intergalactic travel and xeno-nanotechnology. Faster, stronger, and far more enduring than regular humanity the vetrovnak also have been programmed at the genetic level to protect humanity and abhor the touch of the warp.

They were not made as vampires; that was the result of a brief civil war in the Hvar cluster when the vetrovnak sought to slip the tight noose of their creators. Most died at the hands of a nanomechanical virus their masters released upon them but those survived it found themselves thirsting for blood. The society of the Hvar cluster changed forever after that as the vetrovnak became the masters. Forged from the paradox caused by the genetic imperative to protect humanity and their diet they had to invent a society that would keep their “wards” content and docile enough to see offering up the very essence of their souls to their stewards as an easy price to pay. Their distant paradise is not without trouble as more vetrovnak are born, rather than made as the astartes are, their ever growing and undying population will inevitably outpace the growth of their pampered human cattle. Thus in M31 they returned the to the galaxy at large, looking for new blood - human or xeno.


We got all kinds of crazy Xenos and room for plenty more. Whether you want to fluff up a Craftworld, a WAAAGH!, or a homebrew, grab your keyboard and get writing!

Xenos of the /tg/ Heresy
Orks Da Merc - Kaptain Blackjawzz - Khork
WAAAGH! Mongo Mork - WAAAGH! Sarkus
Eldar Craftworld Eldar - Harakien Empire
Webway Lords & Dark Eldar
Compact of Free
Galactic Interchange
Ellonoi - Metabasil - Slaugth - Tau - Vespid
Other Dangerous Aliens Anatik - Cyfecti - Morkai - Strixoros - Yaotl

Want to add your own? Here's a template for Xenos species

31k-40k DumpEdit

Our current primary concern is the Heresy, but naturally some consequences of The /tg/ Heresy on the 40k universe need to be discussed.


This project has attracted a reasonable amount of attention from write-fags. We welcome further contributions. Especially from edit-fags. (Not so much from vandals.)

Portrait GalleryEdit

We encourage drawfags (or otherfags who wheedle artwork from them) to contribute portraits of major characters.

The Emperor of Mankind

The Primarchs

Warriors of the Adeptus Astartes