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HOWTO use Mayday graphic tileset in v0.28.181.39.Edit

1) Unpack and into separate folders. Later on it'll be supposed that is unpacked into \D\ folder, and - into \M\ folder.

2) Copy the contents of \M\data\art\ folder into \D\data\art\, replacing the existing files.

Those files contain item and surroundings graphical tiles.

3) Open init.txt file in \D\data\init\.

Set [GRAPHICS:YES], [GRAPHICS_FONT:square_16x16.bmp] and [GRAPHICS_FULLFONT:square_16x16.bmp].

Now the game should be using the tile files we copied in the previous part.

Sidenote: you may also wish to play with [AUTOSAVE:], [AUTOBACKUP:], [SHOW_EMBARK_X:] and [SHOW_ALL_HISTORY_IN_DWARF_MODE:]  keys.

4) Replace \D\raw\graphics\ folder with \M\raw\graphics\ folder.

That folder contains the tilesets for various creatures as well as the graphics_example.txt file, which holds the settings for the tilesets.

Ok, now we're done with graphics.

You may also wish to use the Mayday variant of control key layout.

To do so, open \D\data\init\interface.txt and replace the existing [CURSOR_UP_Z:] and [CURSOR_DOWN_Z:] keys with [CURSOR_UP_Z:DIVIDE] and [CURSOR_DOWN_Z:MULTIPLY], respectively.

That's it, now you're efficiently playing the same game you were before.

Fatum 21:41, 25 July 2008 (UTC)


We need to include the effects of modding on DF. There's too many opportunities like

"I tried to mod elephants to be available on the embark screen and it messed the world up so bad. There were rivers frozen in 14 Z level walls, when i started i would lost half my dwarves to spontaneous boiling leather that would appear without warning over the dwarf. The outpost liaison appeared with horrible wounds and was finished off before he could reach my dwarfs by the teleporting boiling leather."

Too funny to ignore.

Righteous punishment to those who dare to modify the sacred codes. - Ragnasal 18:43, 25 July 2011 (UTC)

Removed AnonIB link.Edit

The link has 404'd. AnonIB no longer has such a board.

Test, just a testEdit

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