Tanith was an agri/hive world in the Imperium of Man, home to vast forests of nalwood trees. Nalwood trees were able to move themselves around, creating a forest where paths were meaningless. This created a population of men who had almost superhuman spacial awareness and could find their way anywhere. These men were also Scottish Ninjas using their hunting abilities and stealth cloaks to become basically invisible. Tanith and its troops appear in the Gaunt's Ghosts series, written by God Himself.

Destruction of TanithEdit

"It all went wrong on that very last night. Embarkation had already begun. Most of the troops were either aboard transports waiting for take-off or were heading up into orbit already. The navy's picket duty had not done its job, and a significantly-sized Chaos fleet, a splinter of a larger fleet running scared since the last defeat the Imperium Navy had inflicted, slipped into the Tanith system past the blockades. There was very little warning. The forces of Darkness attacked my homeworld and erased it from the galactic records in the space of one night."

– Caffran, a member of the Tanith First and Only, relating the destruction of Tanith

Tanith was destroyed by Chaos right at the end of a founding of the Imperial Guard, leaving only the Tanith 1st alive. Thus their nickname as the Tanith First and Only. Seeing as the entire command structure of the Tanith troops was destroyed, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt was assigned to take command of them. The Tanith were promised a new world during the Sabbat Worlds Campaign, but were not given one (yet).

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