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Tamiyo is a Soratami planeswalker from Kamigawa, and unusual in that she has a perfectly normal life outside of the whole "travelling the multiverse" thing (which might be because she's a Nuwalker). She is happily married with several children, at least one of which is an adopted nezumi from her home plane. Unlike most Soratami, Tamiyo is not overtly a racist, elitist asshole, but she does have some rather... peculiar views on morality. She is a staunch non-interventionist, viewing her mission being to explore the multiverse but have as little impact on the planes she travels to as possible - it's kind of like the Prime Directive from Star Trek. As such, whilst she was involved with the Gatewatch when the Eldrazi Emrakul began attempting to devour Innistrad for the sake of survival, she refused to join the Gatewatch afterwards, basically calling them a bunch of meddling fools who probably doing more harm than good.

In Dungeons & Dragons terms, Tamiyo is basically a bard; she carries a library of stories, mostly in poem or haiku form, and by reading a specific story, she can cause certain magical effects. For example, reading a poem about a farmer who was frozen to death mere feet away from his own front door will basically blast whoever's ticked her off with freezing magic.

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