TaleSpin 2000

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"You ever see an iceberg the size of the Moon, kid?"

TaleSpin 2000 is a reimagining of the TaleSpin setting moved seventy years into a dieselpunk future. Described by the OP as "That wartime feel. Late 30s feel space dieselpunk, flying cities, airships and biplanes. Jupiter is the neutral Polynesian islands area. With cyberfuture Disney-style anthropomorphic animals." Freelance pilots fly between the Horizon Worlds in sealed biplanes, evading the forces of Emperor Goofy, Don Karnage's mercenary army and the claws of Shere Khan, the richest tiger in the system.

The essential rule for creating a scenario is "take two non-human Disney characters, anthropomorphize them if they aren't already, and stick some vacuum-tube cybernetics on them".

The original thread (now archived), chock-full of writefagging.

Baloo's personal map of the system

The Empire and beyond:Edit

  • Mercury: Rather than an unlivable wasteland, it's space-Arabia, covered in steamy hot (But not lethal) deserts, camels, and dudes in huge turbans. Controlled rather strictly by the Empire, where it uses mirrors to focus the sunlight on big towers that boil and process space-oil into space-diesel.
  • Venus: Jungle planet, covered from pole to pole in the thickest green forest anyone's ever seen. Populated by peaceful monkey folk who were not so peaceful before the Empire. They log it for timber and paper constantly, but the jungle grows back like weeds before they're even done with the next patch.
  • Earth: Heavily industrialized, makes most of the manufactured goods, home to the inner planet's richest and poorest. You can find anything here. Every Martian wants to come here, where it's not so boring.
  • Mars: Space-Suburbia as far as the eye can see. Universities and labs abound, the Empire is a little more relaxed, and you can make a good living so long as you've got an education. Everybody on earth wants to come here so they don't have to live in squalor.
  • The Belt: Controlled by a complex system of competing Pirate kingdoms, merchant guilds, and petty fiefdoms, its billions of rocks are simply too complex to effectively police. Many consider it a lawless land, but if you're not careful you'll anger the wrong person and find yourself in deep space without an air supply. King Louie runs what is basically Blue Heaven from Outlaw Star.
  • Jupiter: Jove and its moons are run by a few huge competing mega-conglomerates, most of which mine resources from its moons and the infinite orange oceans of its surface. Of these, the Khan Trust is by far the largest and most powerful, and everyone fears Shere Khan.
  • Saturn: Scrooge McDuck's private paradise of financial liberty and economic success. Anyone can do business on Saturn, with no exceptions. A rule which Scrooge sometimes regrets when Flintheart Glomgold pays him a visit.
  • Uranus: The but of many jokes which no one will ever explain to its confused residents. But then, most things confuse them, for they are a queer folk. It's the sideways rotation. Scrambles their brains. Still nominally under the control of the frozen empire, it's hardly ever bothered by them.
  • Neptune: One giant ocean of far more hospitable conditions than the crushing depths of Jove or the wind-racked waves of Saturn, it is far less resource-dense than the others and thus its inhabitants live in peaceful poverty. Lots of fish.
  • Pluto: The capital of the old Thembrian frozen empire, it's now a place of ruined austerity, covered in ice and terrorism. Travel at your own peril.
  • Beyond Pluto is the Iceberg Ocean, and beyond that the edge of the system.