Tankbustas take the meaning of "Dynamite fishing" to a whole new level.

"When da 'umies come. In their shinin' canz. Who yah gonna call? TANKBUSTA!" - Warboss Reff-Ranz describing the Tankbusta crew.

Many Orks enjoy the odd explosion. These guys like that so much that they decided to get into a nice squad of 5-15 boys who have the same opinion on the best thing to do in a WAAAGH and try blowing tanks sky high with their rokkits. They also train Squigs to run into tanks while strapped to the hilt with explosives. (Like the entirety of the Imperial Guard, this idea was stolen from WW2 Russia). *BLAM* HERESY! THE IMPERIUM WOULD NEVER STEAL TACTICS! *KRUMP* DEM 'UMIES KEEP GETTIN IN 'ERE BOSS!

And if neither of that works, run into close-combat and strike the tank with a rokkit attached to a metal stick. They get so high off this that they will enter the broken vehicle, eat any survivors, and drink the motor oil in a ritual act known as "GETTIN' TANKED!" And thus the Tankbustas came to be.


Just as primitive hunters might claim a gruesome trophy from a fallen beast to better brag of its demise, so will Tankbustaz strip the choicest loot from the wreckage of a ruined tank, as any Ork finds something glorious in being able to boast about killing something twenty times his size. Colourful hull plates are hammered into crude armour, internal gubbins worn proudly as warrior jewellery, and the flayed skins of crewmen are draped round the Tankbustaz' shoulders like pelts. Within a Tankbusta mob, competition is fierce to be the first to get a kill, or to get the most impressive explosion.


Tankbustas are one of the orks' best reliable anti-tank, and are generally a good elites slot in any ork army as with the new codex they can now be controlled by their player and are no longer just a joke choice. Tankbustas have Tank Hunters, allowing re-rolls of armor penetration rolls and with Tankbusta/melta bombs, they do a pretty good job at trashing vehicles especially in Melee, and the change to glory hog means you can shoot infantry as well with S8 AP3. Throw em in a transport (They can take a Trukk as a dedicated transport, but 15 in a Battlewagon with 4 Rokkit Launchas and a Kannon is a funny way to vomit 20 S8 AP3 shots a turn) to fire rokkits at everything. The lack of AP2 doesn't hurt them too much as they'll take out most vehicles down to 0 Hullpoints. Don't be afraid of the Bomb Squigs either, they got better AND got a price cut. Also despite the name, they're also devastating against most Monstrous Creatures in the game (who tend to be T5-6 with 3+ saves) as well as any expensive MEQ or worse armored models (like crisis suits, tyranid warriors, and wraithguards) and can blow up MEQs in a pinch if there's nothing else to shoot. Even against Daemons and Tyranids where you'd think they'd have nothing to shoot at, those monstrous creatures of theirs are all pretty vulnerable to S8 AP3 shots flying into their faces if they're not airborne. And with all the rokkit shots you're getting even flying monstrous creatures will probably take at least one or two hits from a full mob which is sure to ruin their day.

If mindless aggression and explosiveness seems like a really bad combo, that's because you're boring, and also not a goddamn Ork trophy-hunter

Glory Hogs: No longer the semi-crippling restriction it was before, Glory Hogs now grants double victory points for any first blood taken by the tankbustas that is also a vehicle.

Bomb-Squigs - If within close range can sick a squig kamikaze with a 5 out of 6 chance to cause a S8 AP4 hit. On a 1, it will just miss harmlessly. (Woo!)

Dedicated Transport - Tankbustas can now take trukks as a dedicated transport. 12 rokkits a turn out of a trukk is dangerous, 13 if you add the free upgrade on the vehicle.

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