Sune's Blessing

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Another one of /tg/'s many requests, this time featuring a Cleric of Sune whose wedding night is unexpectedly interrupted by his goddess, who wishes to show the new couple her favor personally.

(written by Edinbro)

“Should this be awkward?” Rorik asked quietly over his shoulder, shielding his hand behind his mouth. The cleric cast a sideways glance at the newcomer, having recognized immediately who she was. He had never seen her but in dreams, though nevertheless he knew her in his heart. It could only have been her.

His new bride, on the other hand, was blushing furiously at what she clearly considered an untimely interruption. “What's most awkward is I have no idea who this woman is,” she whispered back, grasping at the sheets to try and cover her nakedness and preserve some abstract notion of dignity. It's not as if Sune would mind such things.

“A beautiful couple on their wedding night,” the goddess mused half to herself, the sweet tones of her voice seeming just as beautiful as her form. “Rorik, the cleric who stubbornly kept his beard amidst an order full of beautiful, yet admittedly effeminate warriors and poets.” Sune slowly approached their bed, her bare feet falling lightly enough on the smooth wooden planks that it appeared she was floating, her thin little robes rustling slightly as she leaned over the couple. With her fingertips she lightly stroked at Rorik's full, dark facial hair: the sensation from that alone somehow made his skin tingle in excitement.

“A man need not be beautiful to be lovely,” she concluded, still stroking Rorik's chin as his young wife Leah stared in mute disbelief, only just starting to come to terms with the presence of a goddess in their bedroom. “The rugged, masculine look suits you uncommonly well...”

Leah finally managed to speak, carefully choosing her words so as not to offend the divine interloper. “May I ask what brings a goddess into our home?” she asked, never making eye contact with Sune as she gave Rorik's beard one final caress.

“Leah,” Sune replied, gracefully sliding onto the smooth sheets that wrapped the happy couple and straddling Rorik's waist. The cleric whimpered softly and tried not to make any uninvited contact as the goddess leaned over his beloved wife, Sune's favored garb allowing her ample, soft breasts to pull forward under their own weight. The sight of divine flesh nearly falling out of their meager cover was enough to deepen Leah's blush, and a bead of sweat was visible as the goddess lifted the mortal woman's chin to look her in the eyes.

Then, she kissed her. The look of shock faded gradually from Leah's face as she allowed the kiss to deepen, and she felt the fingers of the Lady Firehair herself slid through her own raven-black hair. As Sune pulled away, Leah bit the goddess's lip gently, almost begging her to continue even as he shoulders slumped back onto her pillow.

“A nobleman's daughter given to 'boyish' pursuits,” the Lady continued, “so noble in bearing, but never delicate. It was your strength that won your husband's heart, for there can be beauty in that just as there can in softer, more supple flesh.”

“And... why are you here, my Lady?” Rorik asked again. “I'm still somewhat confused. Aroused, but confused.”

Sune smiled as she turned to him, the small gesture seeming to warm the entire room and the sparkle of her emerald-green eyes making his heart flutter. “I already said it, didn't I? You are a beautiful couple, insisting each on an unconventional form of beauty. And on this, your wedding night, you are going to express your love for each other in magnificent form: the culmination of years of courtship and romance.”

“I merely wish to make my favor towards your love more... 'tangible' than usual...”

The Goddess noted with some exasperation that Rorik seemed to have not quite kept up with what she meant: or rather, he refused for some reason to believe what he must have known she was telling him. “This will be a night you and your wife will remember for the rest of your lives, my little. Fuzzy. Faced. Cleric.” With each word so singly pronounced Sune's face drew closer and closer to that of her cleric, finally ending in a gentle kiss on the tip of his nose.

“Or would you deny your goddess her wish of seeing you truly lose yourselves in your love?”

Rorik gulped nervously. “No... it's just I've never bedded a goddess before.”

“And I've never done it with anyone but my lover, let alone with another woman,” Leah added.

Sune laughed, a sound that would warm the heart of even the most callous and uncaring man. “You've bedded a feisty, beautiful noblewoman, who in her turn has bedded a cleric who worships a goddess of beauty and love. I am certain you both know what to do... and what you don't know, I will show you.”

“But for now,” she continued, “I want to get the two of you back into the proper state of mind.” With an elegant and precise shift in her weight, Sune slid the topsheet off of the couple that was to receive her blessing, and smiled. They were both more ready than they had let on: Rorik was hard as stone from having her on top of him, and Leah's pale, smooth mound was already slick and shiny with anticipation. The goddess' attention was drawn towards something else she had not expected: a small, gold ring, dangling from a piercing through the noblewoman's labia. From it hung a short chain with a small pearl at the end... a finely-crafted and daring adornment.

After briefly inspecting the pearl and finding it almost flawless in quality, Sune's fingers found another, far more precious treasure normally hidden behind the silky veil of the noblewoman's underthings. Leah gasped as the Lady Firehair teased apart her small pink folds and found her own 'pearl', gently brushing it with one nail and sending a shiver up her spine. With her other hand, Sune grasped Rorik about his base, and lowered her head to gently kiss the quivering tip of his manhood. Her long red locks of hair fell around his thighs as her lips slid down tightly over his head.

Her delicate, expert touch sent waves of pleasure through Leah's body, causing the blushing bride to moan shamelessly as digits probed her with amazing dexterity. Always one or two fingers were devoted to rolling and rubbing and pinching her clitoris, but the other fingers were free to do as they pleased. Sometimes they rubbed lovingly around the sides of her labia, caressing her glistening and sensitive flesh. Other times they drove deep into her dark recesses, teasing out the most sensitive spots inside of her and focusing on them with maddening precision.

Rorik was in heaven. The goddess' tongue slid along him as she took his full length into her mouth, allowing her lips to inch their way down until they met his roots. Her fingers caressed his pair, rolling and fondling with just the right amount of pressure. Then she drew up, sucking almost eagerly at his member and flicking her tongue over the tip before pushing herself back down. With his left hand, he gently stroked Sune's smooth, soft hair, and with his right he pulled his wife's lips towards his own and locked his own with them. She moaned into his mouth as their tongues met, tasting each other's ecstasy as Rorik ran his fingers through both the women's hair.

Their pleasure mounted, and Rorik grasped at Sune's hair as she kissed and sucked at him, never quite seeming to do any one thing for too long before changing her pace or shifting her focus, but never letting him come down from the very edge of release. Leah felt as though her body was on fire, the smooth, toned muscles of her abdomen clenching and relaxing as she squirmed beneath the touch of a goddess. She could not find the words, but in her heart she was begging for the moment of climax to finally come.

But it didn't...

Neither of them knew for how long they moaned and rolled in the throes of passion: but it must have been for hours because the candle by their bedside had burned completely out, and they were still right on the edge. Judging the time to be right, Sune eased the couple into a position that suited her: she turned her back on her cleric and straddled his waist, and had to smile at his thoughtfulness as stroked her thighs and ass. It was wonderful to know that a mortal man could still make her feel this good, and she even loosed a quiet moan of her own as his fingers pushed away the thin silk that separated them and began to work around her rim.

In return she guided him into her, and moaned to herself again as she settled in on top of him. Then, she turned her attention back to Leah, taking a moment to raise the noblewoman's knees up and over her hips. Once situated, she briefly admired the near-comatose woman before pressing down into her, making sure to nudge the pretty little trinket out of the way of her mouth.

“Oh, goddess, yes,” Leah pleaded. “Please, let me come...”

It did not take long at all for the trio to finish, especially compared to the hours they had already shared. Rorik shouted thanks to the goddess as her thrusting hips brought him to the very heights of ecstasy, and he erupted deep inside her belly. The warmth spread through Sune's body, and her thoughts grew hazy. A last thrust with her tongue found the most sensitive spot deep inside Leah, and the noblewoman screamed incoherently as she climaxed. She gripped the bed tightly, her back arched wildly and her powerful thighs squeezed hard around Sune's head as her own head was pushed deep into the mattress. Leah stayed that way for several long seconds, before her body slumped back down and she unconsciously released Sune from the impromptu headlock.

By the time the couple had come down enough to be coherent, the first light of dawn was already peeking through the window.

“What are you doing lounging around?” the goddess asked inquisitively as she pulled the drapes, her loins and thighs still spattered and dripping with Rorik's fluids.

“Tired...” Rorik moaned, even as Sune returned to their bed. “What're you...”

But her intentions were clear. Sune had propped Leah up on a stack of pillows and spread her legs, and was already sucking gently at one nipple while gently teasing her labia apart. Despite how tired she must have been, Leah's eyes still silently urged him to satisfy her further.

“I still have things to teach you both,” the red-haired goddess purred as she turned away from Leah's chest, beckoning Rorik to join them. “And your body certainly appears ready to learn. Your night of passion ends when I say it does...”

Rorik was in no shape to argue.