The Tauros Assault Vehicle.

The Imperial Guard Tauros Assault Vehicle is an uncommon vehicle used by scouting regiments (like the Elysian Drop Troops) within the Imperial Guard. It is notable for being virtually the only statted-out Imperial Guard vehicle that uses wheels instead of tracks for propulsion: all of its wheels are independently powered so that even when a number of wheels are destroyed it can still keep moving. This way it can drive at considerable speed through various kinds of difficult terrain, and serve as a scouting vehicle. They look like a combination of the Warthog from Halo and pretty much every real life military buggy such as the French VBL and the American DPV. Is not to be confused with the Taurox.


The Tauros is a four-wheel vehicle armed for anti-personnel duty. With either a Heavy Flamer or a Grenade Launcher it can deal plenty damage against light infantry, but is lacking against vehicles and heavy infantry. Has a crew of two: a driver and a gunner that stands on a platform roughly a dick and a half deep with only a few leather straps holding him from falling off the vehicle into a nasty death at 80+km/h. Because manpower is the most common commodity in the Imperium of Man, and also because Forge World was copying all things World War 2 and this is more or less the exact same arrangement as the gun jeeps used by the Desert Rats and Marines. Is not to be confused with the Pokemon of the same name (because they're both named after another word for "bull")

The Venator Rapid Assault Vehicle.


Officially the Tauros Venator Rapid Assault Vehicle, the Venator is the more dakka version of the Tauros. Sporting six wheels instead of four, a pair of Hunter-Killer Missiles and either a twin-linked Lascannon or Multilaser, it is equipped to better deal with heavier targets. It is advisable to go with the Lascannons, because the Multilasers are not often the kind of weapon you need more of in the Guard (with the exception of the 57th Goto Rifles, which use multilasers in place of everything else: lasguns, autocannons, battle cannons, and everything else...actually, that sounds pretty damn effective for the Guard. Multilasers in place of lasguns? Fuck yeah!). Also has a crew of two: a driver and a gunner, who is seated in a turret with 360 degree swivel and targeting systems.

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